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Series: Cross-series Reference Book
Author(s): Adam "Mojo" Lebowitz, Robert Bonchune, Johnathan Lane & Alex Rosenzweig
Publication information
Published: Paperback - 30 October 2001
Pages: 128
ISBN: ISBN 0-7434-3725-X


Introduction (blurb)

Starship Spotter was created more than two centuries ago to serve as a reference guide to assorted space-going vessels. Captains of the spaceships of the United Earth Space Probe Agency used this simple paper tool to enable a ship's crew to quickly distinguish friend from foe in the unexplored reaches of the cosmos. When the services were merged to form Starfleet, this paper book disappeared from use. Only recently rediscovered, the newest editions of this book have been the sole purview of Starfleet Academy.

Each year, a new class of Starfleet cadets carefully reviews and revises the contents. The ships displayed in Starship Spotter have been chosen as a tribute to the crews who have served on them and the valor shown, regardless of the ship's affiliation. Although only thirty ships could be included, the cadets feel these ships reflect the noble history of space travel.

We proudly present to you the Class of 2383 edition of Starship Spotter.


The Starship Spotter is a reference guide to some of the most notable starships and facilities from the Star Trek franchise spanning from the Original Series to Voyager. Each ships receives a four page review; a page outlining the history and features of the class, a page with a wireframe image and technical specifications and a large full colour image of the ship over the next two pages. The following ships are included:

Starfleet Ships and Facilities

Klingon Empire

Romulan Star Empire

Cardassian Union


Delta Quadrant



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