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Emblem of United Earth Starfleet Command, 2155.

The United Earth Starfleet, often known simply as Starfleet, was the space agency of United Earth in the mid 22nd century, prior to the formation of the United Federation of Planets and the Federation Starfleet.

Starfleet was chartered in the early 22nd century, presumably as a branch of the United Earth Space Probe Agency. Jonathan Archer joined soon after its inception, after previously considering joining the Earth Cargo Service.

The United Earth Starfleet was responsible for several key warp test flights, including the NX-Alpha. (ENT episode: "First Flight")

In 2151, Starfleet launched Enterprise NX-01 its first Warp Five vessel, followed in 2153 by Columbia NX-02. These two ships were largely responsible for establishing United Earth as a legitimate interstellar power and paving the way for the founding of the Federation.

Unlike its future incarnation, the Earth Starfleet was not a military organization, but rather was purely scientific and exploratory in its mission. MACOs fulfilled any military functions needed aboard Earth Starfleet vessels. (ENT episode: "The Expanse") This separation of roles underwent modification with the creation of the Coalition of Planets, and in the lead-up to the Earth-Romulan War, when Starfleet was called upon more and more to provide defensive and offensive service. (ENT novel: Kobayashi Maru, ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)


Starfleet: Year One

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The serial novel Starfleet: Year One used the name Earth Command to identify the controlling authority of Earth's defensive forces during the Earth-Romulan War. As it was written prior to the debut of Star Trek: Enterprise, much of what it establishes about pre-Federation Earth has been contradicted.


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The Federation Starfleet (commonly referred to as Starfleet) is the deep-space exploratory, scientific, diplomatic, and military force of the United Federation of Planets.



Formed as an integral part of the United Federation of Planets Charter in 2161, the Federation Starfleet incorporated elements of its founding members space-faring agencies, including Earth's own Earth Starfleet and its secret organization, Section 31. (DS9: "Inquisition"; ENT: "Detained", "Divergence")

Missions undertaken by the Federation Starfleet fell at least partly under the jurisdiction of the United Earth Space Probe Agency (or UESPA) as late as the 2290s. By the mid-24th century Starfleet missions were regulated solely by Starfleet Command, answering to the Federation Council and bound by its General Orders and Regulations. (TOS: "Charlie X", "Tomorrow is Yesterday"; Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home; et al)

When a planet became a member of the Federation, its military would be incorporated within Starfleet. (DS9: "Rapture")


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  • Ronald D. Moore commented: "I've always felt that Starfleet is the military/exploratory/scientific arm of the UFP." [1]
  • Remarking on a Starfleet JAG getting involved with a civillian case with Richard Bashir, Moore said: "Starfleet is more than just a military entity and seems to have police and/or judicial functions." [2]

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