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Star Trek: Mirror Wars is a fan fiction series written by James Earl (User: Cjpwes), currently in its second season.



During the 27th century, the Second Terran Empire has regained its power in the mirror universe, after defeating the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance a few centuries before. The Empire now controls the entire galaxy, but still desires to expand its borders. They learn of our alternate universe, and the Emperor plans to invade, but not without resistance. They build a crossover device and send one ship, the ISS Enterprise-O, to our universe to scout the area, where it discovers the USS Enterprise-O and destroys it, but not before the Enterprise-O sends a message warning of the attack. Now that Starfleet is warned, they prepare for the upcoming battle, sending a fleet of their own under the command of Admiral Frank Riker, the father of the Enterprise-O's captain. Riker has just recently come out of retirement, after Admiral William Deker told Riker of his son's death. Deker and Riker command the fleet and battle the mirror universe fleet. Unknown to them, a cloaked fleet slips by and heads towards their real target, the planet Vulcan. Since Riker's fleet is being held back by the other fleet, Starfleet sends extra ships to Vulcan, including the USS Majestic, under the command of James Obeska.

Original idea

In an interview with the series creator, James Earl, he talks about how he originally had a Mirror Wars series idea much different from the current version.

"The Star Trek: Mirror Wars story started out to take place only a few years after Star Trek: Nemesis. Originally, a ship from the TOS era would find a sort of unknown space station, then find many secrets on it. Then, when they start to leave, it explodes, sending them into the future, a few years after Nemesis. The battle against the mirror universe has already begun, and the Federation is on the brink of destruction. Even though the old TOS ship would not survive a real battle against the mirror universe ships, the Federation lets it join the fleet, and refits it so, even though it won’t ever win a battle, it could survive one. Eventually, the crew finds an alternate version of themselves and soon they become mortal enemies. In the end, they learn that the mysterious space stations were the key to winning the war; they eventually destroy the mirror crew, activate all the space stations, win the war, but not before the captain dies to activate the last station. This takes place over five or so seasons. It was actually quite good. I know, that was a long explanation but, I like long explanations (Sorry, a joke just for myself). I guess that that story sort of “fell apart.” I started to write it, but I had too many mistakes, I couldn’t explain some things, so I decided to start over, this time, to avoid any more problems, I started in the future, in the 27th century." -James Earl, Star Trek Mirror Wars creator



Regular characters

Recurring characters

Secondary characters


See Star Trek: Mirror Wars (episodes).

Major events

Vulcan, the location of the first battle of the Mirror War, the Battle of Vulcan.

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  • The Mirror Wars logo seen on the main page of the website is from a promotional poster from the 2004 movie Darkness.
  • The original idea for Star Trek: Mirror Wars was actually written in script format and made into a fan film, that was unfinished and never released.

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