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In the mirror universe, the Imperial Starfleet was the main military arm of the Terran Empire during the 22nd and 23rd centuries. Like its primary universe counterpart, the Imperial Starfleet was controlled by a group of admirals, but was overseen by a grand admiral. Amongst the people to serve in the role of grand admiral were Garth of Izar, Matthew Decker, and Spock.

During the mid-22nd century, the main type of starships operated by Starfleet were NX-class battle cruisers, of which the prototype, the ISS Enterprise, served as the flagship. In the 2150s, Starfleet was involved in a long drawn out conflict against rebels, in which it became possible that the Empire could collapse. However, the capture of the USS Defiant from a Tholian base, gave Starfleet a tactical and psychological advantage, when Empress Hoshi Sato I proclaimed that the Defiant was a Imperial Starfleet vessel from the future, instead of coming from the primary universe. (ENT episodes: "In a Mirror, Darkly", "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II"; ENT novel: Age of the Empress)

By the late 23rd century, Starfleet was comparable in size and function to its primary universe counterpart. Following the assassination of Captain James T. Kirk in 2267, Spock rose to the captaincy of the ISS Enterprise, and soon became a very powerful force in Starfleet through the use of the Tantalus field. Recognizing the danger that Spock could cause, Empress Hoshi Sato III ordered Grand Admiral Garth of Izar, and later Matthew Decker to try and assassinate Spock and remove the threat. Following the third failed attempt in 2277, Sato III was forced to appoint Spock as the new grand admiral of Starfleet.

By the 2290s, the Imperial Starfleet had been starved of proper resources and was but a shadow of its former self, due to the radical reforms of now Emperor, Spock. Because of this, the fleet was unable to survive the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance invasion of the Terran Republic in 2297. (TOS novel: The Sorrows of Empire)

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ST Expanded

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Starfleet, also known as the Imperial Starfleet, was the Terran Empire's military organization in the mirror universe. Through Starfleet, the Empire conquered other planets and enforced its rule over those worlds (TOS: "Mirror, Mirror"). Spock later disarmed Starfleet, leaving the Empire vulnerable to the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance (DS9: "Crossover").

Fan continuities

In "A Debt of Honor" and "The Final Days"/"The Gift", Spock was overthrown by Starfleet shortly after coming to power, and the Klingons and Cardassians formed their alliance after Spock's ouster.

In Star Trek: Mirror Wars, the second Terran Empire returned to power and created a new Starfleet. It is unknown if it was called "Starfleet" but the ships were exactly like ships from the primary universe.

In Star Trek: Shattered Universe, the Imperial Starfleet was rekindled in the early 2380s until at least 2383, after the Alliance had barely made a move against the Terran Rebellion. During this time, a shipyard was established to create Terran-style starships. Although this new Starfleet was growing with hopes to match the Alliance, its internal politics and reawakening greed began to lead it toward a downward spiral.

In Star Trek: Remington, the alternate mirror universe counterpart of the Imperial Starfleet was the Third Terran Dominion's Grand Fleet. (Star Trek: Remington: "Reflection")

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This article uses material from the "Starfleet (mirror)" article on the ST Expanded wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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