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The Federation Starfleet rank system is based on a long history of ranks ranging from the old naval era on Earth, to the early days of space exploration with Earth Starfleet.



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29th Century

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Alternate Reality 2250s

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The Starfleet rank system has a long history dating back to early space explorers of the Earth Starfleet and its predecessor naval and military forces.


Flag officer ranks

The most senior section of Starfleet is described as the "flag officers." These ranks are the highest levels of Starfleet Command.

Rank Fleet admiral
Admiral Vice admiral Rear admiral
Upper half Lower half
Earth Starfleet Image:Earth Starfleet - FADM.png Image:Earth Starfleet - ADM.png Image:Earth Starfleet - VADM.png Image:Earth Starfleet - RADM.png Image:Earth Starfleet - CDRE.png
Earth Starfleet (sleeve insignia) Image:Earth Starfleet - FADM Sleeve.png Image:Earth Starfleet - ADM Sleeve.png Image:Earth Starfleet - VADM Sleeve.png Image:Earth Starfleet - RADM Sleeve.png Image:Earth Starfleet - CDRE Sleeve.png
2230s Image:2230s - FADM.png Image:2230s - ADM (Command).png Image:2230s - VADM (Command).png Image:2230s - RADM (Command).png Image:2230s - CDRE (Command).png
Alternate 2250s Image:Alternate 2250s - FADM.png Image:Alternate 2250s - ADM.png Image:Alternate 2250s - VADM.png Image:Alternate 2250s - RADM.png Image:Alternate 2250s - CDRE.png
2250s Image:2250s - ADM (Command).png
2260s[3][4] Image:2265 - FADM.png Image:2265 - ADM (Command).png Image:2265 - VADM (Command).png Image:2265 - RADM (Command).png Image:2265 - CDRE (Command).png
Image:2265 - FADM Alternate 2.png Image:2265 - ADM Alternate (Command).png Image:2265 - VADM Alternate (Command).png Image:2265 - RADM Alternate (Command).png Image:2265 - CDRE Alternate (Command).png
2260s (Wraparound variant) Image:2200s - CDRE (Command).png
2260s (assignment patch) Image:2265 - ENS (Command Badge).png
2270s Image:2270 - FADM.png Image:2270 - ADM (Command).png Image:2270 - VADM (Command).png Image:2270 - RADM (Command).png Image:2270 - CDRE (Command).png
Image:2270 - FADM Sleeve.png Image:2270 - ADM Sleeve.png Image:2270 - VADM Sleeve.png Image:2270 - RADM Sleeve.png Image:2270 - CDRE Sleeve.png
2278-2350 Image:2278 - FADM.png Image:2278 - ADM (Command).png Image:2278 - VADM (Command).png Image:2278 - RADM (Command).png Image:2278 - CDRE (Command).png
Image:2278 - FADM Sleeve.png Image:2278 - ADM Sleeve (Command).png Image:2278 - VADM Sleeve (Command).png Image:2278 - RADM Sleeve (Command).png Image:2278 - CDRE Sleeve (Command).png
2350-2366 Image:2350 - FADM.png Image:2350 - ADM (Command).png Image:2350 - VADM (Command).png Image:2350 - RADM (Command).png Image:2350 - RDML (Command).png
Image:2350 - FADM Alternate.png Image:2350 - ADM (Command Alternate).png Image:2350 - VADM (Command Alternate).png Image:2350 - RADM (Command Alternate).png Image:2350 - RDML (Command Alternate).png
2366-2373[5] Image:2366 - FADM.png Image:2366 - ADM.png Image:2366 - VADM.png Image:2366 - RADM.png Image:2366 - RDML.png
(service uniform alternate)
Image:2366 - FADM Alternate.png Image:2366 - ADM Alternate.png Image:2366 - VADM Alternate.png Image:2366 - RADM Alternate.png Image:2366 - RDML Alternate.png
2366-2373 (duty uniform) Image:2366 - FADM Alternate 2.png Image:2366 - ADM (Command).png Image:2366 - VADM (Command).png Image:2366 - RADM (Command).png Image:2366 - RDML (Command).png
Parallel 2370s[6] Image:Parallel 2370 - FADM.png Image:Parallel 2370 - ADM (Command).png Image:Parallel 2370 - VADM (Command).png Image:Parallel 2370 - RADM (Command).png Image:Parallel 2370 - RDML (Command).png
2373-[7][8] Image:2373 - FADM.png Image:2373 - ADM (Command).png Image:2373 - VADM (Command).png Image:2373 - RADM (Command).png Image:2373 - RDML (Command).png
2383-[9] Image:2383 - FADM.png Image:2383 - ADM (Command).png Image:2383 - VADM (Command).png Image:2383 - RADM (Command).png Image:2383 - RDML (Command).png
2390s[6] Image:2390s - FADM.png Image:2390s - ADM (Command).png Image:2390s - VADM (Command).png Image:2390s - RADM (Command).png Image:2390s - RDML (Command).png
29th century Image:2800 - FADM.png Image:2800 - ADM (Command).png Image:2800 - VADM (Command).png Image:2800 - RADM (Command).png Image:2800 - RDML (Command).png
The commanding officer of the entire Starfleet who holds the actual rank of Fleet Admiral but is superior, authority-wise, to other fleet admirals.
Fleet admiral 
The most senior flag rank in Starfleet.
The fleet admiral insignia for the system used after TNG Season 1 would be five pips enclosed in a rectangular border. At this point, this insignia has not been identified in any onscreen source, but is derived from the Star Trek Encyclopedia. The rank has been canonically mentioned in that era, however, but the officers in question wore the insignia of lower ranked admirals, a possible costume mistake, or simply a confusion in nomenclature (they were admirals in command of fleets, but perhaps not fleet admirals). Possibly this rank is only differentiated by this insignia under special circumstances, such as wartime.
The second most senior flag rank known to exist in Starfleet.
Vice admiral 
Starfleet flag rank immediately inferior to full admiral, but superior to a rear admiral.
Rear admiral 
The lowest grade of admiral in Starfleet. It is inferior to a vice admiral, and superior to a commodore or captain.
Immediately superior to a captain, and just before rear admiral. At some point in Starfleet history, this rank became known as "rear admiral lower half."
This practice mirrors a change made in the modern-day US Navy eliminating the commodore grade. In TOS, many fleet commanders and other senior personnel were commodores, but by TNG, an officer (Admiral Gregory Quinn) with an equivalent insignia to a commodore was referred to as an admiral, indicating Starfleet made a similar change.

