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Star Wars: Battlefront II
Publication information

Pandemic Studios



Release date

November 1, 2005


First-person shooter, third-person shooter


Single player, multiplayer


ESRB: Teen (T)
PEGI: 12+
USK: 16


PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox, PlayStation Portable, available via emulation on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Mobile phone


Star Wars: Battlefront II is the sequel to Star Wars: Battlefront. It is a high-selling Star Wars video game following the many adventures of several characters. The two games are very similar, as both revolve around troopers from various factions fighting in different locales. Battlefront II, however, includes elements and missions from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, as well as enhanced aspects of game play including space combat and the ability to play as Jedi characters or other heroes.

The game's campaign mode is entitled Rise of the Empire. The story takes the player on different missions throughout the galaxy as part of the Empire's 501st Legion known as Vader's Fist.

Other game modes are "Instant Action" where the player can fight on any battleground - land or space, and "Galactic Conquest" where the player fights for control of the galaxy.

The game was released on November 1, 2005, for the PC, Xbox, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation 2, the same day that Revenge of the Sith was released on DVD.


New Features

  • Improved single-player experience that includes improved AI enemies and allies. A greater emphasis is also placed on storytelling through open-ended mission-based objectives.
  • Revamped Galactic Conquest mode that plays out on a galactic scale.
  • New space battles that allows the player to dogfight in X-wings, TIE Fighters, Jedi interceptors, and several other starfighters. Players are also allowed to board capital ships and engage in combat with other enemies in different sections of the ships.
  • More than 12 new battlefields on land and in space, including many from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith such as Utapau, and Mustafar. Also included are all-new classic trilogy locations including the Death Star interior, and Tantive IV.
  • Special opportunities throughout the game for players to wield a lightsaber and use their favorite Force powers as Jedi and Sith characters (see heroes section), depending on the battlefront.
  • Two new classes: Engineer (Land) and Marine (Space). Engineer replaces the Pilot on land as the Pilot is now the primary Space Class.
  • Another special "officer" class that varies depending on the player's faction. For example, the Republic forces can choose to become Clone Commanders, while players siding with the CIS can make use of IG-100 MagnaGuards.
  • Online multiplayer action for up to 24 players on PS2, up to 32 on Xbox or up to 64 on Windows (plus AI units).
  • Wi-Fi (wireless) compatible, up to four players wireless multiplayer (PSP).
  • Engineer/Pilot units can hijack enemy vehicles by using their fusioncutters to rip open hatches and pull the enemy outside before climbing in and stealing the vehicle.
  • Players will be able to change the reinforcement count in Instant Action from 150 for quick skirmishes up to 750 per team for epic battles.
  • New and better GUI for better gameplay
  • New Instant Action Modes: Hunt, Capture the Flag, XL (PC only) and Hero Assault, where players can fight it out as every hero and villain in the game.
  • Players can change their character at any friendly Command Post.
  • Players can earn awards with units. For example, any unit can obtain the "Endurance", "Guardian", and "War Hero" awards, but only Snipers can earn "Marksman", only Engineers can earn "Regulator", and only Soldiers and Marines can earn "Frenzy".


The game contains an optional training mission on Geonosis. This mission takes the player around a battlefield and teaches him/her all of the various methods of fighting a battle.

The 501st Legion was not created until after the Battle of Geonosis, but a clone trooper who would later become a member of the 501st compiled this journal entry:

My first day as a member of the 501st... it was hot, sandy, chaotic. Nothing at all like the simulations on Kamino. Of course that's pretty much the way it was for all of us, wasn't it? All that breeding, all those years of training... it doesn't really prepare you for the all the screaming, all the blood, does it? Frankly I'm amazed we ever made it past the first hour, nevermind the first day.

Incredibly, the 501st survived the crucible of Geonosis, emerging battle-hardened, and ready for whatever the war would throw at us.

Campaign mode

In Campaign Mode, the player follows the campaigns of the 501st Legion as told through the Journal of the 501st. As players progress through the game, they play as a clone trooper during the reign of the Republic and as a stormtrooper during the reign of the Empire.

The action brings players to multiple planets through a story arc that stretches from the dawn of the Clone Wars to the formation of the Empire and later, bridging the gap between Episodes III and IV.

Unlike the first Battlefront, Battlefront II's campaigns gives players certain objectives with a given number of reinforcements with the enemy's reinforcements unlimited and a time limit rather than playing an ordinary conquest match. The game also gives the option to skip space missions.

See also: Journal of the 501st.

Republic Missions

(22-19 BBY - The Clone Wars)

A shadow looms over the
Republic. The Clone Wars
have torn a rift across the
Galaxy, its populace weak in
allegiance and resolve.

PALPATINE has commissioned
an elite unit of clone
troopers, the 501st LEGION,
to vanquish the Separatist
threat once and for all. Their
unwavering loyalty to the
Chancellor, combined with
the Republic's desperation to
see an end to the war, has set
the stage for the execution of
Palpatine's ultimate plan.

Braving the frigid world of
Mygeeto, the 501st joins Jedi
Master Ki-Adi-Mundi for the
first of many crucial battles
destined to shape the fate of
the galaxy...
  • Part 8: Coruscant—Operation: Knightfall

Empire Missions

(12 BBY-3 ABY - Imperial Era/Galactic Civil War)

The Galactic Republic has
fallen. Emperor Palpatine has
created a new Galactic Empire
to rule in its place.

The Sith Lord Darth Vader,
has taken command of the elite
division of troopers known as
the 501st. Now known across
the galaxy as "Vader's Fist",
the 501st strives to establish
order in the name of the
Galactic Empire.

On the once-peaceful planet
of Naboo, the Emperor orders
his newly armored
stormtroopers to stifle the
seeds of rebellion in a
diplomatic manner befitting
the new Empire...
A Darktrooper on Polis Massa

Cross-era story missions

See also: Preventive Measures, Tying up Loose Ends

  • The missions Preventive Measures and Tying up Loose Ends show the skirmish between the Empire and CIS forces in space around Mustafar and on the planet's surface. In these two missions, a rogue Geonosian engineer by the name of Gizor Dellso has reactivated the hidden droid factory on Mustafar. The 501st must first eliminate space defenses, then land on the planet and assault the factory.

See also: Changing of the Guard

  • The mission Changing of the Guard pits the Empire against rogue clone troopers. The Prime Minister of Kamino has been secretly growing a new Clone Army, bred to take up arms against the Empire. Darth Vader hires Boba Fett for his knowledge of the inner workings of the clone facility, and sends the 501st to Kamino to destroy the cloning facility.


Certain levels of the campaign require the elimination of an important person or persons in order to win the battle.

Galactic Conquest

The Galactic Conquest mode in Star Wars: Battlefront II has been completely revamped. In this new mode, players build and maintain fleets and try to achieve galactic dominance by conquering enemy worlds. A map of the galaxy shows planets controlled by the player, enemy-controlled planets, and pockets of empty space.


To attack a hostile planet, the player moves his/her fleet to the enemy planet. If an enemy capital ship is in orbit around the planet, the battle begins in space; otherwise a skirmish begins on the surface. A space battle also ensues if two enemy fleets meet in empty space.

In space battles, the losing faction loses their fleet. If the victor is attacking a hostile planet, a ground battle begins directly after the victory.

At the end of the battles, a summary shows what has occurred and displays how many credits were earned in the battle. The credit values for winning and losing vary based on the planet conquered as well as the number of planets already controlled by the faction.

Each faction begins with one fleet. The cost to build more fleets depends on the number of fleets already in play. For example, Team 1 owns one fleet and wants to purchase another for 1000 credits. Team 1 then wishes to buy another fleet, which costs 2000 credits.

The game ends when one side loses all of their planets and fleets.

Class Purchases

Each faction begins with the basic trooper for land battles and the pilot for space battles. They also begin with 1000 credits. At the beginning of any turn, the player has the option to purchase another class. The costs vary based on the class.

List of Classes and their Cost

  • Infantry: Free
  • Heavy Weapons: 1000
  • Sniper: 1000
  • Engineer:1000
  • Special 1: 1800
  • Special 2: 1800
  • Pilot: Free (Space Only)
  • Marine: 800 (Space Only)


The bonuses return from the first game, although more strategy is involved. Instead of controlling the planets to gain these bonuses, the player must purchase them at the beginning of his/her turn. These bonuses can be used to aid their forces, protect command posts, or harm enemy units. However, once the bonus has been used it will need to be bought again. A player can have a maximum of 3 bonuses at a time.

