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Starbase 234 was a Federation starbase operated by Starfleet in the 24th century. In the late mid-2360s, the base was commanded by Admiral Stewart. (ST novel: The Return)

Following the Battle of Wolf 359 in early 2367, Starbase 234 became the center of anti-Borg technological developments, and was headed up by Commander Elizabeth Shelby. (ST novel: The Return)

By early 2368, the starbase was commanded by Fleet Admiral Taela Shanthi. At this time, the USS Enterprise-D traveled to the starbase following the outbreak of the Klingon Civil War. After a meeting with Shanthi, Captain Jean-Luc Picard gained permission to take a task force and blockade the Klingon-Romulan border. (TNG episode: "Redemption, Part II")

A few months later, the Enterprise-D was recalled to the base by Fleet Admiral Ruah Brackett. Once the Enterprise arrived, Brackett informed Picard of Ambassador Spock's disappearance and his later discovery on Romulus. (TNG novelization: Unification)

During the Dominion War, Starbase 234 was attacked by the Jem'Hadar. (DS9 video game: Dominion Wars)

By 2381, the Starbase was under the command of Admiral Owen Paris. Admiral Paris had only been in command for four months before the invasion of the Borg Collective that year when Starbase 234 was one of five simultaneous attacks along with bases 157 and 343 and the planets of Khitomer and Korvat. Starbase 234 was destroyed, but managed to destroy the Borg cube with it. (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)

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Starbase 234 was a Federation Starfleet starbase active in the 24th century near the Romulan and Klingon Empires. The starbase had drydock facilities.

In 2368, both the USS Sutherland and USS Tian An Men were undergoing repairs at Starbase 234's drydock facilities when they were enlisted to assist the USS Enterprise-D interrupt the supply lines between the Romulan Empire and House of Duras during the Klingon Civil War. Fleet Admiral Shanthi was stationed there at this time. (TNG: "Redemption II")

In the same year, the Enterprise-D returned to Starbase 234 for a top-secret debriefing on Ambassador Spock's disappearance and reappearance on Romulus. (TNG: "Unification I")

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