Officer ranks


Senior officers

Rank Fleet captain Captain Commander Lieutenant commander
Earth Starfleet Image:Earth Starfleet - FCAPT (Command).png Image:Earth Starfleet - CAPT (Command).png Image:Earth Starfleet - CDR (Command).png Image:Earth Starfleet - LCDR (Command).png
2230s Image:2230s - FCAPT (Command).png Image:2230s - CAPT (Command).png Image:2230s - CDR (Command).png Image:2230s - LCDR (Command).png
Alternate 2250s Image:Alternate 2250s - FCAPT (Command).png Image:Alternate 2250s - CAPT (Command).png Image:Alternate 2250s - CDR (Command).png Image:Alternate 2250s - LCDR (Command).png
2250s[10] Image:2250s - CAPT (Command).png Image:2250s - Officer (Command).png
2260s[3] Image:2265 - FCAPT (Command).png Image:2265 - CAPT (Command).png Image:2265 - CDR (Command).png Image:2265 - LCDR (Command).png
Alternate 2260s[9] Image:Alternate 2265 - FCAPT (Command).png Image:Alternate 2265 - CAPT (Command).png Image:2265 - FCAPT (Command).png Image:2265 - CAPT (Command).png
2260s (Wraparound variant) Image:2200s - FCAPT (Command).png Image:2200s - CAPT (Command).png Image:2200s - CDR (Command).png Image:2200s - LCDR (Command).png
(assignment patch)
Image:2265 - ENS (Command Badge).png
2270s Image:2270 - FCAPT (Command) (Shoulder Board).png Image:2270 - CAPT (Command) (Shoulder Board).png Image:2270 - CDR (Command) (Shoulder Board).png Image:2270 - LCDR (Command) (Shoulder Board).png
Image:2270 - FCAPT (Command) (Sleeve Stripe).png Image:2270 - CAPT (Command) (Sleeve Stripe).png Image:2270 - CDR (Command) (Sleeve Stripe).png Image:2270 - LCDR (Command) (Sleeve Stripe).png
2278-2350 Image:2278 - FCAPT (Command).png Image:2278 - CAPT (Command).png Image:2278 - CDR (Command).png Image:2278 - LCDR (Command).png
Image:2278 - FCAPT Sleeve (Command).png Image:2278 - CAPT Sleeve (Command).png Image:2278 - CDR Sleeve (Command).png Image:2278 - LCDR Sleeve (Command).png
2350-2366 Image:2350 - FCAPT (Command).png Image:2350 - CAPT (Command).png Image:2350 - CDR (Command).png Image:2350 - LCDR (Command).png
2366-2373 (service uniform)[11] Image:2366 - FCAPT (Command).png Image:2366 - CAPT (Command).png Image:2366 - CDR (Command).png Image:2366 - LCDR (Command).png
[12] N/A Image:2366 - PCAPT (Command).png Image:2366 - PCDR (Command).png Image:2366 - PLCDR (Command).png
2366-2373 (duty uniform) Image:2366 - FCAPT Alternate (Command).png Image:2366 - CAPT Alternate (Command).png Image:2366 - CDR Alternate (Command).png Image:2366 - LCDR Alternate (Command).png
[12] N/A Image:2366 - PCAPT Alternate (Command).png Image:2366 - PCDR Alternate (Command).png Image:2366 - PLCDR Alternate (Command).png
Parallel 2370s[6] (unknown) Image:Parallel 2370 - CAPT (Command).png Image:Parallel 2370 - CDR (Command).png Image:Parallel 2370 - LCDR (Command).png
2373- Image:2373 - FCAPT (Command).png Image:2373 - CAPT (Command).png Image:2373 - CDR (Command).png Image:2373 - LCDR (Command).png
[12][7] N/A Image:2373 - PCAPT (Command).png Image:2373 - PCDR (Command).png Image:2373 - PLCDR (Command).png
2383-[9][8] Image:2383 - FCAPT (Command).png Image:2373 - DDIR (Command).png Image:2383 - CDR (Command).png Image:2383 - LCDR (Command).png