List of Bonuses

  • Energy Boost: Causes the player's unit's energy gauge to replenish faster after being depleted (200 credits)
  • Supplies: Increases amount of ammunition and other supplies the player's units can carry (200)
  • Reinforced Garrison: Adds extra troops to the player's reinforcement bank if it drops too low (200)
  • Auto Turrets: Automatically reinforces the player's command posts with defense grid turrets(400)
  • Bacta Tanks: Causes the health of all the player's units to automatically regenerate at a constant rate (400)
  • Combat Shielding: Gives the player's units an extra reserve of health upon entering the battlefield (400)
  • Sabotage: Causes all enemy vehicles to suffer damage upon spawning in (600)
  • Enhanced Blasters: Amplifies the damage of all blaster-type weapons for the player's team (600)
  • Leader: Activates the player's faction's playable hero for planetary battles (800)


There are four different starting scenarios. If the player take the enemy's base planet (bolded in the following list) he/she obtains twice the number of credits than normal, and that planet is permanently removed from gameplay.


Birth of the Rebellion

Ends with Darth Sidious being thrown into the Death Star II reactor and the liberation of planets as Luke Skywalker rebuilds the Jedi Order. "A New Hope and End Credits" is played.

Republic Sovereignty

Ends with the defeat of General Grievous at Utapau, and Darth Sidious is killed by Mace Windu. Anakin Skywalker becomes a Jedi Master. Aayla Secura and Ki-Adi-Mundi are not killed by their troops as Order 66 never occurred. "Battle of the Heroes" is played.

Dark Reign of the Empire

Boba Fett captures Han Solo and leaves him encased in carbonite. Darth Vader captures Princess Leia and is seen Force choking her on the Tantive IV. The Imperials push back the Rebel forces on Endor and defeat them in a space battle as well. Luke surrenders, and is shown bowing down to Palpatine on the Death Star II. The Emperor and Darth Vader rule the Galaxy. "The Imperial March" plays.

The Confederate Uprising

Ends with the Droid Army annihilating Republic forces. Then, they lead an attack on the Jedi Temple with Darth Sidious as their leader. Next, Anakin and Count Dooku duel on Mustafar and Anakin is killed by Dooku. General Grievous hunts down and kills the Remaining Jedi. "Duel of the Fates" plays.

New modes

In addition to the single player storyline, Galactic Conquest, and both single- and multiplayer Instant Action, Battlefront II has several new game modes – Hunt, Capture the Flag, Hero Assault, and XL, a PC-only single player mode. There is also a glitch on the PS2 and PC versions of the game: when zooming in between Mustafar and Endor and pressing pause, two extra modes appear: Team Deathmach and Team CP, both are however unplayable.

Hunt Mode

Hunt mode operates much like Assault mode. An army of indigenous forces (e.g., Wampas) and a faction (e.g., Rebel Alliance), fight each other to reach a set number of points first. This mode is somewhat unbalanced, as some forces are stronger than others; for example, the Endor scenario pits rock-wielding Ewoks against the Scout Trooper. The Ewoks are technically more powerful due to the Scout Trooper's role in the game as Sniper infantry.


Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag, or CTF for short, is another mode available for play on all maps (including space maps). In CTF, two factions try to capture a flag and return it to a base. Points are awarded to the team for the number of flags recovered. Winners are determined by the number of flags captured, either by a set number of captures or a time limit. When a Jet or Dark Trooper pick up the flag they can't fly. When Jedi pick up the flag they will not be able to use Force Jump or Force Hover. Droidekas can't pick up the flag while in ball mode. Some rules vary depending on the variations present in the game: 1-flag and 2-flag.

1-flag CTF

In 1-flag CTF, a neutral flag is placed approximately halfway between each faction's bases. The objective is to capture the flag and bring it to the opposite faction's base. This is the only CTF mode available for Space maps.

2-flag CTF

2-flag CTF resembles traditional Capture the Flag. It involves two factions which both hold a flag at their respective bases. The player must steal the flag from the enemy's base and return it to their own base.

Hero assault mode

This mode, taking place on the Mos Eisley map, pits multiple copies of the game's playable Heroes against multiple copies of the playable Villains.

The game plays out much like an Assault mode battle: the two teams battle each other to gain a set amount of points. The team to reach that number first wins. There was a download for the Xbox version where players are able to play Hero Assault mode at Kashyyyk. It plays out with the Heroes controlling the sea wall and Villains attacking from the island.


This mode is only available on the PC in single player mode on the Kashyyyk, Hoth, and Geonosis maps. The idea is similar to Assault mode. When the player's team is the first to reach a certain number of points, victory is declared. The mode also limits the command posts, so that none can be captured or lost. The difference between XL and Assault is that in XL there are huge numbers of soldiers on each side. The PC is the only system able to calculate the huge numbers of entities.

Troop classes

A total of eight classes are available to play – six for land, two for space. Each offers a different battlefield function. Almost all classes are identical for each faction, keeping the game balanced. The "Unique" class is different for each side and varies with the map.

Land Classes

Soldier Class

The Trooper, or Soldier Class is a well-rounded class that serves as the keystone of the armies. They have no significant weaknesses, and are effective in nearly every situation, from close combat firefights to long range suppressive fire. They carry blaster rifles which are effective at short, medium, as well as long ranges. These soldiers also carry 4 thermal detonators, while other classes can only carry 2. Because of their rapid-fire blaster rifles, troopers are often the frontline troops and are best at taking out enemy infantry head-on. They are fairly well-balanced in terms of speed, firepower, and endurance.

The soldiers of each faction are:

Assault Class

The Assault Class is a common division in most armies. It consists of soldiers armed with missile launchers, used to destroy vehicles and turrets. They also carry two thermal detonators, mines, and a light blaster pistol for short-range protection. As one of the heaviest units, they have one of the highest endurance and defense and can sustain a lot more damage than units from other classes. They are, however, one of the slowest units in the game and not well suited in dealing with large groups of infantry. In addition to their torpedo launchers, heavy troopers are equipped with a standard blaster pistol as a side-arm, thermal detonators, and proximity mines. These mines emit an obvious red-glow and cannot be set off by a teammate, although it can still kill them.

The heavy weapon specialists of each faction are:

Sniper Class

The Sniper Class consists of snipers (also called marksmen, sharpshooters, and sometimes assassins) who are equipped with extremely high powered long-range rifles. It takes a single headshot to kill anyone besides the leader units and droidekas. Often, snipers operate in elevated positions, away from the center of battle, where they can quietly eliminate an entire team without being noticed. They are the ultimate unit for long-range fighting and also work well at medium ranges and can also deploy auto-turrets for extra defense. While their long-range sniper rifles make them effective units in dealing with infantry, they also make them the weakest units in taking out vehicles and enclosed turrets, being able to deal practically no damage to artillery. Moreover, their rifles are light and quick at aiming even at close ranges, but the slow rate-of-fire make them nevertheless inefficient at directly facing groups of soldier units. Being the lightest troops in the game, they have the fastest speed at the cost of having the least endurance.

The snipers of each faction are:

Engineer Class

The Engineer Class are the troopers called to provide battlefield repairs and act as medics and ammo suppliers. It consists of engineers (or technicians) who carry handheld shotguns and explosive detpacks, which, unlike the proximity mines of heavy weapon specialists, can be detonated remotely. They also carry fusioncutters, which can repair allied vehicles, construct and repair turrets, or slice into enemy vehicles. Their shotguns are extremely deadly at close-range, but nevertheless the cost of rate-of-fire usually makes them inferior to the faster firing soldiers. Because of this, engineers mainly serve as support units for the main-line assault units. Their speed is secondary compared to that of snipers and are also second to them in terms of weakest endurance and defense.

The engineers of each faction are:

Special Class 1

Star Wars: Battlefront II introduces an extra special unit class. Each unit within this class have their own unique set of weapons and equipment. Each unit of this class has their own ability to affect those around them, either increasing stats of their teammates or decreasing health of enemies. In contrast to the other previous classes, a player must unlock 8 points in a battle before being able to use a unit from the first special class.

The special units of each faction are:

The clone commander's signature weapon, the rapid-firing chaingun, is most effective in more enclosed areas against a small number of enemies. The chaingun is, arguably, the best gun in the game, as it can quickly eliminate multiple enemies under its incredible rate of fire. However, it has a short delay before firing as its barrels spin up and are ineffective against vehicles and turrets, being comparable to that of the sniper rifle's power on artillery. Commanders carry a blaster pistol for short range protection and emergency use if their chaingun was overheated or did not have time to spin up. They can also temporarily boost their troops' morale and increase their resistance to damage. In addition, they have a recon droid to serve as short-range reconnaissance. The recon droid, although is has a limited period of time before exploding, can defend itself with a weak blaster or a self-destruct mechanism. Unfortunately, deploying a recon droid renders the user immobile and completely vulnerable to enemy fire while the droid itself is often destroyed while preparing to self-destruct, at which point, it is also immobile.

