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A starbird is a Romulan starship classification that is equivalent to Starfleet's exploratory cruiser.(Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 5: Starships of the Romulan Star Empire)

Following the formation of the Romulan Republic the term starbird replaced the warbird designation. (Star Trek: Arcadia)

Types of starbird

Starbird classes

starship classification
armed courierarmed scoutassault cruiserassault gunshipassault shipattack cruiserattack fighterattack frigateauxiliary craftbattle cruiserbattleshipbird-of-preyborder cuttercargo transportcarrierclippercolony shipcombat support tendercommand cruiserconstruction shipcorsaircorvettecouriercruisercutterdestroyerdestroyer escortdreadnoughtdropshipescortespionage shipexploratory cruiserexplorerfar courierfar scoutfar starbirdfast attack shipfast cruiserfast frigatefreighterfrigatefuel transportgeneration shipgunboatgunshipheavy courierheavy cruiserheavy destroyerheavy escortheavy explorerheavy frigateheavy gunshipheavy scoutheavy starbirdheavy warbirdheavy warshiphospital shipincursion frigateincursion cruiserinterceptorlight cruiserlight escortlight explorerlight frigatelight starbirdlight warbirdlong range tactical cruisermedium cruisermonitorpassenger linerpatrol shipperimeter action shippersonnel carrierpicket shipprison shipproberaiderrepair tenderresearch vesselresearch cruiserrunaboutscience vesselscoutshuttlecraftshuttlepodsleeper shipspace control shipstarbirdstarlinerstarshipstrategic frigatestrategic heavy cruiserstrike frigatestrike cruiserstrike warbirdstrike warshipsublight gunshipsuper carriersuperscoutsurveyorswift bird-of-preyswift courierswift cruiserswift frigateswift warbirdtactical cruisertactical frigatetankertendertimeshiptransporttugwarbirdwarship

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The Alliance Starbird.
"We need a flag to rally behind. A symbol. A symbol of hope."
Leia Organa

The Alliance Starbird, also known as the Phoenix was the insignia of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. It adorned the flight helmets of a number of Rebel pilots during the Galactic Civil War. It was based on the Marek family crest.



Bail and Leia Organa unveil the Rebel insignia in honor of Galen Marek

The Rebels adopted the symbol from the family crest of the Marek family in honor to Galen Marek, Darth Vader's former apprentice, who sacrificed himself protecting the three founders of the Alliance.[1] What's more, the Starbird is very similar to the emblem of the Old Jedi Order, if somewhat modified version.

Often described as a rising phoenix, the Starbird represented the Alliance's goal of setting the stage for the Galactic Republic to rise up from the ashes of the Galactic Empire that it swore to topple. The Starbird most often appeared in bright red or blue but was also sometimes displayed in yellow, black, or gray.

When the Alliance became the New Republic, the Starbird was retained as the central image of the new government's insignia, as well as of the New Jedi Order.

Adar Tallon's family crest resembled an altered Starbird symbol.[2]

Related symbols

Behind the scenes

Older sources mentioned it was taken from the seal of the Old Republic itself, but as none of the different seals of the Old Republic looked like the Rebellion's crest, this information seems now deemed non-canon. However, a panel seen in Star Wars Republic 78: Loyalties has shown a dark starbird painted on the bow of a Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser. This might indicate the starbird was somehow in use of the Republic during its late days[9]; perhaps the cruiser was associated somehow with the Marek family.


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This article uses material from the "Alliance Starbird" article on the Starwars wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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