Image:2383 - FCAPT Sleeve (Command).png Image:2383 - CAPT Sleeve (Command).png Image:2383 - CDR Sleeve (Command).png Image:2383 - LCDR Sleeve (Command).png
2390s[6] Image:2390s - FCAPT (Command).png Image:2390s - CAPT (Command).png Image:2390s - CDR (Command).png Image:2390s - LCDR (Command).png
[12] N/A Image:2390s - PCAPT (Command).png Image:2390s - PCDR (Command).png Image:2390s - PLCDR (Command).png
29th century Image:2800 - FCAPT (Command).png Image:2800 - CAPT (Command).png Image:2800 - CDR (Command).png Image:2800 - LCDR (Command).png
Deputy director[13]
Fleet captain 
Fleet Captain is a title bestowed on highly distinguished Starfleet captains. It is an extremely rare distinction, held by senior or particularly distinguished captains. It was held by former Enterprise captain Christopher Pike in the year 2266. It was also held in the 2260s, by Captain Garth, one of Starfleet's most decorated captains and hero of the Battle of Axanar.
Although not officially used after TOS, the rank of Fleet Captain was assigned an official rank pin in the movie-era set of ranks established for Star Trek II through Star Trek VI. The pin was the same as the captain's rank pin, but with two additional "flags" attached to the long edges of the pin. In addition, some fan publications do carry the Fleet Captain rank into the TNG era, using five solid pips to designate the rank.
The most senior regular line rank in Starfleet. It is most often applied to starship and starbase commanders, and the adjutants and executives serving beneath admirals. This rank is usually considered a big transition, because it is often the first rank in which officers run a base of operation (i.e. a starship) more or less by themselves. The equivalent military rank to Starfleet captain is colonel.
In the modern US Navy, captain is a four-stripe officer rank. This insignia style was used in ENT and all TNG era productions. During TOS and the movies, it had differing insignia. The TOS captains wore one full braid, a broken braid and another full braid. However, in the pilot "The Cage", Captain Pike wore only a single rank strip, so it was not clear how other officers were differentiated from captains. By "Where No Man Has Gone Before", Kirk was the only officer with two stripes, but that system didn't differentiate any other officer grades below captain except for no-stripe ensigns.
The Starfleet line rank immediately inferior to Captain. Officers at this rank typically hold positions such as space station commander (e.g. Sisko prior to 2372) or first officer of important starships (e.g. Riker, on the Enterprise-D from 23642379). Line officers reaching this rank typically have between 10 and 15 years of experience in Starfleet.
Lieutenant commander 
The Starfleet line rank immediately inferior to Commander. Officers with this rank typically hold positions as starship department heads (e.g., Montgomery Scott, Geordi La Forge), or, in some cases, as commanding officer (e.g., Piersall aboard the Prometheus) or first officer of a starship (e.g., Benjamin Sisko aboard the Saratoga, Christopher Hobson aboard the Sutherland, or Cavit aboard Voyager prior to his death when Voyager was thrown deep into the Delta Quadrant).