Magnaguards are advanced droids that carry an arsenal of explosive weapons. Their Bulldog RLR's missiles can lock onto an enemy and kill in one to two shots, or they could be quickly dispensed without locking on. Their radiation launchers are ballistic weapons that dispense projectiles similar to grenades, and is itself, a type of grenade launcher. Like the clone commanders they carry with them recon droids for reconnaissance. However, the magnaguards' weapons have limited ammunition and a slower rate of fire, meaning that they were best used as a supplement to allies. Moreover, they are equipped with one-use neuro poison dispenser, which slowly reduces the health of all nearby clones once activated, thereby causing inevitable death.

Imperial officers have an arsenal similar to the Magnaguard's. Their primary weapon is a sonic blaster, quick-firing blasters with a wide-range but very low power, as is typical of sonic weapons in Battlefront. Alongside this sonic gun is a mortar launcher, which fires grenades that can either explode on impact or delayed with a charged setting to allow ricohet. Just like the previous two units, Imperial officers are also each equipped with a recon droid. Their Rage bonus augments the firepower of nearby allies. Like the magnaguard, the Imperial officer's weapons have limited ammo and a slow rate of fire, making them more of a support class to allies.

Bothan spies are units equipped for mostly stealth and strategic purposes. Their primary weapon is a short-range incinerator rifle that can quickly take out groups of enemies with increasing firepower. Despite its high rate-of-fire, however, the incinerator nevertheless takes more time to kill than a standard blaster rifle would in some cases. Because of this, it is usually used in conjunction with their stealth field generator, which allows them to become invisible. While invisible, a Bothan spy can utilize ambush tactics on their unaware enemy or capture command posts unseen. However, the user would be immediately forced out of stealth the moment they fire a wave of incinerating blasts, and if timed incorrectly, they can easily be taken out by a group of soldiers. Unlike the previous three special units, the recon droid is replaced with a sticky timebomb that detonates with a large concussive blast after 5 seconds. These bombs could be planted on an unsuspecting enemy turret. Finally, Bothans have the ability to gradually regenerate the health of all nearby comrades.

Special Class 2

Like the previous class, the second group of special units also defy categorization in terms of weapons and abilities. Therefore, each unit has their own strengths and weaknesses but cannot be used until a player earns a total of 12 points in a battle.

The advanced special units of each faction are:

The Wookiee Warrior has the most stamina of all units, about twice of that of a normal soldier, which makes up for their lack of speed and slow-firing arsenal. Their high endurance makes them more tolerant of damage, sometimes being able to survive even a grenade. They are heavy hitters, with a unique bowcaster that can fire a spread of deadly shots, or fire a large, powerful bolt when charged up. The hand-made bowcaster features a scope with two zoom capabilities and can be used as an effective sniper rifle when charged and zoomed. They carry grenade launchers that fire ballistic grenades, which explode after a few seconds when making contact with the ground. They also carry 4 thermal detonators to clear up large groups of enemies, and a recon droid to scout an area.

Clone jet troopers' main advantage is their agility, granted to them by their jetpacks, which allows them to quickly transverse great distances and gives them advantageous position over the enemy. Their EMP launchers fires devastating blasts of electromagnetism which, though slow-moving, can kill an enemy in one shot and eliminate a droideka's shield in two. They are equipped with a rapid-firing commando pistol as a sidearm, which is stronger than the regular blaster pistol. These units which can be used to sneak up behind enemies using their jetpacks and ambush them from behind, then springing away as they reloaded. They are the Republic's answer to the CIS droideka due to their agility in dodging the devastating laser bolts from destroyer droids and their EMP launcher's effectiveness in taking down their shields. However, they have gone down in defense and endurance then in the previous game, and their EMP launchers also have less splatter damage than before, seemingly more concussive than electromagnetic. To accommodate their jetpack, they are impervious to fall damage.

  • Droideka (Confederacy of Independent Systems) (Repeating Blasters, Shield Emitter)

Droidekas are arguably one of the most powerful special units in the game. Their twin repeating blasters are one of the most devastating in-game, and their personal shield emitters give them one of the strongest defense. Using their shield in conjunction with their blasters, they can easily mow multiple troops. Because of this they were well-suited to massive firefights. Their shields can also be used to protect allies behind the shield and allow them to reload weapons. The droideka was not without flaws, however. Its shield lasted for twenty to thirty seconds and can quickly be dissipated under fire from large groups of enemies. Additionally, they must be rolled up into a ball in order to travel quickly from place to place. Although fast, they were completely vulnerable when in this mode. To attack or defend, they must be deployed from this formation, at which point they would be one of the slowest units in the game, only being able to move an inch or so per second.

The Dark trooper is the Imperial counterpart to the jet trooper. Their jump-packs could boost them off the ground very quickly, but, unlike the Jet trooper's jetpack, it sacrifices distance and accuracy for speed and height. Their powerful arc casters fire a mid-ranged, wide bolt of electricity, which, when charged up, can "arc" from one unit to up to four other units. They also carry a fast-firing commando pistol as a sidearm, and, like the jet trooper, they can be used to gain an advantageous position over an enemy or ambush them from behind. As a result of their jump pack ability, they do not sustain fall damage.

Space Classes

Pilot Class

The Pilot Class is used to launch assaults in space. Pilots are most useful in the cockpit of a starfighter, being able to automatically repair any ship they occupy. On the ground, they are each equipped with a commando pistol, time bombs, and fusion cutters. Although much more practical piloting a starfighter than fighting on-ground, their time bombs are the most effective at taking out critical systems from the interior of a capital ship. Their stamina, defense, and speed are roughly equivalent to that of an engineer.

The pilot class included:

Marine class

The marine class is a standard division of troops in most armies. They are trained to defend their capital ship in the event that it is boarded by enemy troops or to do vice versa. Marines are armed with portable rocket launchers for demolishing enemy ships, as well as regular blaster rifles and thermal detonators. Because they lack the ability to automatically repair any starfighter they occupy, they are not recommended to be used as bombers or dogfighters. Instead, they are most useful in raiding the enemy cruiser.

The marine class included:

  • Clone Marines (Galactic Republic) (DC-15A Blaster Rifle, PLX-1 Rocket Launcher, V-1 Thermal Detonators)
  • Droid Marines (Confederacy of Independent Systems) (E-5 Blaster Rifle, E-60R Rocket Launcher, V-1 Thermal Detonator)
  • Rebel Marines (Rebel Alliance) (DH-17 Blaster Rifle, HH-15 Rocket Launcher, Class-A Thermal Detonators)
  • Imperial Marines (Galactic Empire) (E-11 Blaster Rifle, PTL Rocket Launcher, Baradium-Core Thermal Detonators)

Trooper Variants

On certain levels, certain characters have outfit changes to match the environment or as seen in the Star Wars Movies.

Galactic Republic

Confederacy of Independent Systems

Galactic Empire

Rebel Alliance

Award Weapons

Some troopers, with outstanding military performance, could earn weapon upgrades, depending on the soldier type. All reward weapons (excluding the Guidable Rockets) replace an existing weapon. It should be noted that some of the weapons can be either weaker and/or more limited than the one it replaces. A prime example is the AWARD sniper rifle-the beam is ineffective in some situation where the regular sniper rifle is fine. In the event of trying to snipe a target from the top of a turret for example, where a head shot would be required, the AWARD rifle disregards headshots, but delivers an almost always instant kill body shot instead.

Reward Applies to Ability Replaces
Precision Pistol: All Classes that wield a pistol Fires faster, highly accurate and more powerful blaster bolts. But the precision pistol runs out of ammo while the normal pistol only overheats. Like Jango's Westar blaster. Blaster Pistol, Commando Pistol
Elite Assault Rifle: Trooper/Soldier Class, Marine Class Fires higher powered blaster bolts, which are more powerful than a normal blaster rifle, resulting in very quick kills. It fires 3 shots in quick succession with one trigger pull (burst fire). Like Boba's rifle. Blaster Rifle, Wrist Blaster
Guidable Rockets (Rocket Launcher): Heavy Weapons Class, Marine Class Fires a guidable rocket. Control is identical to a space guidable missile and Chewbacca's guidable rocket. None (existing rocket launcher remains)
Flechette shotgun: Engineer Class Fires shrapnel which damages enemies even after collision with object. The shrapnel also does not spread as much, allowing for longer range. Shotgun, Blast Cannon
Beam Rifle: Sniper Class Fires a long-range powerful blaster beam, capable of firing through multiple enemies. Sniper Rifle
Vehicle Regeneration: All Classes (Engineer must earn the award) Vehicles regenerate health while inside them. You can be on land levels and still have this AWARD.

