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A small spaceport on Tatooine ca. 3,653 BBY

A spaceport or starport was a site for launching and receiving spacecraft.



Depending on the customs procedures of the world, the spaceport could be orbital or planetside. Some planetary governments did not allow foreign spacecraft to enter the upper atmosphere and required visitors to dock their starships at an orbital spaceport, transporting to the surface using official transportation.

The term 'spaceport' designated a facility capable of servicing multiple spacecraft in an official capacity and was open to any civilian vessel with proper clearance. This was distinguishable from a 'landing pad,' which was a private facility, typically capable of servicing one spacecraft at a time.

In Herglese the term for a spaceport was shan-pakk. Due to the influence of Herglic trading in the Tapani Sector this term was in wide use throughout the sector.

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The essential public structure to travel the galaxy, Starports allow players to be transported from one planet to another. Transport ships travel in specific Routes, thus you cannot buy a ticket from one starport to just any other starport in the galaxy. If you own Jump to Lightspeed you can use your own starship to travel to each starport in the galaxy (except for Mustafar.)

You can, however, buy a ticket to any shuttleport on the current planet. Shuttles can transport you to any shuttleport or starport on the planet.

It is often more expensive to travel by starport, even on the same planet. Some far-off planets, like Dantooine or Dathomir, will cost an adventurer more than 1,000 credits just for a one-way ticket.

Starports are also where pilots land their ships, and thus where they go to launch back into space. Travelling by private ship is easier and faster than through transports, and has no cost associated with using the starport. Wait times between transports (starports and shuttleports) has been reduced to 60 seconds, however, so availability of a ride to another planet should not be a problem.

Because so many use starports, especially in big cities such as Coronet, Theed, and the Dantooine Mining Outpost, many players go inside or around in search of other players, to advertise, to sell buffs and other wares, to fight, and other activities. This can make them crowded and noisy, and often leads to lag for anyone without an optimal computer.

Shipwright trainers, public starship crafting stations, and Chassis Vendors can all be found in or near starports. (Must have Jump to Lightspeed to utilize these functions.)

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From Traveller Wiki - Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far future

Establishment for the landing, servicing, refueling, and control of starships. Starports range in quality from A (the best and most extensive) to E (the worst, little more than a spot of cleared ground).

Starports generally have two components: a surface facility and an orbital facility. The surface facility includes cargo handling installations, a landing field, control towers, and other necessary areas. Surface starport components are frequently called Down (as in Regina Down Starport). Orbital facilities are present (usually in stationary orbit above the surface component) to enable handling of unstreamlined ships, and to allow construction of heavy craft in orbit. The orbital component is often called Orbital (as in Regina Orbital Starport). Type D and E starports have no extensive orbital facilities, but usually have navigational satellites or similar equipment. Non-streamlined ships at these starports must be serviced by shuttles. Starports, being the primary point at which starships interact with a system, are usually the location for additional bases, such as scout bases, naval bases or other military installations, and for shipyards.

Starports are given codes in the UWP for systems. The codes in general use are:

Starport/Spaceport Codes
Code Quality Shipyards Repair Refuel
A (Starport) Excellent Starships Overhaul Refined
B (Starport) Good Spacecraft Overhaul Refined
C (Starport) Routine Major Unrefined
D (Starport) Poor Minor Unrefined
E (Starport) Frontier
F (Spaceport) Good Minor Unrefined
G (Spaceport) Poor Superficial Unrefined
H (Spaceport) Primitive
X (Starport) None
Y (Spaceport) None

Starport vs. Spaceport

In order to facilitate free trade, the Imperium requires the member worlds to grant a space to allow trade to take place. This extra-terratorial land grant is the Starport within a system. The system starport is maintained by the Starport Authority, as part of the Ministry of Commerce. The IISS tracks the starport facilities as the world star port. On populous worlds or worlds with a great deal of trade there may be more than one starport.

Worlds are allowed to build additional facilites to handle in-system traffic called spaceports. In practice, these private port facilites are usually capable of handling both in-system only space ships as well as jump capable starships. The Imperium makes no guarantees about ship safety nor enforces any Imperial trade laws at these facilities. It is rare, but not unheard of, that spaceport facilities are better than the Imperial starport facilites.

Conditions vary outside the Imperium. The IISS uses the largest or most frequently used port facilites to assign a Port code for the UWP. The Zhodani, Hive Federation, and Two Thousand Worlds build only one port in a system for efficency purposes. The Aslan Hierate and Vargr worls usually have only one starport per system, unless it is under contol of more than one clan or leader. Independent balkanized worlds (or systems) may have more than one starport.

See also Extrality

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This article uses material from the "Starport" article on the Traveller wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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