Junior officers

Rank Lieutenant Lieutenant junior grade Ensign
Earth Starfleet Image:Earth Starfleet - LT (Command).png Image:Earth Starfleet - LTJG (Command).png Image:Earth Starfleet - ENS (Command).png
2230s Image:2230s - LT (Command).png Image:2230s - LTJG (Command).png Image:2230s - ENS (Command).png
Alternate 2250s Image:Alternate 2250s - LT (Command).png Image:Alternate 2250s - LTJG (Command).png Image:Alternate 2250s - ENS (Command).png
2250s[10] Image:2250s - Officer (Command).png
2260s[3] Image:2265 - LT (Command).png Image:2265 - LTJG (Command).png Image:2265 - ENS (Command).png
Alternate 2260s[9] Image:2265 - CDR (Command).png Image:2265 - LCDR (Command).png Image:2265 - LT (Command).png
2260s (Wraparound variant) Image:2200s - LT (Command).png Image:2200s - LTJG (Command).png Image:2200s - E (Command).png
(assignment patch)
Image:2265 - ENS (Command Badge).png
2270s Image:2270 - LT (Command) (Shoulder Board).png N/A Image:2270 - ENS (Command) (Shoulder Board).png
Image:2270 - LT (Command) (Sleeve Stripe).png Image:2270 - ENS (Command) (Sleeve Stripe).png
2278-2350 Image:2278 - LT (Command).png Image:2278 - LTJG (Command).png Image:2278 - ENS (Command).png
Image:2278 - LT Sleeve (Command).png Image:2278 - LTJG Sleeve (Command).png Image:2278 - ENS Sleeve (Command).png
2350-2366 Image:2350 - LT (Command).png Image:2350 - LTJG (Command).png Image:2350 - ENS (Command).png
2366-2373 (service uniform)[14] Image:2366 - LT (Command).png Image:2366 - LTJG (Command).png Image:2366 - ENS (Command).png
[12] Image:2366 - PLT (Command).png Image:2366 - PLTJG (Command).png Image:2366 - PENS (Command).png
2366-2373 (duty uniform) Image:2366 - LT Alternate (Command).png Image:2366 - LTJG Alternate (Command).png Image:2366 - ENS Alternate (Command).png
[12] Image:2366 - PLT Alternate (Command).png Image:2366 - PLTJG Alternate (Command).png Image:2366 - PENS Alternate (Command).png
Parallel 2370s[6] Image:Parallel 2370 - LT (Command).png Image:Parallel 2370 - LTJG (Command).png Image:Parallel 2370 - ENS (Command).png
2373- Image:2373 - LT (Command).png Image:2373 - LTJG (Command).png Image:2373 - ENS (Command).png
[12][7] Image:2373 - PLT (Command).png Image:2373 - PLTJG (Command).png Image:2373 - PENS (Command).png
2383-[9][8] Image:2383 - LT (Command).png Image:2383 - LTJG (Command).png Image:2383 - ENS (Command).png
Image:2383 - LT Sleeve (Command).png Image:2383 - LTJG Sleeve (Command).png Image:2383 - ENS Sleeve (Command).png
2390s[6] Image:2390s - LT (Command).png Image:2390s - LT (Command).png Image:2390s - ENS (Command).png
[12] Image:2390s - PLT (Command).png Image:2390s - PLTJG (Command).png Image:2390s - PENS (Command).png
29th century Image:2800 - LT (Command).png Image:2800 - LTJG (Command).png Image:2800 - ENS (Command).png
The Starfleet line rank immediately inferior to Lieutenant Commander. Officers at this rank typically have some command experience, and are occasionally appointed department heads on starships. Typically they are shift commanders in a department under a Lieutenant Commander, i.e. a Lt. Commander will be chief of engineering and will also be commander of A shift, and there will be a B and C shift, each under a Lieutenant.
Lieutenant junior grade 
The Starfleet line rank immediately inferior to Lieutenant. Officers at this rank typically hold support positions on starships and starbases. At this rank, they have begun to prove their ability to perform acceptably in Starfleet, and typically begin to take on more senior roles in command situations. On rare occasions, Starfleet Cadets who post highly distinguished records at Starfleet Academy are granted the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade upon graduation, bypassing the traditional junior rank of Ensign. Dr. Julian Bashir is an example of one such officer. Other officers to whom this has been conjectured to happen include Lieutentant Saavik of Vulcan.
In the modern US armed forces, service members may begin their career as an officer at the rank of lieutenant or lieutenant commander if, due to the nature of their occupation, they were required to continue their education beyond the level of a Bachelors degree prior to receiving their initial commission. This is normally for members serving in non-line officer roles, such as Judge Advocate General Corps (JAG), Medical Service Corps and scientific researchers. Starfleet may utilize a similar policy for commissioning officers.
Typical posts at this rank are conn officer, communications officer or second officer of a shift (see lieutenant).
The most junior Starfleet Line rank. It is the rank bestowed on newly commissioned officers when they graduate from Starfleet Academy. Ensigns typically begin their careers as the most junior officers in the department of their chosen specialty. Ensigns who have strongly distinguished themselves in their academy class or on duty may sometimes be given posts as main-shift bridge officers (e.g. Ensign Harry Kim). A typical officer spends approximately three years at the rank of Ensign. (TNG: "Datalore")