Weapons and Gear

Blaster and Projectile Weapons

  • Wrist Blaster: A blaster mounted on the wrist of a super battle droid. The weapon holds a clip of fifty rounds. Its rate of fire is slower than that of the blaster rifle. However, it deals slightly more amount of damage than a blaster rifle, and is more accurate.
  • Tri-Shot: A powerful wrist-mounted variant of a shotgun which fires three powerful rounds in a triangular pattern. If all three rounds hit a normal soldier, they would be left with only one hit point. The weapon however, has a slow rate of fire and will overheat in just three rounds.
  • Blaster Rifle: A rapid-firing, all-purpose rifle which fires blaster rounds that are effective at basically any range. The blaster rifle utilizes a fifty round clip. The trooper/soldier will carry between 200 to 300 rounds, depending on the military force in which he serves. The effectiveness of the weapon decreased with range, as the rifle would begin to lose much of its accuracy after several consecutive shots at long range.
  • Sniper Rifle: A high-powered, long-range rifle with two zoom settings for its scope. It has a slow rate of fire, but can provide a one-hit kill when targeting an enemy's head. The sniper rifle's clip size holds eight beam rounds. The weapon is best used to eliminate enemies at a distance. However, the sniper rifle can be effective at close ranges by a skilled user.
  • Shotgun/Blast Cannon: This weapon fires a spread of eight rounds with each shot. The weapon has a slow rate of fire, and each of its clips holds only five rounds. The shotgun was most effective at close-quarters, where a target had a smaller range of motion. If fired at point-blank range, the weapon can kill with one shot.
  • Blaster Pistol: A blaster pistol which fires rounds weaker than those of a blaster rifle. It is primarily used as a sidearm for close-range combat. The blaster pistol has infinite ammunition. However, the weapon overheats after several successive shots, and must be allowed to cool before it can be fired again.
  • Commando Pistol: A more potent variant of the aforementioned blaster pistol. The weapon deals more damage per round, fires faster, and cools more quickly than the standard blaster. The weapon is as effective as the blaster rifle when in the hands of a skilled user.
  • Chaingun: A devastating weapon with six rotating barrels which give it an incredibly fast rate of fire. It takes a few seconds for the weapon to commence firing once it has been activated. However, once it begins to fire, the weapon reaches a high rate of fire quite quickly. The chaingun can fire for a long time before overheating, and it cools rapidly. The weapon is used to quickly eliminate multiple enemies at close and medium range and is effective at eliminating heroes. The weapon is also effective for point defense purposes as well.
  • Repeating Blasters: Twin blasters mounted on the arms of droidekas. They have a high rate of fire and their rounds are equivalent to those of the blaster rifle. These blasters overheat quickly. When mounted upon droidekas, these weapons provided suppressive fire.
  • Bowcaster: A hand-made crossbow used by Wookiee Warriors. It features a scope with two zoom settings. The weapon fires a spread of small bolts. The bowcaster can also be charged up to fire a single bolt which has the same stopping power as a round from the sniper rifle.
  • Incinerator: A weapon that blasts forth a large, short-ranged wave of incinerating gases with each pull of the trigger. The weapon requires reloading after each round is fired. This weapon is most effective when sneaking up on a small group of enemies and unleashing a huge wave of incendiary gases.
  • Sonic Blaster: A weapon which fires a large, short-ranged wave of sound that deals low to moderate damage upon a target.
  • Arc Caster: An electronic rifle that fires a short-ranged wave of electricity. The wave will both stun and injure its target. The weapon can electrocute up to five targets simultaneously.

Explosive Weapons

  • Thermal Detonator: The standard explosive for soldiers, these are grenade-like weapons that can stick to or bounce off surfaces. They are thrown by hand and were effective for clearing away small groups of enemies, especially in narrow hallways and could be used to provide cover fire as the user reloaded or retreated. They were also used to destroy armored installations, especially turrets. Thermal detonators release all the thermal energy when thrown into any liquid environment like a lake or pond... they explode faster than normal.
  • Detpack: One of the most powerful explosives in the game, the detpack can be placed on the ground or on a wall and detonated remotely. They could be used to destroy enemy defenses or eliminate infantry, but can be destroyed by a Thermal detonator.
  • Wrist Rocket: A slow-moving rocket fired from the wrist which would explode upon contact, resulting in a one-hit kill.
  • Mines: An extremely powerful explosive, mines can be planted at areas that are often traversed by enemies, called choke points. When enemies stepped on a mine, it would explode, killing all enemies within its effective range. Three Mines can do significant damage to an AT-AT. However, they could be destroyed with thermal detonators, fusion cutters, and rocket launchers. Engineers could safely cross them and clear the mines by slicing them with their slicers. Can destroy most tanks with one mine, jedi one-hit kill.
  • Rocket Launcher: An extremely powerful weapon which launched powerful rockets with a large blast radius. These weapons were devastating to vehicles and could kill multiple enemies in one shot through an explosion. Rocket launchers had limited ammo and took a long time to reload after each shot, but can be effective against infantry in the hands of a skilled user. They were also effective in large firefights where the enemy was especially concentrated, though the user ran the risk of damaging allies, this weapon is cabaple of locking onto and tracking vehicles.
  • EMP Launcher: A weapon which fires a single pulse of electromagnetic energy which, although slow-moving, can kill an enemy in one shot upon making contact. The EMP launcher is basically a rocket launcher modified for use against infantry, with a clip of two EM Power cells instead of rockets and a faster reloading time. However, the EMP had less splash damage and needed two direct hits to take down a droideka's shield. The EMP launcher was used on armored or multiple targets, especially when they were unaware.
  • Bulldog RLR: A rocket launcher that could fire six small rockets at a relatively fast rate. This weapon could lock-on to enemies and would almost always result in a one-hit kill. The rockets were easy to dodge, less powerful than the EMP launcher, and had very little splash damage. They were used at close range or when an enemy was caught off guard.
  • Grenade Launcher/Mortar Launcher/Radiation Launcher: These ballistic weapons fired grenades which exploded a few seconds after making contact with a surface. These were effective against both infantry and vehicles. Of the three, the radiation launcher was the most potent, as its explosion lasted slightly longer but as a disadvantage it does not damage vehicles. All versions of this weapon can be charged up to reach long ranges through the battlefield. An enemy infantryman can be damaged by the projectile if the weapon is fully charged and the projectile itself hits the enemy.
  • Time Bomb: A devastaing bomb which would detonate five seconds after being dropped. It is useful for shipboard sabotage, especially when they were dropped surreptitiously on a ship's hull just before it was launched, causing it to explode mid-flight. This bomb can eliminate or clear a massive wave of enemies. Only a powerful weapon like the detpack can destroy the time bomb.

Support Gear

  • Autoturret: Durable automatic turrets that are usually deployed to defend a command post or alert a sniper of approaching enemies. Though lacking in accuracy, these turrets are difficult to destroy and have a fast rate of fire.
  • Fusioncutter: An all-purpose engineering tool that can be used to hijack vehicles, repair ammo droids, health droids, and vehicles, or construct turrets on a turret platform.
  • Ammo and Health Dispenser: A dispenser which contains bacta and ammunition which can be used to aid allies or heal one's self. The ammunition canisters in the dispenser can not replenish the dispenser itself, of course.
  • Jetpack: A tool that uses repulsorlift technology to allow the user to fly through the air at the cost of fuel. The jetpack is both accurate and fast, allowing the user to reach inaccessible places. Jango Fett, Boba Fett, and jet troopers use these.
  • Jump Pack: A type of jetpack that trades distance and accuracy for height and speed. It projects the wearer in a large, sharp upwards arc, landing them only a short distance away. It is far less accurate than the jetpack and spews dark smoke. Dark troopers use this.
  • Shield Emitter: A tool which generated a powerful personal shield that lasts for a limited time before it has to regenerate. The shield could absorb twenty blaster rifle shots and lost power the longer it was used. Droidekas use these.
  • Stealth: Actually an ability, Bothan Spies use stealth to become nearly invisible. This ability depends on stamina, and the stamina is depleted by moving while under stealth. Strenuous actions such as rolling and sprinting while using stealth put the user at risk of being revealed. Stealth may also occasionally reveal the user breifly for no appearent reason.
  • Recon Droid: A hovering droid used to scout an area. It is remotely controlled, can fire small blaster shots, and can self destruct. It can be stopped from exploding if shot while self-destructing, although its small size and agility makes this difficult.
  • Rally Bonus: A bonus that makes enemy fire less damaging to one's self and nearby allies for a limited time.
  • Neuropoison Bonus: Rapidly poisons nearby enemies, depleting their health bar at a fast rate for a limited time. They continue to lose health even after moving out of the poison's effective range.
  • Rage Bonus: Increases the damage of one's self and nearby allies for a limited time.
  • Regeneration Bonus: Rapidly heals one's self and nearby allies for a limited time.

