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Stat-Upgrading Items are a recurring class of Items in the Final Fantasy series. These items are special as they empower the user by increasing his/her base stats. There are two main classes of these: The ones that increase stats temporarily, during a battle, and the ones that are used outside of battle and increase the base permanently, and thus, being the rarest items where they appear.




Final Fantasy

Main article: List of Final Fantasy Items

The Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary versions of this game feature item for stat-increasing. These must be obtained in the Soul of Chaos dungeons and in the Labyrinth of Time.

List of Stat-Upgrading Items:

Final Fantasy IV

Main article: List of Final Fantasy IV Items

Final Fantasy IV includes three items that increase stats. These are the Silver Apple, Golden Apple, and Soma Drop.

Final Fantasy VII

Main article: List of Final Fantasy VII Items

Final Fantasy VII's items have an entire class for increasing stats, these are the Sources.

List of Stat-upgrading Items:

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

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Some items have the sole purpose of increasing the stats of Materia permanently through Materia Fusion. These are called the Fusion Items.

List of Fusion Items:
  • ATK Mako Stone
  • VIT Mako Stone
  • MAG Mako Stone
  • SPR Mako Stone
  • LCK Mako Stone
  • HP Mako Stone
  • MP Mako Stone
  • AP Mako Stone
  • Power Stone
  • Guard Stone

  • Magic Stone
  • Mind Stone
  • Luck Stone
  • HP Stone
  • MP Stone
  • AP Stone
  • Hero Drink
  • Adamantite
  • Dark Matter
  • Mythril

  • Gysahl Greens
  • Fat Chocobo Feather
  • Lunar Harp
  • Zeio Nut

Final Fantasy VIII

Main article: List of Final Fantasy VIII Items#Miscellaneous\Parameter Enhancements

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

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