Cadet ranks

Rank Fourth-year cadet Third-year cadet Second-year cadet First-year cadet
Earth Starfleet[15] Image:Earth Starfleet - REC4.png Image:Earth Starfleet - REC3.png Image:Earth Starfleet - REC2.png Image:Earth Starfleet - REC1.png
2250s Image:2250s - CDT.png
Alternate 2250s Image:Alternate 2250s - CDT.png
2260s Image:2265 - CDT4.png Image:2265 - CDT3.png Image:2265 - CDT2.png Image:2265 - CDT1.png
2278-2350 Image:2278 - CDT4 (Command).png Image:2278 - CDT3 (Command).png Image:2278 - CDT2 (Command).png Image:2278 - CDT1 (Command).png
2366-2373 Image:2366 - CDT4 (Command).png Image:2366 - CDT3 (Command).png Image:2366 - CDT2 (Command).png Image:2366 - CDT1 (Command).png
2373-[7] Image:2373 - CDT4 (Command).png Image:2373 - CDT3 (Command).png Image:2373 - CDT2 (Command).png Image:2373 - CDT1 (Command).png
2390s[6] Image:2390s - Cadet Blank.png
Image:2390s - CDT4.png Image:2390s - CDT3.png Image:2390s - CDT2.png Image:2390s - CDT1.png
29th century Image:2800 - CDT4 (Command).png Image:2800 - CDT3 (Command).png Image:2800 - CDT2 (Command).png Image:2800 - CDT1 (Command).png

Cadet ranks are held by those attending Starfleet Academy during their training to become commissioned officers.

A recruit was an officer-in-training in the 2140s. They were trained at Starfleet Command.
Fourth-year cadet
Cadets of this rank are fourth-year students at Starfleet Academy. After graduation, these Cadets are granted the rank of Ensign.
Third-year cadet
Cadets of this rank are third-year students at Starfleet Academy.
Second-year cadet
Cadets of this rank are second-year students at Starfleet Academy. Cadets at this rank take part in field training at a space station or outpost.
First-year cadet
Cadets of this rank are first-year students at Starfleet Academy.