Hero Weapons and Gear

  • Lightsaber: A hilt with a blade of plasma that could cut down enemies quickly and efficiently. This weapon was the signature weapon of both Jedi and Sith.
  • Double-bladed lightsaber: A pair of lightsabers connected in the middle by their hilts. This unique lightsaber variant gave the user a larger reach and a wider range when the lightsaber was thrown. This weapon was the signature weapon of Darth Maul.
  • DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol: A powerful, one-shot kill blaster that fired two rounds with one trigger pull. This weapon was the signature weapon of Han Solo.
  • Defender sporting blaster: Essentially a pistol version of a sniper rifle, with the same power and rate of fire. It, however, overheated quickly. This weapon was the signature weapon of Princess Leia.
  • Invulnerability: Carried by Princess Leia, this bonus made surrounding allies invulnerable to all enemy fire and explosives.
  • EE-3 Carbine Rifle: This weapon was identical to the award rifle, except for the fact that it fired red bolts. It fired three high-powered rounds that usually resulted in a one-hit kill. The weapon was made famous by Boba Fett.
  • WESTAR-34 blaster pistol: This weapon was identical to the award pistol. It fired powerful and accurate bolts at an extremely fast rate. It was semi-automatic and had one zoom setting. Jango Fett used this pistol as his signature weapon.
  • Flamethrower: A weapon which fired a short-ranged blast of fire that would set enemies aflame, slowly depleting their health. The fire would extinguish after several seconds and could be put out faster by rolling.

Jedi and Sith Abilities

Jedi and Sith have unique abilities which drain their stamina bar. Using the Force, these abilities extended the powers of the user beyond normal limits.

Light Side Abilities

  • Force Push: An ability that pushed multiple opponents away, often used to create more room for the user. This ability was also used to knock over opponents so that the Jedi or Sith could close in on them as they were getting up. Also it can be used to push enemy units off cliffs or into shafts such as those on the Death Star map.
  • Force Pull: The opposite of Force Push, this ability pulled a single opponent towards the user, where they would be finished off by their lightsaber. This ability is best used to pull opponents out of large melees to avoid damaging allies with the lightsaber at close range.
  • Force Destruction: A powerful seismic wave generated when a Force-sensitive leaps into the air and slams their lightsaber down. This move was extremely powerful and blew opponents away from the user. Mace Windu and Kit Fisto are the only characters known to have this ability. Emperor Palpatine has a similar power with the difference being that lightning shoots up from the ground instead of a seismic wave.

Dark Side Abilities

  • Force Choke: An ability that lifted an opponent into the air and slowly choked them. Darth Vader was a notorious user of this ability. Droids can be affected by this, despite being non-living, because it crushed their inner circuits rather than choking them.
  • Force Lightning: Lightning generated by a Force-sensitive that severely damaged an enemy. The lightning could "jump" from person to person. Darth Sidious was well-known for his use of the ability.
  • Force Hover: This power is similar to Force Jump. The user will jump twice and hover temporarily instead of the usual ability to triple jump. As lightsaber slashes in which the user jumps up and brings the blade down are especially powerful, this move was useful for hovering over an opponent and delivering a devastating blow with the lightsaber down on them. Darth Vader and Darth Sidious often employed this unique Force ability.

Neutral Abilities

  • Block: The Force-sensitive will block all enemy fire in front of them with their lightsaber for as long as the stamina bar holds out. General Grievous also has this ability, although he is not technically Force-sensitive.
  • Force Jump: A Force-sensitive will jump twice or three times as high as usual. The maximum height for a Force jump is roughly equivalent to the maximum altitude at which a jet trooper can hover.
  • Force Speed: A Force-sensitive will dash at high speeds for as long as their stamina bar holds out. The Force-sensitive becomes hard to hit by all enemy fire.
  • Saber-Throw: A very common, powerful Force power. The lightsaber of the user becomes almost like a boomerang; the lightsaber is thrown towards enemies, and can also deal damage when it automatically returns to the user. More powerful than the average strike with a lightsaber, this move could be used to clear the field of multiple enemies, especially on the lightsaber's return trip. Darth Maul, with his double-bladed lightsaber, often used this ability, his lightsaber having two times the reach of an average lightsaber. Duck or roll are primary infantry abilities used to dodge saber-throw.


After fulfilling the goals set in the Hero Options screen (e.g. earn 10 points), players are able to obtain the services of one of these Heroes to aid them. Each has a different ability and will last a limited amount of time. The time, represented by a lightsaber bar, will decrease faster if the player does negative things such as spawn-camping or killing teammates. The bar will increase if the player kills numerous enemy units or vehicles. Each team gets one Hero at a time, but there can be more than one Hero for each team per match if the Heroes are unlocked more than once. Each Jedi has the ability to use Force Jump and Force speed. The Force-sensitive characters also each get two of five special techniques. They are Force Pull (Jedi only), Force Push (both), Force Choke (Sith only), Force Lightning (Sith only), Saber Throw (both). Most Jedi and Sith use a three attack combo, the last being the most powerful.

Each faction has a hero that is primarily used more than others. Obi-Wan Kenobi can be used more than any hero in the Republic, Han Solo for the Rebellion, Darth Maul for the Confederacy, and Boba Fett for the Empire

In Hero Assault Mode, multiple heroes occupy the map. The lightsaber health bar is replaced by the standard non-hero health bar.

The characters Asajj Ventress and Kit Fisto are only available through the Xbox Live downloadable content.

Light Side Heroes

Galactic Republic

Hero Name Weapon Abilities Location Music
Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber (blue) Force Push, Saber Throw Mos Eisley, Kamino, Utapau, Naboo, Mustafar, Death Star Battle of the Heroes
Yoda Lightsaber (green) Force Push, Force Pull Kashyyyk, Dagobah, Polis Massa, Tantive IV Yoda's Theme
Mace Windu Lightsaber (purple) Force Push, Saber Throw, Force Destruction Geonosis, Yavin 4, Coruscant Fighting the Battle Droids
Ki-Adi-Mundi Lightsaber (blue) Force Pull, Saber Throw Mygeeto Departing for Utapau
Aayla Secura Dual Lightsabers (blue, green) (PSP: blue, purple) Force Pull, Saber Throw Felucia, Jabba's Palace Onward to Utapau
Kit Fisto (Xbox download only) Lightsaber (green) Saber Throw, Force Water Orb, Force Destruction Rhen Var, Bespin None
Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber (blue) Saber Throw, Force Choke Yavin 4 Arena, Mustafar Love Pledge And The Arena

Rebel Alliance

Hero Name Weapon Abilities Location Music
Luke Skywalker Lightsaber (green) Force Push, Saber Throw Death Star, Jabba's Palace, Coruscant, Mygeeto, Yavin 4 Arena Star Wars Theme
Luke Skywalker (pilot) Lightsaber (blue) Force Push, Saber Throw Hoth Star Wars Theme
Han Solo DL44 Blaster, Fusioncutter, Detpack Rally Endor, Utapau, Kamino, Mos Eisley, Rhen Var Citadel, Bespin (CTF) Love Theme (Action Cue)
Chewbacca Bowcaster, Guided Rocket, Time Bomb Rage Kashyyyk, Yavin 4, Felucia, Rhen Var Harbor Shootout in the detention block
Princess Leia Suppression Carbine Sporting Blaster w/sniper sight, Thermal Detonators Invulnerability Tantive IV, Naboo, Polis Massa Snowspeeders take flight
Yoda Lightsaber (green) Force Push, Force Pull Dagobah Yoda's Theme (Action Cue)
Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber (blue) Force Push, Saber throw Mustafar Battle of the Heroes

Dark Side Villains

Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS)

