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Stat-Enhancing abilities are a recurring set of abilities in the series. They are often the side effects of accessories or equipment, or part of a job class, and offers some sort of bonus to stats, such as increased HP and MP.



Final Fantasy IV

Several abilities, originally appearing in the SNES version though some only appears in the DS version, provide stat-enhancements. Bluff doubles a user's Intelligence, while Brace reduces damage taken by 75%. Fast Talker halves the time it takes to cast spells, while MP +50% increases a character's Max MP by 50%. Omnicasting allows the user to cast spells on all enemies or allies.

Final Fantasy V

Various stat-enhancing abilities appear in the game, including HP +10, 20, and 30%, MP +10%, MP +30%, and Focus.

Final Fantasy VII

The majority of Independent materia gives stat-enhancements, and include the HP Plus, MP Plus, Speed Plus, Magic Plus, Luck Plus, and HP <-> MP materias.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

SP Turbo Magic, SP Turbo Attack, SP Turbo, SP Barrier, and SP Master all provide various stat-enhancement abilities.

Final Fantasy VIII

A wide array of stat enhancement abilities exist in the game due to the Junction System. They include the following:

  • HP-J
  • Str-J
  • Vit-J
  • Mag-J
  • Spr-J
  • Spd-J
  • Luck-J
  • Hit-J
  • Eva-J
  • Elem-Atk-J
  • Elem-Def-J
  • Elem-Def-J x2
  • Elem-Def-J x4
  • ST-Atk-J
  • ST-Def-J
  • ST-Def-J x2
  • ST-Def-J x4
  • HP +20%/40%/80%
  • Str +20%/40%/60%
  • Vit +20%/40%/60%
  • Mag +20%/40%/60%
  • Spr +20%/40%/60%
  • Spd +20%/40%
  • Luck +50%
  • Eva +30%
  • HP Bonus
  • Str Bonus
  • Vit Bonus
  • Mag Bonus
  • Spr Bonus
  • Boost
  • GF HP+10%
  • GF HP+20%
  • GF HP+30%
  • GF HP+40%
  • SumMag +10%
  • SumMag +20%
  • SumMag +30%
  • SumMag +40%

Final Fantasy IX

List of Stat-Enhancing Abilities:

  • Accuracy+
  • Boost
  • Concentrate
  • Gamble Defense
  • High Tide
  • HP+10%
  • HP+20%
  • MP+10%
  • MP+20%
  • Power Throw
  • Power Up
  • Reflectx2

Final Fantasy X

Various stat-enhancing abilities appear in-game and can be customized onto weapons and armor, including the +% stat bonuses. Several commands, such as Cheer, Focus, and Reflex, also provides stat-enhances, and can be used freely throughout a battle once a character has learned the ability.

Final Fantasy X-2

The majority of stat-enhancing abilities appear only on accessories or specific Dressphere or Garment Grid. Several, including HP+%, MP+%, Double HP, and Double MP will provide a constant effect even after battle, while others, like Critical, must be applied directly during battles. This also marks the first appearance of Turbo abilities, such as Turbo Bushido and Turbo Black Magic, making it easier to use specific abilities much more quickly.

Final Fantasy XII

Swiftness cuts down time for actions by 10%, while Shield Block increases the chances of blocking with a shield. Spellbound allows for debuffs to last longer, and Battle Lore increases Strength. Channeling reduces cost of magic by 10%, and Magick Lore increases Magic. Focus and Serenity both increases stats as long as the user is at full HP. +X HP simply adds more HP to the user equal to whatever the value of X is.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Each character has access to at least one ability that provides a stat-enhancement to the entire team, and are unique to each character. Various other stat enhancement abilities are available only for specific character which raises their specific stats, such as Strength and Magic.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Various stat-enhancement abilities exist within the game, including Jump +1, HP Boost, Vehemence, and Concentration.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Stat-Enhancing abilities include Magic Pow +, Weapon Atk+, and Weapon Def+.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Several stat-enhancing abilities appear as both Reaction and Support abilities, and includes such abilities as Replenish MP, Death Strike, Attack↑, and Unscarred.

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