Warrant officer ranks

Rank Master
warrant officer
Chief warrant officer
1st class
Chief warrant officer
2nd class
Chief warrant officer
3rd class
Warrant officer
Earth Starfleet Image:Earth Starfleet - CWO-5 (Command).png Image:Earth Starfleet - CWO-4 (Command).png Image:Earth Starfleet - CWO-3 (Command).png Image:Earth Starfleet - CWO-2 (Command).png Image:Earth Starfleet - WO-1 (Command).png
2260s[4] Image:2265 - CWO-5 (Command).png Image:2265 - CWO-4 (Command).png Image:2265 - CWO-3 (Command).png Image:2265 - CWO-2 (Command).png Image:2265 - WO-1 (Command).png
2366-2373 (service uniform)[16] (unknown) Image:2366 - CWO-4 (Command).png Image:2366 - CWO-3 (Command).png Image:2366 - CWO-2 (Command).png Image:2366 - Chief (Command).png
(duty uniform)[16]
Image:2366 - CWO-4 Alternate (Command).png Image:2366 - CWO-3 Alternate (Command).png Image:2366 - CWO-2 Alternate (Command).png Image:2366 - Chief Alternate (Command).png
2373-[7] Image:2373 - CWO-4 (Command).png Image:2373 - CWO-3 (Command).png Image:2373 - CWO-2 (Command).png Image:2373 - WO-1 (Command).png
2383-[9] Image:2383 - CWO-4 Sleeve (Command).png Image:2383 - CWO-3 Sleeve (Command).png Image:2383 - CWO-2 Sleeve (Command).png Image:2383 - WO-1 Sleeve (Command).png
2390s[6] Image:2390s - CWO-4 (Command).png Image:2390s - CWO-3 (Command).png Image:2390s - CWO-2 (Command).png Image:2390s - WO-1 (Command).png
29th century Image:2800 - CWO-4 (Command).png Image:2800 - CWO-3 (Command).png Image:2800 - CWO-2 (Command).png Image:2800 - WO-1 (Command).png

Warrant officer ranks are held by those who are given special warrants for specific tasks.

Warrant officer
Chief Warrant Officer 3rd class 
Chief Warrant Officer 2nd class 
Chief Warrant Officer 1st class 
Master Warrant Officer 

Non-commissioned officer ranks

The enlisted section of Starfleet has a hierarchy of "noncoms," short for non-commissioned officers. These ranks are achieved by members of Starfleet who have not attended Starfleet Academy.

Command non-commissioned officers

These types of non-commissioned officers are special ranks.

Rank Master Chief
Petty Officer
of Starfleet
Fleet Master Chief
Petty Officer
Master Chief
Petty Officer
Earth Starfleet Image:Earth Starfleet - MCPOSF.png N/A Image:Earth Starfleet - CMCPO (Command).png
2230s Image:2230s - ENS (Command).png
Alternate 2250s Image:Alternate 2250s - ENS (Command).png
2250s Image:2250s - CPO (Command).png
2260s Image:2265 - ENS (Command).png
2260s (Wraparound variant) Image:2200s - E (Command).png
2260s (assignment patch)[17] Image:2265 - MCPOSF.png Image:2265 - FMCPO (Command).png Image:2265 - CMCPO (Command).png
2270s Image:2270 - MCPOSF.png Image:2270 - FMCPO (Command).png Image:2270 - CMCPO (Command).png
Image:2270 - Enlisted (Command).png
2278-2350 Image:2278 - MCPOSF.png N/A
2350-2366 Image:2350 - CPO (Command).png
2366-2373 (service uniform)[18] Image:2366 - MCPOSF.png Image:2366 - FMCPO (Command).png Image:2366 - CMCPO (Command).png
2366-2373 (duty uniform)[18] Image:2366 - MCPOSF Alternate.png Image:2366 - FMCPO Alternate (Command).png Image:2366 - CMCPO Alternate (Command).png
2373-[7] Image:2373 - MCPOSF.png Image:2373 - FMCPO (Command).png Image:2373 - CMCPO (Command).png
2383-[9] Image:2383 - MCPOSF Sleeve.png Image:2383 - FMCPO Sleeve (Command).png Image:2383 - CMCPO Sleeve (Command).png
2390s[6] Image:2390s - MCPOSF.png Image:2390s - FMCPO (Command).png Image:2390s - CMCPO (Command).png
29th century Image:2800 - MCPOSF.png Image:2800 - FMCPO (Command).png Image:2800 - CMCPO (Command).png

