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Starships of the Galaxy

Owen K.C. Stephens, Gary Astleford, Rodney Thompson


Jeffrey Carlisle, Gonzalo Flores, Langdon Foss, Tomás Giorello, Ron Lemen, Mark Tedin, Francis Tsai, Christopher West

Publication information

Wizards of the Coast and LucasBooks

Publish date

December 18, 2007







Starships of the Galaxy is a sourcebook for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, written by Owen K.C. Stephens, Gary Astleford, and Rodney Thompson released December 18, 2007. It is a revised and updated version of the original Starships of the Galaxy conforming the rules of the new Saga Edition.

Publisher's summary

She's the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy

Throughout the Star Wars saga, space battles have determined the fate of entire worlds and altered the course of galactic history. They set the scene for heroes to meet their destinies, putting victory and glory - or death and defeat - within the range of a turbolaser cannon.


*Statistics and descriptions for nearly 100 starships, spanning all Star Wars eras.

*New character options, including talents and feats, as well as expanded uses of character abilities featured in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Saga Edition core rulebook.

*A starship upgrade and enhancement system.

*To use this accessory, players and Gamemasters also need the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Saga Edition core rulebook.



  • Lock S-Foils in Attack Position
  • Get Everyone Involved
  • Starship Specialists
  • Starship Codex
  • Make It Your Own
  • Enhanced Encounters
  • Updated Statistics

Chapter One: Starship Adventures

Starship Basics

  • Getting Your Own Starship
  • Permits and Licenses
  • Travel in Realspace
  • Travel in Hyperspace
  • Communications
  • Docking, Fuel and Maintenance

Starship Talents

  • Affecting Targets
  • Specific Targets

New Talents

  • Force Talents
  • Noble Talents
  • Scoundrel Talents
  • Ace Pilot Talents
  • Officer Talents

Starship Skills

A Rodian pilot.
  • Deception
  • Perception
  • Stealth
  • Use Computer

Starship Feats

  • New Feats

Chapter Two: Starship Combat

Starship Maneuvers

  • Learning New Maneuvers
  • Using Starship Maneuvers
  • Maneuver Descriptions

Starship Maneuver Descriptions

Making Starship Encounters Interesting

  • Star Small
  • Handling Large Battles

But I'm Not A Pilot!

Designing Starship Combat Encounters

Give Objections Rather Than Destruction

Build Interesting Battlefields

Creating Exciting Scenarios With Complications

Challenge Level Adjustment With Starship Disparties

Chapter Three: Starship Modifications

How To Use This Chapter

Cost Modifiers

  • A Note on Cost

Emplacement Points

  • Gaining Emplacement Points
  • Unused Emplacement Points

Nonstandard Modifications


  • Installation Work Force
  • Installation Time
  • Installation Checks

Starship Systems

  • Movement Systems
  • Defense Systems
  • Weapon Systems
  • Accessories

Stock Ships

Chapter Four: Starship Codex

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