Villain Name Weapon Abilities Location Music
Count Dooku Lightsaber (red) Force Lightning, Force Choke Geonosis Anakin's Dark Deeds
General Grievous Two Lightsabers/Four Lightsabers (blue, green) (First two attacks have 2 sabers; the third and sprint attacks use 4 sabers) Rage Utapau, Tantive IV, Dagobah, Mygeeto The Flag Parade
Jango Fett WESTAR-34 blaster pistol, Flamethrower, Wrist Rocket, Time Bomb Jetpack Kamino, Kashyyyk, Felucia Jango's Escape
Darth Maul Double-bladed Lightsaber (red) Force Push, Saber Throw Mos Eisley, Coruscant, Naboo, Polis Massa, Jabba's Palace, Yavin 4, Mustafar, Rhen Var Citadel Duel of the Fates
Darth Sidious Lightsaber (red) Force Lightning, Force Choke Death Star Sidious vs. Windu
Asajj Ventress (Xbox download only) Paired lightsabers (red) Starblades, Force Push Rhen Var, Bespin, Yavin 4 Arena None

Galactic Empire

Villain Name Weapon Abilities Location Music
Darth Vader Lightsaber (red) Force Choke, Saber Throw Tantive IV, Hoth, Dagobah, Endor, Bespin Anakin vs. Obi-Wan
Emperor Palpatine Lightsaber (red) Force Lightning, Force Choke Death Star, Polis Massa, Naboo, Coruscant, Rhen Var Harbor Sidious vs. Windu
Boba Fett EE-3 Blaster Rifle, Flamethrower, Wrist Rocket, Detpack Jetpack Kamino, Yavin 4 (Temple & Arena), Kashyyyk, Utapau, Felucia, Mygeeto, Jabba's Palace, Mos Eisley The Battle of Hoth & Departure of Boba Fett
Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber (blue) Force Choke, Saber Throw Mustafar, Coruscant (Story mission only. Includes hood) None (Instant Action), Padmé's Fall (Conquest)

Neutral sides/creatures

A Gamorrean in Jabba's Palace on Tatooine.

On certain levels, there are three way battles between the two normal sides and a neutral side, and on others, the natives join a certain side. In addition, there are native creatures that will attack anything that comes across their path. The Jawas on Mos Eisley are an exception, being completely non-aggressive.

Name Location Affiliation
Acklay Felucia (only in Campaign Mode) Hostile (Won't attack droid troops)
Ewok Endor Rebel Alliance
Gamorrean Jabba's Palace Hostile
Geonosian Geonosis CIS
Gungan Naboo (only in Hunt Mode) Republic, Rebel Alliance (only on PSP Challenge)
Jawa Mos Eisley None (non-aggressive)
Rancor Jabba's Palace Hostile-Cannot be killed
Wookiee Kashyyyk Republic, Rebel Alliance
Wampa Hoth (only in Hunt Mode) Hostile
Tusken Raider Mos Eisley (only in Hunt Mode) Hostile

Capital ships

In space combat, each faction will have capital ships. The capital ships (battleships) contain all starfighters and rooms, while the others attack nearby enemies and provide defense/fire support. With the exception of the hangar, the rooms in the battleships have auto-turrets in them that will firing on intruders, though they aren't as powerful as the turrets used by the auto-turret bonus. The battleships have a few powerful rapid firing auto-turrets on the outside which can make short work of enemy type of ship, which a player can also manually control like other turrets, and the shields on the ship make destroying the turrets nearly impossible. The external turrets will cease firing if the auto-turret defense mainframe (which inside the ship) is destroyed, though the internal turrets will still operate. The shield generator's destruction (also inside the ship) results in the shields outside the battleship being lowered (though sometimes a glitch in the game causes that to not happen), and although just shooting at the battleship will lower the shields, doing takes considerable time and destroying the shield generator on the inside is much faster. Battleships can't be destroyed, but they do have internal and external systems that can be. Outside of the previously mentioned shield generator and auto-turret defense mainframe, there's the externally mounted bridge, life-support systems, communications relay, short-range sensors, and engines. Internally, there's the engines, and the life support systems can also be destroyed on the inside. Destroying these, unlike the shields and defense mainframes, doesn't affect gameplay, but does award the destroys them a large sum of points, unless in capture the flag game. Internal systems take roughly 2-4 time bombs to destroy. External ones take dozens of bombs at the very least. The other ships are frigates, which are not boardable. The number of them that each side has varies from map to map. Unlike battleships, they can be destroyed, but are very durable so it takes time. The frigates have several turrets mounted on them that can make short work of incoming ships, but they won't fire on a ship depending on how close or how far away they are. Despite their strong weapons, the frigates are very vulnerable to bombers and even a single one can take out a frigate with little difficulty if no fighters intervene. Destroying a frigate gives the same number of points to a side as destroying a system on a ship, except in capture the flag games, but even in those it's likely a good idea to have a player destroy the enemy frigates to keep them from shooting their fighters down.

If the player plays as an interceptor in the Kashyyyk space level then you can fly up to the Droid control ships, venator class star destroyers and trade federation cruisers in the distance- which are in fact smaller, less realistic models which cause damage when flown into.

Galactic Republic

Confederacy of Independent Systems

Galactic Empire

Rebel Alliance

Functions of Different Starfighters

Each faction (Rebels, Empire, Republic, CIS) features four different types of ships:

Bombers are used to take out transports, shields, and ship main systems outside the capital ships. These ships carry high-yield proton bombs. They cannot lock bombs to enemy fighters and have significantly more armor than fighters and interceptors but not more than transports.

Fighters are all-purpose ships useful for any situation. These starfighters cannot perform specific functions as well as specialized craft. These ships have lock-on torpedoes, and have significantly more armor than interceptors but not more than bombers and transports.

Interceptors are high-speed fighters used to dogfight other starfighters. Although these ships can take out starfighters with ease, these are low in power and armor. These ships generally hold cluster missiles and can lock-on targets very fast.

Transports are extremely high in defense, are the slowest and least maneuverable space units. These ships also have multiple positions, up to six, including a main gunner, second gunner, and passengers. Secondary weapons on the ship vary from faction to faction. The troop transports act as spawn points when landed: as long as a transport is manned by at least one pilot, then marines will continue to spawn from the transport. Also, they cannot perform evasive maneuvers.

Planetary vehicles

Each faction uses three distinct types of vehicles. These vary in terms of speed, armor, and firepower. These types are :

Such vehicles are very fast but have little firepower and armor. Note: the Tauntaun does not have any weapons.

This type of vehicles feature medium characteristics, having firepower.

Heavy transports are massive vehicles that serve as mobile command posts. They possess amazing firepower and armor, but are very slow. They also cannot be sliced by enemy engineers and cannot be destroyed with a single landmine and function as mobile spawning points. These are the AT-TE for the Republic on Geonosis and Felucia and the AT-AT for the Empire on Hoth.

The vehicles of the factions are ( not all vehicles available at every map ) :

Confederacy of Independent Systems:

Galactic Republic:

Galactic Empire:

Rebel Alliance:

Critical hit locations

All vehicles have a critical hit point that, when struck with an explosive round, depletes, at the most, 70% of their health. The critical hit point is hard to see and even harder to hit.

If players were to hit close to the critical hit location on a vehicle, they would do twice as much damage as a rocket launcher would regularly do (about 25-30%). Locking on to some of these vehicles at a adequate range and radius might lead the rocket to the critical point


In Battlefront II, there are no two maps that take place on the same planet, save for space levels and Jabba's Palace, as this adds more variety to the missions.

There are 18 land maps and six space maps in instant action (Space Coruscant and Space Mustafar are not in instant action). This means that Battlefront II has over five times as much variety as its predecessor had. Some space maps such as Space Coruscant and Space Mustafar are only available in story mode, however all space maps are available in Galactic Conquest.