Non-commissioned officers

Senior non-commissioned officers

Rank Master chief
petty officer
Senior chief
petty officer
Chief petty officer
Earth Starfleet Image:Earth Starfleet - MCPO (Command).png Image:Earth Starfleet - SCPO (Command).png Image:Earth Starfleet - CPO (Command).png
2230s Image:2230s - ENS (Command).png
Alternate 2250s Image:Alternate 2250s - ENS (Command).png
2250s Image:2250s - CPO (Command).png
2260s[17][4] Image:2265 - ENS (Command).png
Image:2265 - MCPO Alternate (Command).png Image:2265 - SCPO Alternate (Command).png Image:2265 - CPO Alternate (Command).png
(Wraparound variant)
Image:2200s - E (Command).png
2260s (assignment patch)[17] Image:2265 - MCPO (Command).png Image:2265 - SCPO (Command).png Image:2265 - CPO (Command).png
2270s Image:2270 - MCPO (Command).png Image:2270 - SCPO (Command).png Image:2270 - CPO (Command).png
Image:2270 - Enlisted (Command).png
2278-2350 Image:2278 - MCPO (Command).png Image:2278 - SCPO (Command).png Image:2278 - CPO (Command).png
2350-2366 Image:2350 - CPO (Command).png
(service uniform)
Image:2366 - MCPO (Command).png Image:2366 - SCPO (Command).png Image:2366 - CPO (Command).png
Parallel 2370s[6] Image:Parallel 2370 - MCPO Pip (Command).png Image:Parallel 2370 - SCPO Pip (Command).png Image:Parallel 2370 - CPO Pip (Command).png
(duty uniform)[18][20]
Image:2366 - MCPO Alternate (Command).png Image:2366 - SCPO Alternate (Command).png Image:2366 - CPO Alternate (Command).png
Parallel 2370s[6] Image:Parallel 2370 - MCPO (Command).png Image:Parallel 2370 - SCPO (Command).png Image:Parallel 2370 - CPO (Command).png
2373-[20][7][8] Image:2373 - MCPO (Command).png Image:2373 - SCPO (Command).png Image:2373 - CPO (Command).png
2383-[9] Image:2383 - MCPO Sleeve (Command).png Image:2383 - SCPO Sleeve (Command).png Image:2383 - CPO Sleeve (Command).png
2390s[6] Image:2390s - MCPO (Command).png Image:2390s - SCPO (Command).png Image:2390s - CPO (Command).png
29th century Image:2800 - MCPO (Command).png Image:2800 - SCPO (Command).png Image:2800 - CPO (Command).png
Master chief petty officer
Senior chief petty officer 
Also known as "senior chief specialist".
Chief petty officer

Junior non-commissioned officers

Rank Petty officer 1st class Petty officer 2nd class Petty officer 3rd class
Earth Starfleet Image:Earth Starfleet - PO1 (Command).png Image:Earth Starfleet - PO2 (Command).png Image:Earth Starfleet - PO3 (Command).png
2230s Image:2230s - ENS (Command).png
Alternate 2250s Image:Alternate 2250s - ENS (Command).png
2250s Image:2250s - Enlisted (Command).png
2260s[17][4] Image:2265 - ENS (Command).png
Image:2265 - PO1 Alternate (Command).png Image:2265 - PO2 Alternate (Command).png Image:2265 - PO3 Alternate (Command).png
(Wraparound variant)
Image:2200s - E (Command).png
2260s (assignment patch)[17] Image:2265 - PO1 (Command).png Image:2265 - PO2 (Command).png Image:2265 - PO3 (Command).png
2270s Image:2270 - PO1 (Command).png Image:2270 - PO2 (Command).png Image:2270 - PO3 (Command).png
Image:2270 - Enlisted (Command).png
2278-2350 Image:2278 - PO1 (Command).png Image:2278 - PO2 (Command).png N/A
2350-2366 Image:2350 - Blank (Command).png
(service uniform)
Image:2366 - PO1 (Command).png Image:2366 - PO2 (Command).png Image:2366 - PO3 (Command).png
(duty uniform)[18][20]
Image:2366 - PO1 Alternate (Command).png Image:2366 - PO2 Alternate (Command).png Image:2366 - PO3 Alternate (Command).png
Parallel 2370s[6] Image:Parallel 2370 - PO1 (Command).png Image:Parallel 2370 - PO2 (Command).png Image:Parallel 2370 - PO3 (Command).png
2373-[20][7][8] Image:2373 - PO1 (Command).png Image:2373 - PO2 (Command).png Image:2373 - PO3 (Command).png
2383-[9] Image:2383 - PO1 Sleeve (Command).png Image:2383 - PO2 Sleeve (Command).png Image:2383 - PO3 Sleeve (Command).png
2390s[6] Image:2390s - PO1 (Command).png Image:2390s - PO2 (Command).png Image:2390s - PO3 (Command).png
29th century Image:2800 - PO1 (Command).png Image:2800 - PO2 (Command).png Image:2800 - PO3 (Command).png
Petty officer first class 
Also known as "technician first class", etc.
Petty officer second class 
Also known as "specialist second class", etc.
Petty officer third class 
Also known as "yeoman third class", etc.

