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The Starfleet 3rd Fleet was a military unit, a fleet group of the Federation Starfleet during the Dominion War. (DS9 episodes: "Favor the Bold", "Image in the Sand"; DS9 novelization: ...Sacrifice of Angels)

During the invasion of the Borg Collective in 2381, the Third Fleet suffered an antimatter shortage when their reserves ran out. Federation President Nanietta Bacco drafted (and likely signed) an executive order allowing Starfleet to commandeer civilian fuel sources. (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)

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The Third Fleet was a United Federation of Planets fleet on active duty in the 23rd and 24th centuries.

Around the time of the Genesis incident, the Third Fleet was commanded by Admiral Foy, with USS Excalibur serving as flagship. The Third was then based at Starbase 7. (Research Anthology: "Genesis Project System 7: Survey Scans and Reports")

In planning for Operation Return a significant number of ships were diverted to take part in the operation. This left the Third Fleet as the only significant Starfleet force between the Dominion and Earth. Starfleet Command was initially concerned that if the Dominion ignored the strike at Deep Space 9 and instead headed for Earth that the Third Fleet would not be able to hold the line until it could be reinforced. (DS9: "Favor the Bold")

In 2375, the Third Fleet was taken by surprise by the Breen when they assaulted their outer defense perimeter at Neptune. The Third Fleet fought for two hours to hold the Breen at bay but were unable to stop them from reaching Earth. The attack saw 139 starships destroyed. (The Dominion War Sourcebook: The Fires of Armageddon)

The ships of the Third began operating in the Oralian sector as early as 2377. In 2381, Admiral Christopher Truman was given command of the Third Fleet during the Coalition War. In 2382, a large portion of the Third participated in the Battle of Minark. (Star Trek: Pioneer (STP): "In Custody", "Torment and Woe")


Ships of the Third Fleet

The following were vessels assigned to the Third Fleet as of 2380:

  • USS Ark Angel (NCC-1889)
  • USS Aurora Vulcanus (NCC-1888)
  • USS Azrael (NCC-73339)
  • USS Bexar (NCC-71718)
  • USS Corsair (NCC-26556)
  • USS El Destino (NCC-76536)
  • USS Firebird (NCC-74919)
  • USS Gunslinger (NCC-6019)
  • USS Joan of Arc (NCC-73289)
  • USS Laredo (NCC-03)
  • USS Lonestar (NCC-73628)
  • USS Palo Duro (NCC-61914)
  • USS Regulator (NCC-73337)
  • USS Renaissance (NCC-63100)
  • USS Rhyanna (NCC-1892)
  • USS Spirit Wolf (NCC-74300)
  • USS Tejas (NCC-9756)
  • USS Thunderwolf (NCC-63542)
  • USS Trinity River (NCC-6425)
  • USS Victory (NCC-74208)

Star Trek: Pioneer (STP) continuity

The USS Pioneer from Star Trek: Pioneer (STP)
"Fall of the Apollo" from Star Trek: Pioneer (STP)
The USS Saladin from Star Trek: Pioneer (STP)
The USS Ticonderoga from Star Trek: Pioneer (STP)

The following ships were part of the Third Fleet, and served during the Coalition War.

Flagship: USS Normandy (NCC-10189) ("The Hornet's Nest")


The Third Fleet was also a nickname for chapters in Region 3 of Starfleet International. (Starfleet International: Scott A. Akers, et al., Master Genealogy: Starfleet Region 3)

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