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Written by: Larry Niven
Directed by: Hal Sutherland
Episode no.: 1x14
Production no.: 22011
First aired: 15 December 1973
Date: 2269
Stardate: 4187.3


Introduction (blurb)

Another exciting episode from television's most popular science-fiction series

Complete in this volume

Slaver Weapon

A Slaver stasis box -- a relic of a fabulous, long-dead civilization -- is discovered on a remote planet. The Slavers died out millennia ago, but their powerful weapons have been well preserved in these boxes which are found throughout the Galaxy.

Whoever possesses such weapons controls a lot of power, and so Kirk and the crew want to get this one into secure hands as quickly as possible.

But they are not the only ones who have designs on the Slaver weapon... and the fate of the Federation hangs in the balance!


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Chuft Captain • Kumara • M'Viore • R'Leez • SpockHikaru SuluNyota Uhura

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • Copernicus (Federation shuttlecraft) • Traitor's Claw (Kzinti police vessel)


Beta Lyrae system • Beta Lyrae • Starbase 25

Races and cultures

HumanKlingonKzinti • Slaver • Vulcan

States and organizations

Kzin Patriarchy • StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets



  • This is the tenth and final of Alan Dean Foster's TAS adaptations which have been reprinted a number of times, often in omnibuses with other Star Trek Log books. Most recently in 2006 by Del Rey Books as part of Star Trek's 40th Anniversary celebrations. In fact this was also the first Star Trek Book published by Del Rey after it was created as an imprint of the publisher of the rest of the Star Trek Logs series Ballantine Books.
  • The episode itself was adapted by Larry Niven from his 1967 story, "The Soft Weapon." The characters of Sulu, Uhura, and Spock replaced the characters from the original story, Jason and Anne-Marie Pompadou, and the Pierson's Puppeteer, Nessus. Also, there are a few other, minor differences from the short story to the episode.
  • This book establishes some background on Nyota Uhura stating that traditional maturation rituals in United States of Africa were changed in 2055 so that women underwent them too.
  • Federation Day is mentioned, as is the Federation Interstellar Anthem.
  • The pill is stated to still existent in the 23rd century, taken monthly in capsule form.

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