Crewman ranks

Rank Crewman Crewman apprentice Crewman recruit
Earth Starfleet Image:Earth Starfleet - C1 (Command).png Image:Earth Starfleet - C2 (Command).png Image:Earth Starfleet - Blank (Command).png
Image:Earth Starfleet - C3 (Command).png
2230s Image:2230s - ENS (Command).png
Alternate 2250s Image:Alternate 2250s - ENS (Command).png
2250s Image:2250s - Enlisted (Command).png
Image:2265 - ENS (Command).png
Image:2265 - C1 Alternate (Command).png Image:2265 - C2 Alternate (Command).png Image:2265 - ENS (Command).png
2260s (Wraparound variant) Image:2200s - E (Command).png
2260s (assignment patch)[17] Image:2265 - C1 (Command).png Image:2265 - C2 (Command).png Image:2265 - C3 (Command).png
2270s Image:2270 - C1 (Command).png Image:2270 - C2 (Command).png Image:2270 - Blank (Command).png
Image:2270 - Enlisted (Command).png
2278-2350 Image:2278 - AS (Command).png N/A
2350-2366 Image:2350 - Blank (Command).png
2366-2373 (service uniform)[18][14][20] Image:2366 - C1 (Command).png Image:2366 - C2 (Command).png Image:2366 - Blank (Command).png
2366-2373 (duty uniform)[18][20] Image:2366 - C1 Alternate (Command).png Image:2366 - C2 Alternate (Command).png Image:2366 - Blank Alternate (Command).png
Parallel 2370s[6] Image:Parallel 2370 - C1 (Command).png Image:Parallel 2370 - C2 (Command).png Image:Parallel 2370 - Blank (Command).png
2373-[20][7][8] Image:2373 - C1 (Command).png Image:2373 - C2 (Command).png Image:2373 - Blank (Command).png
2383-[9] Image:2383 - C1 Sleeve (Command).png Image:2383 - C2 Sleeve (Command).png Image:2383 - C3 Sleeve (Command).png
2390s[6] Image:2390s - C1 (Command).png Image:2390s - C2 (Command).png Image:2390s - Blank (Command).png
29th century Image:2800 - C1 (Command).png Image:2800 - C2 (Command).png Image:2800 - Blank (Command).png

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Starfleet ranks
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2350-2366 | 2366-2373 | 2373- | 2373- (dress uniform) | 29th century
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  1. Most rank schemes used Fleet Admiral insignia for Commander-in-Chief. For rank schemes which have separate insignia, see 2260s and 2278.
  2. The rank of commodore was mostly phased out in the 2350s in favor of the rank of rear admiral lower half.
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  11. All ranks except for FCAPT also seen in parallel 2370s.
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  15. The Earth Starfleet used grades of recruits instead of cadets.
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  18. 18.0 18.1 18.2 18.3 18.4 18.5 18.6 18.7 Up until the introduction of specialized insignia in 2372, crewmen and petty officers wore no rank insignia while chief petty officers wore one hollow pip. When the new insignia were introduced, however, Crewmen Recruits did not have insignia.
  19. Most rank schemes did not have separate MCPO grades. Only the 2260s assignment patches had separate grades.
  20. 20.0 20.1 20.2 20.3 20.4 20.5 20.6 20.7 20.8 Maquis crewmembers on the USS Voyager who were assigned enlisted roles wore a provisional lozenge with one black slash.

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