All-use maps

Planet Location Era(s) Mode(s) Heroes
Coruscant Jedi Temple Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War Conquest, Story, 2 Flag CTF, Hero Assault (Xbox Live patch only) Darth Maul (CIS), Darth Vader (Empire in Story Mode), Luke Skywalker (Rebels), Mace Windu (Republic), The Emperor (Empire)
Dagobah Swamp near Yoda's hut Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War Conquest, 2 Flag CTF Darth Vader (Empire), Yoda (Republic and Rebels), General Grievous (CIS)
Death Star Interior Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War Conquest, Story, 1 Flag CTF Emperor Palpatine (Empire, CIS), Luke Skywalker (Rebels), Obi-Wan Kenobi (Republic)
Felucia Marshland Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War Conquest, Story, 1 Flag CTF Aayla Secura (Republic), Jango Fett (CIS), Chewbacca (Rebels), Boba Fett (Empire)
Kamino Clone Facility Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War Conquest, Story , 1 Flag CTF Obi-Wan Kenobi (Republic), Jango Fett (CIS), Boba Fett (Empire), Han Solo (Rebels)
Kashyyyk Beachhead Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War Conquest, Story, 2 Flag CTF, Hunt, Hero Assault (Xbox Live patch only), XL (PC only), Chewbacca (Rebels), Jango Fett (CIS), Yoda (Republic), Boba Fett (Empire)
Mustafar Refinery Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War Conquest, Story, 2 Flag CTF Darth Vader in Anakin Skywalker form (Empire), Darth Maul (CIS), Gizor Dellso (CIS in Story mode), Obi-Wan Kenobi (Rebels, Republic)
Mygeeto War-Torn City Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War Conquest, Story, 2 Flag CTF, Hero Assault (Xbox Live patch only) Ki-Adi-Mundi (Republic), General Grievous (CIS), Boba Fett (Empire), Luke Skywalker (Rebels)
Naboo Theed Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War Conquest, Story, 2 Flag CTF, Hunt, Hero Assault (Xbox Live patch only) The Emperor (Empire), Darth Maul (CIS), Obi-Wan Kenobi (Republic), Princess Leia (Rebels)
Polis Massa Medical Facility Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War Conquest, Story, 2 Flag CTF The Emperor (Empire), Darth Maul (CIS), Princess Leia (Rebels), Yoda (Republic)
Tantive IV Interior Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War Conquest, Story, 1 Flag CTF Darth Vader (Empire), Princess Leia (Rebels), General Grievous (CIS), Yoda (Republic)
Tatooine Jabba's Palace Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War Conquest, 1 Flag CTF Boba Fett (Empire), Luke Skywalker (Rebels), Aayla Secura (Republic), Darth Maul (CIS)
Tatooine Mos Eisley Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War Conquest, 2 Flag CTF, Hunt, Hero Assault Boba Fett (Empire), Darth Maul (CIS), Han Solo (Rebels), Obi-Wan Kenobi (Republic)
Utapau Sinkhole Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War Conquest, Story, 1 Flag CTF Obi-Wan Kenobi (Republic), General Grievous (CIS), Boba Fett (Empire), Han Solo (Rebels)
Yavin 4 Temple Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War Conquest, Story, 1 Flag CTF Boba Fett (Empire), Chewbacca (Rebels), Mace Windu (Republic), Darth Maul (CIS)

Faction- and era-specific maps

Some maps were only available to one era and only one faction. Every faction has a "Homeworld"

Battlefront Location Era(s) Mode(s) Heroes
Geonosis Dust Plains Clone Wars Conquest, Story, 2 Flag CTF, Hunt, XL (PC only) Mace Windu (Republic), Count Dooku (CIS)
Hoth Echo Base Galactic Civil War Conquest, Story, 1 flag CTF, Hunt, XL (PC only) Pilot Luke Skywalker (Rebels), Darth Vader (Empire)
Endor Bunker Galactic Civil War Conquest, 1 Flag CTF, Hunt Darth Vader (Empire), Han Solo (Rebels)

Space Maps

Space Coruscant

Space Hoth

Space Yavin 4

Space Mygeeto

Space Kashyyyk

  • Location: Over the planet Kashyyyk
  • Era: Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War
  • Modes: Space Assault, Galactic Conquest, Space CTF

Space Felucia

  • Location: Over the planet Felucia
  • Modes: Space Assault, Galactic Conquest, Space CTF

Space Tatooine

  • Location: Over the planet Tatooine
  • Modes: Space Assault, Galactic Conquest, Space CTF

Space Mustafar

  • Location: Over the planet Mustafar
  • Modes: Story, Galactic Conquest

Space Endor

  • Location: Over the moon Endor
  • Modes: Galactic Conquest

Space Polis Massa

  • Location: Over the asteroid colony Polis Massa
  • Modes: Galactic Conquest

Space Naboo

  • Location: Over the planet Naboo
  • Modes: Galactic Conquest

Space Geonosis

  • Location: Over the planet Geonosis
  • Modes: Galactic Conquest

Space Dagobah

  • Location: Over the planet Dagobah
  • Modes: Galactic Conquest

Space Kamino

  • Location: Over the planet Kamino
  • Modes: Galactic Conquest


  • Location: In open space
  • Modes: Galactic Conquest

Xbox Live Downloadable Maps

LucasArts released maps from the first game, bundled together for a $4.99 download for Xbox.

Rhen Var

  • Location: Harbor
  • Modes: Conquest, Assault, Capture the Flag, Hunt
  • Era: Both
  • Heroes: The Emperor (Empire), Chewbacca (Rebels), Kit Fisto (Republic), Asajj Ventress (CIS)

Rhen Var

  • Location: Citadel
  • Modes: Conquest, Assault, Capture the Flag
  • Era: Both
  • Heroes: Boba Fett (Empire), Han Solo (Rebels), Kit Fisto (Republic), Darth Maul (CIS)


  • Location: Cloud City
  • Modes: Conquest, Assault, Capture the Flag
  • Era: Both
  • Heroes: Darth Vader (CTF and Conquest – Empire), Luke Skywalker (Conquest only – Rebels), Han Solo (CTF only – Rebels), Kit Fisto (CTF only – Republic), Aayla Secura (Conquest only – Republic), Asajj Ventress (CTF and Conquest – CIS)

Yavin IV

  • Location: Arena
  • Modes: Conquest, Assault, Capture the Flag
  • Era: Both
  • Heroes: Boba Fett (Empire), Luke Skywalker (Rebels), Anakin Skywalker (Republic), Asajj Ventress (CIS)

PSP Version

The Geonosis, Utapau, Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Death Star, Kamino, and Felucia land missions and all but three of the space maps (Kashyyyk, Yavin 4 and open space) are not present in the PSP version of the game (although they can be found on the UMD and edited back into the game, only Geonosis, Coruscant and Utapau are complete and playable). Also missing but present on the UMD is an incomplete Rhen Var Citadel map[1], suggesting that Rhen Var Citadel would have been a PSP exclusive map prior to the Xbox update. Mustafar is also scaled back slightly (it does not include the Control Room), although the PSP game's successor, Renegade Squadron, uses most of the original Mustafar map.

Also present in the game is a unique feature during solo Conquest matches, where AI will become a certain map's hero if the player chooses to spawn as a hero.

The ability to damage capital ships' critical systems from the inside, as well as self-manned turrets, is also missing from the game. Also, the Training, Space Overview, and Rise of the Empire modes are not available. Instead of the campaign mode there is an alternative challenge mode with three different scenarios.

Imperial enforcer – Players will travel to several planets, in which they must hunt down a set number of natives within a time limit. Locations include NabooGungans, Mos EisleyJawas, EndorEwoks and their final destination will be Kashyyyk, where they must hunt down fifty Wookiees, they are however allowed one IFT-T. Players begin as a sniper, and their class choices will grow as they venture. Players are aided by Boba Fett.

Rogue Assassin – Players are a Phase I Jet Trooper, carrying a clone's blaster rifle instead of an EMP launcher. Rogue Assassins must hunt down and kill specific targets, high ranking officers or deserters, in a time limit, on different planets. Planets include Dagobah – Three Imperial officers, Mygeeto – Three Imperial officers, Yavin 4 – Six Clone Commanders (two sets of three), Polis Massa – Six MagnaGuards (Two sets of three). Players only have one class choice, and the heroes are the Fetts(Jango and Boba).

Rebel Raider – Players are a Rebel smuggler. They must acquire certain parts within a time limit. Players will travel to Mygeeto to collect three shield generator parts, then to Naboo to receive weaponry plans, then to Hoth to seek out Imperial probe droids, then in space they must land in the imperial hangar and transport goods back. Players are aided by Han Solo.


Medals can be acquired for achieving special requirements in one life, however, players must achieve veteran status (Four medals) of that medal before they can use the award that comes with it. Players lose the medal once they die, but if they die within thirty seconds of acquiring the medal, then the award is available to them in the next life. When Elite status (32 medals) is achieved in a certain area, the requirements to earn a medal in that area are lowered (usually by one-fourth), allowing players to gain legendary status more easily. Once legendary status (sixty-four medals) of that medal is achieved players will automatically get the medal once you start the game.

The Endurance medal is acquired after twelve points are earned in one life (nine with Elite status). Energy regeneration is awarded, this increases the speed of which the energy bar used for strenuous actions regenerates.

