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"Starry, Starry Night" is the second episode of the third season of Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles.



The USS Prospect's new operations manager and second officer Kari Liljehorn finds herself intrigued by an alien painter, with the intrigue growing to an almost obsession...

Background notes

  • The original version of this story, as have all the other Prospect adventures, have been lost. The author is attempting to re-write them as fast as he can.
  • This episode's title is the opening line in the Don McLean song "Vincent", which is sometimes called "Starry, Starry Night".
  • There are three points in time covered in this story:
    • The mission itself, which takes approximately three weeks; and
    • Kari's opening monologue, approximately four weeks after the chronological start to the story; and
    • Kari's closing monologue, approximately five weeks after the chronological start to the story.


Aguda; Alonia; Artisans caste; Athelstan, Jason; Braun, Justin; chameleon projector; Cobry, Anne; DiCosola, Steven; Dionysus; Directorate, The; Earth; Enika; Enipian; environmental suit; Fack, Brian; Fack, Scott; Garrett; Goffan III; Goffan IV; Goffan system; Hermes; Hunter, Kendall; Jenchum; Jenchum battle cruiser; Jenchum shuttlecraft; Jenchum Suzerainty; Lee, James; Kaia; Liljehorn, Kari; Methia; molocine; Painter, The; Prospect, USS; Schiller, Jennifer; Serigos, George; Sill, John; Sill, Julie; Sill, Michael; South Korea; subspace weapon; Terias Provinces; Thelius; Thrall; United States of America

External Link

  • "Starry, Starry Night" in PDF format at the USS Prospect Database

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