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The Starfleet Corps of Engineers (also referred to as "Corps of Engineers" or SCE) was a special projects division of Starfleet, assigned to deal with projects and missions requiring high degrees of engineering expertise.

Emblem of Starfleet Corps of Engineers



Prior to the late 23rd century, the S.C.E was considered a low priority by Starfleet, in terms of providing equipment and ships. In the early 2260s, they retrieved three decades-old decommissioned Daedalus-class ships for their use. (SCE eBook: Foundations, Book One)

Through the later half of the century, the S.C.E.'s regard within Starfleet grew, undertaking missions such as the asteroid excavation for use by the Genesis Project. (TOS movie: The Wrath of Khan)

Circa 2270, Starfleet Engineering personnel were dispatched to Talin IV to study the wreckage of the USS Enterprise, under the belief that its nacelle was being drawn away from the rest of the ship into subspace. Later, the Corps was assigned with converting one of the gas giants in the Talin system to provide food for an ancient spaceborne lifeform dubbed "The One". (TOS novel: Prime Directive)

In 2279, Starfleet created a new position of Starfleet Corps of Engineers Command Liaison. Mahmud al-Khaled, formerly the commander of the Corps detatchment aboard the USS Lovell, was the first to hold this position. It was later held by Admiral John Harriman, and then Captain Montgomery Scott. (SCE eBooks: Foundations, The Belly of the Beast; TNG short story: "Full Circle")

Modern-day operations

The Starfleet Corps of Engineers is headed by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers Command Liaison, based in the Tucker Memorial Building on the grounds of Starfleet Headquarters. (SCE eBook: The Future Begins)


Ship-based Corps

The Starfleet Corps of Engineers continued to maintain their own dedicated vessels through the 24th century, including older Oberth-class vessels such as the USS Trosper in the 2360s. By the 2370s, however, it was decided to give the SCE four newly-launched Sabre-class ships -- USS da Vinci, USS Khwarizmi, USS Musgrave, and USS T'Pora.

The chain of command on SCE ships differs from other Starfleet vessels in that, while the head of the SCE team serves also as the ship's first officer, this person also reports directly to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers Command Liaison. (SCE eBook: Grand Designs)

Other operations

The SCE also maintains other teams, assigned as needed to planets, ships, and starbases.

In 2369, a Corps of Engineers team were among the first Starfleet personnel to board Deep Space 9, shortly after the Cardassians had left. (DS9 reference: Technical Manual)

The Corps of Engineers had difficulty in finding ways to combat the Dominion's small but devastatingly powerful fighters until Benjamin Sisko and his crew captured one on Torga IV in the Gamma Quadrant in 2373. (ST reference: Starship Spotter)

A team of thirty-five SCE engineers were usually assigned to Deep Space 9. However following the Dominion War only half that contingent remained on the station, resulting in any qualified engineering personnel being put to work on a major refit of the station in 2376. (DS9 novel: Avatar)

After Deep Space 9's fusion core was destroyed after sabotage by Kitana'klan, the SCE worked with Nog to obtain a new one from Empok Nor. The SCE team had left the station by the time of the Gateways Crisis, leaving them unable to repair Bajor's industrial replicators. (DS9 novel: Demons of Air and Darkness; SCE eBook: Cold Fusion)

SCE engineers were charged with removing Lieutenant Commander Data's emotion chip following the tragedy at Rashanar. (TNG novel: A Time to Die)

An SCE team was stationed on Deep Space 3 under command of Lieutenant Commander Kareem Mussad. Following the Borg Invasion of 2381, this team led "Project Reassimilation", an effort to reverse engineer the deactivated and abandoned technology left behind by the Caeliar. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)


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The Starfleet Corps of Engineers (also known as Starfleet Engineering or Starfleet Engineering Corps) is a Starfleet division that deals with specialized engineering problems.

The Corps of Engineers was responsible for the construction of the underground laboratory complex on the Regula asteroid, where the second phase of the Genesis Project was conducted. (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

In 2375, during the Dominion War, Klingon starships were immune to the Breen energy dampening weapon by adjusting the tritium intermix of their ships' warp cores. This "fix" would not work on Federation ships and Starfleet Chief Miles O'Brien forwarded his findings to Starfleet Engineering for more in-depth analyses. (DS9: "When It Rains...")

In 2383, Jem'Hadar-technological-based schematics for a torpedo called the J3 torpedo were anonymously sent to the Corps of Engineers on Earth to make sense of. The engineers were almost immediately able to figure them out as opposed to the eight years of unsuccess Lieutenant GoyCho had with them. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Transphasic Meltdown")

In an alternate reality experience by Harry Kim, Kim worked at the Corps of Engineers, although it was called Starfleet Engineering Corps. (VOY: "Non Sequitur")
The Corps are named and based after the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

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