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Series: The Next Generation
Starfleet Academy, No. 8
Author(s): Brad Strickland and Barbara Strickland
Publication information
Published: Paperback - 1995


Introduction (blurb)

Before he became the captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise...

Jean-Luc Picard has failed his entrance exam to Starfleet Academy. Now all his plans for the future are gone, and he must make the best of his life in his parents' vineyard. Pressure from his father to become more involved in the family business and the constant fighting with his older brother, Robert, make this life difficult. Jean-Luc's best friend, Louis, tries to cheer him up with an exciting trip, but the future captain's dream of the stars still haunts him....

When a chance to re-apply to the Academy arises, Jean-Luc must use all his skills to pass the challenging tests. But the greatest risk he faces is the wrath of his father.

Will Jean-Luc turn his back on his family as he aims for the stars?


Jean-Luc Picard fails his entrance exam to Starfleet Academy and is forced to fulfill his promise to his father Maurice to remain on the family vineyard. However, he still dreams of a career in Starfleet and, whilst supposedly on a trip to Medlab-One with his friend Louis, he applies at the branch office in Paris.

His brother Robert is angered by Jean-Luc's actions since he knows if Jean-Luc leaves Maurice will make him stay on the farm instead of studying agriculture on Alkalurops Beta II. However, when Maurice wins the Prix du Soleil and departs on a lecture tour, his mother Yvette persuades Jean-Luc to attend.

Jean-Luc passes the difficult command exam by defeating two Romulan warbirds with a survey ship by tricking them into thinking his ship has been destroyed. He then passes the psychological test, confronting his fear of failure by vowing to continue applying to Starfleet until he is accepted.

Jean-Luc wins the one academy slot at the Paris office and, despite a certain amount of bitterness, his father and brother wish him well as he departs.



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Starfall (Equipped)
other resources
Image:Great Hammer One-Handed Crushing.jpg
+8 str +5 agi
+20 health +25 power
Great Hammer
One-Handed Crushing
Damage 11-33 (17.7 Rating)
Delay 2.5 seconds
Weight 4.0
Level 24 (Tier 3)
All Fighters, All Priests
Obtain: Reward from the quest "Once Upon a Fallen Star"
\aITEM 812599924 -1006809141:Starfall\/a \aITEM 812599924 -1006809141:Starfall\/a

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Rob Jenkins, Michael Stern


Bill Slavicsek

Publication information

West End Games

Publish date

May 1989





Starfall is an adventure for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game written by Rob Jenkins and Michael Stern. It was published by West End Games in 1989. It was later re-published in Classic Adventures: Volume Five by West End Games in 1998.

From the publisher

Nine hundred meters of twisted, battle-torn Star Destroyer stand between imprisoned Rebel heroes and freedom in this disaster-filled Star Wars adventure.

Captured by Imperials, a small group of Rebel heroes find themselves trapped within the detention block of a Victory-class Star Destroyer. Suddenly explosions rock the giant battleship as the Imperial vessel is attacked by an Alliance fleet. When the smoke clears, the Rebel objective is obvious -- escape by any means possible!

But the attack has left the Star Destroyer a battered wreck, its crew scattered and its power fading. What dangers await the Rebels deep within the smoldering ruins of this once-great vessel? What Imperial devices remain to prevent their exit? Only those with courage and conviction will attempt to find out. Only those with strength and luck can hope to survive.


  • An action-packed script with parts for every player that quickly starts the disaster-filled adventure.
  • A full-color, poster-sized map of a Victory-class Star Destroyer.
  • Details about Victory-class Star Destroyers and how to run an adventure within their massive interiors.
  • A pullout section full of non-player character templates and additional, fully-detailed maps.
  • An AT-ST combat scenario including a map suitable for Star Wars Miniatures sets, counters, and complete set-up rules.
  • Large amounts of gamemaster notes and guidelines to help run this exciting, fast-paced adventure.


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