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A stasis field was a type of technology used to preserve perishable items from decay.

Shortly after assuming command of the USS Farragut following the disastrous mission to Tycho IV in 2257, Lieutenant James T. Kirk ordered all surviving personnel to search for bodies and take them to the cargo bay so that they could be placed in a stasis field, preventing decomposition. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Constitution)

In 2370, a clutch of Horta eggs was placed in a stasis field on Deep Space 9 to prevent them from hatching while they were still on the station. Unfortunately, Nog and Jake Sisko decided to "borrow" one of the eggs and deactivated the field in the process, leading to the Horta hatching and causing massive damage to the station.

The stasis fields in the Infirmary on Deep Space 9 worked with a golden glow. Also in 2370 the medical stuff of the station placed what they thought was a dead Horta in a stasis field to preserve it's remains. However when his mother came to mourn him and the field was deactivated the Horta awoke, and promptly ate the stasis field generator unit, having in fact only been in a coma. (DS9 novel: Devil in the Sky)

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Volfe Karkko's stasis confinement.

A stasis field was used as a preservation device, mainly for biological tissue.


One specific type of stasis device kept its occupant's mind awake, but their body was trapped and remained inactive. While their body held in stasis, they apparently did not require sustenance to survive. It is unknown if they would still die from old age, though this seems unlikely.

Only Jedi were capable of controlling these type of stasis fields. The only recorded use of this device was when six members of the Jedi High Council trapped Dark Jedi Volfe Karkko in one. Karkko was incarcerated for a millennium before persuading Aayla Secura to set him free.

Darth Krayt in stasis.

After his death, Aruk the Hutt was preserved in a stasis field by his son, Durga, until expert forensic examiners could arrive to perform an autopsy.

Dread Lord Darth Krayt claimed to have been in stasis at some point in his life (though there is no way to determine if he did so once, or more than once, or how long that stasis was maintained), even though he also claimed to have perfected techniques used for prolonging life. He managed however to preserve his physical form well beyond his normal lifespan, but not without consequences.

Boba Fett was also "rumored" to have used a stasis field in extreme circumstances, though he, as is well known, prefers "disintegrations."



This article uses material from the "Stasis field" article on the Starwars wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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