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Rank insignia are worn on the cuff of both sleeves.



Command Operations Sciences
Image:2250s - Enlisted (Command).png Image:2250s - Enlisted (Operations).png Image:2250s - Enlisted (Sciences).png

Enlisted personnel

All crewman and petty officer ranks Image:2250s - Enlisted (Command).png Image:2250s - Enlisted (Operations).png Image:2250s - Enlisted (Sciences).png
All chief petty officer ranks Image:2250s - CPO (Command).png Image:2250s - CPO (Operations).png Image:2250s - CPO (Sciences).png


All cadets Image:2250s - CDT.png


All officer ranks Image:2250s - Officer (Command).png Image:2250s - Officer (Operations).png Image:2250s - Officer (Sciences).png
Captain[1] Image:2250s - CAPT (Command).png Image:2250s - CAPT (Operations).png Image:2250s - CAPT (Sciences).png

Flag officers

All flag officer ranks[2] Image:2250s - ADM (Command).png Image:2250s - ADM (Operations).png Image:2250s - ADM (Sciences).png

Starfleet ranks
Primary universe
Earth Starfleet | Earth Starfleet (dress uniform) | Earth Starfleet (sleeve insignia)
2230s | 2250s | 2260s | 2260s (collar) | 2260s (assignment patches) | 2270s
2278-2350 - Standard | 2278-2350 - Division command | 2278-2350 - Division command alternate | 2278-2350 - Academy staff | 2278-2350 - Trainees | 2278-2350 - Cadets
2350-2366 | 2366-2373 | 2373- | 2373- (dress uniform) | 29th century
Alternate timelines and parallel universes
Alternate 2250s | Alternate 2260s (Remington) | Parallel 2370s | 2383- (Remington) | 2383- (dress uniform) (Remington) | 2400s
See also
Starfleet ranks | Terran Starfleet ranks | Rank insignia comparison


  1. When this rank scheme was first introduced, Captains wore one sleeve stripe like all other officers. In the later stages of this rank style, Captains wore two stripes while other officers still wore only one stripe.
  2. These ranks have not been seen on-screen and are non-canon. However, their appearance is implied by the appearance of other canon ranks or based upon current US Navy rank parlance.

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