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A UNSC Station

A Station, also known as a command center[1] is an encampment set up by Marines in combat zones or other locations that are otherwise hostile. It includes a Command Center, five building sites and four Turret foundations. It is essentially an upgraded version of a Firebase, where a Firebase has no turret foundations and only three building sites.



Station render

The Station combines the needs of a tactical communications, a command center and expansion into both a barracks and a production facility capable of assembling combat vehicles. A default Firebase costs 500 resources to drop in from orbit, and only provides three construction slots and no turret foundations. The Station itself is a variant of the old colony starter units constructed out of polycrete and powered by a small hydrogen reactor. Because gaining a foothold quickly was key to fighting insurrections throughout the colonies, ships can directly deploy the entire assembly unit of a Station, making it immediately useful. This ability proved invaluable in the ongoing war with the Covenant and was often considered a key advantage of the UNSC on the ground.[2]

In addition, Stations are capable of producing unarmed Warthogs, along with the special unit for the selected leader.[2] Stations were used to great effect at the Third Battle of Harvest and were also used at the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, the Battle of Reach, and the Battle of Installation 04. Although starting out frail, the structural strength of the Command Center is increased with the addition of each new Firebase addition, making it a good idea to erect multiple Firebase additions as soon as possible.

Beneath the Firebase there is a large underground garage in which resources and vehicle parts dropped down from orbiting warships may be stored. Also, all Firebase additions such as Reactors or Supply Pads emerge up from this subterranean area, pre-built and fully constructed.


Known bases

Installation 04


Sigma Octanus IV

Behind the Scenes

  • The Firebase is a buildable structure in Halo Wars, starting as a Firebase[2], upgradeable to a Station, and finally to a fortress.[1] It appears that only one expansion can be built at a time.[1]

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"Hatch" was a term frequently used by the survivors of Flight 815 when referring to the Swan. It was subsequently used to refer to some of the other DHARMA Initiative stations. The term originated from the exterior hatch of the Swan station, which the survivors of Flight 815 tried to open in Season 1.

The DHARMA Initiative stations referred to as hatches are:

  • The Swan, an electromagnetic research station
    • The Hatch, the steel hatch on top of the Swan
  • The Pearl, a remote viewing station
  • The Arrow, a bunker station for developing defensive strategies against the Hostiles
  • The Staff, a medical station to which Claire was abducted
  • The Door, a dummy hatch in the decoy village
  • The Hydra, a zoological research station
  • The Flame, a communications station
  • The Looking Glass, an underwater station/submarine port
  • The Tempest, a toxic gas station
  • The Orchid, a botanical/time-travel research station
  • The Temple, an unknown station/sanctuary of the Others
  • The Lamp Post, an off-Island station used for locating the Island

Other uses

  • In "Exposé", a fictional "forensics hatch" is referred to sarcastically by Sawyer when Hurley complains he is contaminating Paulo's "crime scene"

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