The Guardian medal is awarded after twenty-four points are earned in one life (eighteen with Elite status). Damage Reduction is awarded, which makes enemy fire less damaging to the players.

The War Hero medal is awarded after thirty-six points are earned in one life (twenty-seven with Elite status). Increased Damage is awarded, which increases the damage players' weapons do.

The Frenzy medal is awarded after twelve kills with a Blaster Rifle in one life (nine with Elite status). The Elite Rifle is the award, which offers a more accurate three round burst firing rifle with less ammo.

The Demolition medal is awarded after four critical hits on vehicle with a Rocket Launcher are gained in one life (three with Elite status). Remote Rockets are the award, these are guided rockets which home in on the target. This is the only award that does not replace the previous weapon.

The Gunslinger medal is awarded after six kills with a Pistol in one life (four with Elite status). A Precision Pistol with greater damage, accuracy, faster rate of fire, and limited ammo is awarded.

The Marksman medal is awarded after six head shots with sniper rifle are gained in one life (four with Elite status). The Beam Rifle is the award, which offers a beam can pass through multiple enemies.

The Regulator medal is awarded after eight kills with a Blast Cannon/Shotgun are gained in one life (six with Elite status). The award is a Flechette Shotgun, which is a more powerful shotgun.

The Technician medal is awarded to players who manage to slice into a vehicle. The Vehicle Regeneration award is given which slowly regenerates the health of the vehicle the player drives next.

The more medals they player has earned, the more men can be lead: If twenty medals are earned, players obtain the rank of sergeant and can lead two men; if one hundred are earned, players obtain the rank of captain and can lead three men; and if three hundred medals are earned, players obtain the rank of general and can lead four men.

Voice cast

Xbox Live Downloadable Content

Kit Fisto in Battlefront II.

On January 31st 2006, downloable content was released allowing Xbox Live users for $4.99 to add multiple levels and two new Clone Wars heroes to their gaming experience. The download includes:

New heroes

  • Anakin Skywalker: While technically not a new hero, Anakin can be played on the Republic for the first time outside of the campaign. This Anakin is before his descent to the dark side and can only be played on the Yavin 4 Arena map. He has all the same abilities as the Imperial Anakin.

New levels

Asajj Ventress in Battlefront II.

NOTE: These maps are from the first game and, along with the Kashyyyk: Beachhead map, can be played in Hero Assault mode.

New modes

  • Rhen Var: Harbor – Wampa Hunt

Wampas (claws) vs. Rebels (All Types)

Mod tools

See also: BFBuilder

On February 15, 2006 a patch was released for the PC version, which included support for additional maps. The modding tools were subsequently released on February 22.


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Behind the scenes

  • In the Polis Massa level, computer screens show diagrams of the Jedi Archives (these are the same diagrams that were seen in the Inside the Worlds of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones reference book). Also, the shortcut into Theed Palace from Episode I can be seen.
  • Because Hero Assault Mode is meant mainly to be a "party mode", different songs, such as Jedi Rocks, Lapti Nek, Yub Nub, and both Mos Eisley cantina songs play in the background.
  • Although Temuera Morrison voiced Jango Fett, Boba Fett, and the retired clone trooper, he did not voice the clone troopers in-game.
  • Matthew Wood, who provided the voice of General Grievous in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, also voiced him in the video game.[2]
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II is the top selling Star Wars video game, with over 6,000,000 copies sold.
  • In the PSP version of the game, during the Rebel Raider challenge on Hoth, the Empire controls the remaining Rebel Transport and the Destroyed Shield Generator, while the player controls the Imperial Echo Base, although players play as the Rebels.
  • During the Raid on Naboo in Rise of the Empire mode, Imperials sometimes whistle The Imperial March.
  • When a B2 battle droid is blown apart, the flying parts belong to a B1.
  • The instruction manual incorrectly states that the sniper class uses recon droids, however, only specific unlockable classes can use the recon droid (specifically, the Magnaguard, Clone Commander, Imperial Officer and Wookiee Warrior). This may be due to the fact that the sniper class of the original Star Wars: Battlefront were equipped with recon droids. Recon droids may have been carried by the sniper class in an earlier version of the game, but may have been switched with auto-turrets to correct balancing issues.
  • Aboard the Tantive IV, the screens in the control room show the view of Kamino Obi-Wan saw in Attack of the Clones. This is somewhat confusing as there in no canonical mention of the Tantive IV ever visiting Kamino, and with the battle in the game appearing to be the same boarding action conducted by Vader and the 501st during the opening scenes of A New Hope, which places the ship above Tatooine.
  • On the Death Star: Interior map, a destructable vent in a hallway on the prison level leads to the trash compactor seen in A New Hope. The walls of the trash compactor move in and out and can kill you.
  • TIE fighters can be seen in the Death Star hangar even during the "Clone Wars" era Death Star battle. The Clone Wars era battle onboard the Death Star is non-canon, as the Death Star was not completed until much later.
  • On the Tantive IV, the main view shows elongated stars, even though the ship is actually in the hangar bay of an Imperial Star Destroyer.
  • If Jango Fett enters the Battlefield, clonetroopers can be heard shouting "Fett's here. And he brought his head!". This is a reference to Episode II where Jango Fett is beheaded by Mace Windu, thus, making his appearance non-canonical.
  • One of the load screens for the Death Star: Interior map is an obvious screenshot from an earlier version of the game, as the command posts are colored green, while in the final version of the game, friendly command posts are blue.
  • One of the load screens for the Felucia map has Aayla Secura with a blue and purple lightsaber, even on the non-PSP versions of the game. At the Republic ending of the Galactic Conquest, Aayla has her purple lightsaber and a green command post can be seen in the back, this may mean that Aayla originally had a purple lightsaber in not just the PSP version but for other console versions as well.
  • The Hunt mode for Kashyyyk has the Wooden Barricades and Gate Wench for the Wookiee's team as the opposite team's structures. This is clearly a glitch and can be annoying if the player is playing as the Wookiee's as they will attack and destroy their own defenses.
  • On Coruscant, Vulture Droid Starfighters can be in the sky, although faintly.
  • In Jabba's palace, if an AI is picked up by the Rancor, that character will spew health and ammo packs if shot. This also happens in Battlefront I with the Sarlacc.
  • There is a glitch with the Award Pistol concerning Han Solo. After you earn this award with the 'Legendary' status, if you choose to play as Han Solo in any map (including Mos Eisley Assault), if the player switches to the Fusion Cutter, the player will be unable to switch back to the pistol unless they respawn.
  • On space maps, if the player lands a starfighter just before it exits or enters a battleship's hangar shield and exits the fighter, it becomes possible to walk around the outer edges of the ship. On certain levels, it is possible to jump down on top of nearby frigates.
  • When playing as Darth Maul, if the attack button is held down near the end of the attack sequence, he will do an extra twirl of his double-bladed lightsaber.
  • When playing as the Republic on Geonosis in Galactic Conquest, the clones still have Phase I Armor.
  • Jango Fett's WESTAR-34 is the Precision Pistol (the award pistol).
  • Boba Fett's EE-3 is the Elite Rifle (the award rifle).
  • The vulture droid is shown that characters can enter it when actully it is also droid. This also applies to many of the vehicles in the C.I.S. vehicles in the game.
  • In the PC instruction manual, on page 13, it shows a picture of Luke Skywalker in his Tatooine outfit from episode 4, even though you cannot play as Luke in that outfit in the game.

Differences between the trailer and final game

  • In the Trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II, there's a clip where a Battle Droid is sniping a Gungan on Naboo in the Great Grass Plains, and also a Rebel Vanguard with a Battlefront I Skin on the Death Star. The HUD in these scenes are identical to Battlefront I's HUD. It is possible that this was showing an early version of the Naboo Hunt mode.
  • In the trailer, the Millennium Falcon is seen in a Death Star hangar bay. This scene is not seen in the video game.
  • In the trailer, the Jedi Temple is shown during daytime.
  • The layouts of the hangars of the capital ships are different in the trailer.
  • A different layout for Utapau was shown in in the trailer. This layout was also shown in in-game movies.
  • Ships appeared to be pilotable on planet surface maps in the trailer, however this feature was removed from the final game with the exception of rebel speeders in the Hoth level.
  • The voices of the Rebels and Imperials are the same in the trailer as Battlefront.
  • The layouts of many maps were changed between the release of the trailer and the final game.
  • Space battles appeared to have more capital ships than the final game, with different layouts for the battles.
  • The trailer shows the beta Geonosis map shown in trailers for the original Star Wars: Battlefront.

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