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"Ex Astris, Scientia": "From the Stars, Knowledge".
Starfleet Academy in the mid-23rd century (Nor Iron Bars a Cage)
Starfleet Academy grounds, circa 2379.

Starfleet Academy is an institution for learning, specifically to train cadets to be future Starfleet officers.

Traditionally, when a person who wishes to join reaches the age of adult, they submit an application and undergo a series of tests to see if they'll get accepted. Once accepted, they train at one of the facilities, such as the primary one on Earth in the city of San Francisco for four years.

The Academy's motto is "Ex Astris, Scientia", or "From the Stars, Knowledge." (TNG novel: The First Duty; TOS movies: Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

The facilities include holodecks, located on Archer Hall. (SNW short story: "Best Tools Available")

The entrance exam's final question was worth fifty points. (DS9 novel: The Long Night) All cadets were also required to study the worlds that had been destroyed by their dominant species through wars and environmental mismanagement. (TOS novel: Prime Directive)






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This is for the Federation facility. For its Lyran counterpart, see Lyran Starfleet Academy.
Starfleet Academy Logo (2368)
Starfleet Academy Logo (2372)

Founded in 2161, Starfleet Academy was the training and educational facility for Federation Starfleet personnel. Its headquarters were located in the Earth city of San Francisco.

The Academy, its branch schools and other Starfleet educational facilities operated under the aegis of Starfleet Training Command. (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)


Academy preparatory schools

At least in North America, there was one Academy Institute in each state or province. (VOY novel: Mosaic)

The Academy Institutes may have been similar to elementary and secondary schools that were military academies in the 20th and 21st centuries.
The Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program (DS9: "Facets") may have been waived for Academy cadet-aspirants who attended an Academy Institute.


Every cadet also had to undergo a physical recruit training which involved obstacle course training. (Dragon Ball Z vs. Star Trek: The Way of Infinity)

Cadets on the command-track were given the infamous Kobayashi Maru scenario to test how they would handle a no-win situation.

Training groups

Extra Curricular


The Starfleet Academy Marathon was an annual sporting event held by the Academy. Some cadets also competed in the Federation Olympics, and the Academy's Parrises squares team was legendary. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Jonathan Masters represented the Academy at the Hawaiian Classic volleyball tournament during at some point while he was a cadet. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "Over the Horizon")

Masters was also a member of the Academy swim team in 2356. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "Waiting for the Sun")

During her second and third years Aimee Wessling was part of a winter sports team that represented the Academy. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "Section 214C")

Social Clubs

Keli H'Lanna and Jikra Lar both belonged to Blue Squad, an informal, non-competitive club for future Science officers to socialize and study together. (Star Trek: Daedalus: Enlightenment)

Training cruise

A training cruise was a cruise on a training vessel where cadets would receive training on how to handle an actual vessel.

Known training vessels:

Graduate schools/post-graduate training

Extension courses

See: Bridge Officer's Test.

Starfleet Academy training bases and annexes

Starfleet Academy had numerous training bases and campuses across the Federation. It included several bases within the Sol system, including its primary campus at San Francisco.

One of the other bases in Sol was a campus located in Canberra, Australia. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "No Rest for the Wicked")

Starfleet Academy operated an annex on Vulcan. Karak took up a position at the Academy on Vulcan in mid-2376. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "United We Stand")

Academy commandants

Academy directors

Academy superintendents

Academy instructors

Earth Starfleet Academy

Before the Federation's founding, an academy was established for the Earth Starfleet in the 2130s after the organization was established. Also located in San Francisco, the organization folded in favor of the new Federation Starfleet Academy in 2161. (Star Trek: Poseidon - The Birth of the Federation)

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This article uses material from the "Starfleet Academy" article on the ST Expanded wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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