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The Starfleet Starfighter Corps (also referred to as SFC) was a division within Starfleet was that was concerned with the organisation and use of attack fighter units.

SFC organised its units into squadrons of twelve fighters each. Each squadron could be broken down into flights (up to four fighters) and flight elements (two fighters). (Star Trek: Swiftfire)

A group of two or more squadrons was called a fighter wing.

During the 2360s and 2370s the primary craft used by the SFC was the Peregrine-class. In the mid-2370s the Valkyrie-class entered production and deployment with SFC squadrons. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "Deployment" et al)

In 2373, SFC assigned a three squadron wing to the USS Swiftfire-A. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "Deployment")

Starfleet Starfighter Command was a body within the corps that was responsible for the deployment of personnel and units. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "Section 214C", "Chariots of Korvat")

The equivalent in one parallel universe was the Federation Starfighter Corps. (Star Trek: Remington)


Ranks and insignia


Star Trek: Swiftfire

Ensign Lieutenant
junior grade
Lieutenant Lieutenant
Wing commander
Image:2373 - ENS (SFC).png Image:2373 - LTJG (SFC).png Image:2373 - LT (SFC).png Image:2373 - LCDR (SFC).png Image:2373 - WCDR (SFC).png

Star Trek: Daedalus


Pilot officer Flying officer Flight lieutenant Squadron leader Wing commander Group captain
2260s - 2270s Image:2265 - ENS (SFC).png Image:2265 - LTJG (SFC).png Image:2265 - LT (SFC).png Image:2265 - LCDR (SFC).png Image:2265 - WCDR (SFC).png Image:2265 - CAPT (SFC).png
2278 - 2350s Image:2278 - ENS (SFC).png Image:2278 - LTJG (SFC).png Image:2278 - LT (SFC).png Image:2278 - LCDR (SFC).png Image:2278 - WCDR (SFC).png Image:2278 - CAPT (SFC).png
Image:2278 - ENS Sleeve (SFC).png Image:2278 - LTJG Sleeve (SFC).png Image:2278 - LT Sleeve (SFC).png Image:2278 - LCDR Sleeve (SFC).png Image:2278 - WCDR Sleeve (SFC).png Image:2278 - CAPT Sleeve (SFC).png
2373 - 2393 Image:2373 - ENS (SFC).png Image:2373 - LTJG (SFC).png Image:2373 - LT (SFC).png Image:2373 - LCDR (SFC).png Image:2373 - WCDR (SFC).png Image:2373 - CAPT (SFC).png

Air officers

Air commodore Air vice-marshal Air marshal Air chief marshal Marshal
of the
Starfighter Corps
2260s - 2270s Image:2265 - CDRE (SFC).png Image:2265 - RADM (SFC).png Image:2265 - VADM (SFC).png Image:2265 - ADM (SFC).png Image:2265 - FADM (SFC).png
2278 - 2350s Image:2278 - CDRE (SFC).png Image:2278 - RADM (SFC).png Image:2278 - VADM (SFC).png Image:2278 - ADM (SFC).png Image:2278 - FADM (SFC).png
Image:2278 - CDRE Sleeve (SFC).png Image:2278 - RADM Sleeve (SFC).png Image:2278 - VADM Sleeve (SFC).png Image:2278 - ADM Sleeve (SFC).png Image:2278 - FADM Sleeve (SFC).png
2373 - 2393 Image:2373 - RDML (SFC).png Image:2373 - RADM (SFC).png Image:2373 - VADM (SFC).png Image:2373 - ADM (SFC).png Image:2373 - FADM (SFC).png

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