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Star Tours
Organizational information
Primary role(s)

Interstellar travel agency

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Rebellion era

Star Tours was an interstellar travel agency which gave tours to prominent planets and moons in the galaxy.



At the time of the Battle of Yavin, Star Tours' space cruiser Tzarina, was involved in a tragic accident that cost most of its passengers their lives. For unknown reasons the ship's droid captain decided to change course towards Yavin to show his passengers "something neat". Once there, the yacht collided with an unidentified TIE fighter variant that was tumbling out of control through space. The collision caused the Tzarina's hyperdrive to initiate and throw the ship into hyperspace. When it fell out of hyperspace half a galaxy away it crash landed on Dathomir in Quelii Sector. Only one passenger was known to survive the crash and find his way to the Dathomir Trade Outpost, where he told others his story.[1]

C3PO in the queing area.

Immediately following the Battle of Endor, Star Tours sought to capitalize on the Moddell Sector's sudden fame by promising "convenient daily departures to the exotic moon of Endor" along the decaying Sanctuary Pipeline.[2]

One pilot for this flight, RX-24, was the newest of the RX droids that Star Tours purchased from Ruebens. The problem that arose from this particular droid was that it was delivered with a "Remove Before Flight" label inserted into its body that failed to be removed. This label caused the droid to have various problems, including a sense of thrill seeking where it would constantly put its ship and passengers into increasingly dangerous situations. It also failed to actually make it to the Endor moon other than speeding quickly out of the system. Finally, the label also unfortunately wiped "Captain Rex's" memory after every flight, therefore causing the droid to believe that every flight was his first.

Several months later, after a variety of accidents and mismanagement the company was driven out of business.[2]


A StarSpeeder 3000 on Endor

The Star Tours fleet was dominated by the 40-passenger StarSpeeder 3000. These vessels where piloted by questionably competent RX-series pilot droids and carried an astromech unit. Despite the agency's claim that the ships were highly advanced, they were often in need of repair.

Star Tours used other ships besides the StarSpeeder. The ill-fated Tzarina was a Corellian vessel similar to a CR90 Corvette.

Droids and personnel


Star Tours used the unreliable RX-series droids to pilot their ships. The droids were responsible for many of the accidents that helped drive the agency out of business. RX-24 was one of the pilots of Star Tours' flight to Endor.




Advertisement for Glee Anselm

Behind the scenes

Star Tours is actually a popular real-world motion simulator attraction located in most Disney theme parks.

Though every aspect of the ride is not necessarily canon, references to the Star Tours travel agency have appeared in various Expanded Universe sources, and a number of action figures based on the ride's droids have been released and are considered to be canon.

The canonicity of the events depicted in the Star Tours ride has been disputed for many reasons, the most obvious being the inclusion of the Death Star. Since R2-D2's presence onboard the ride's Starspeeder 3000 precludes the events taking place during the Battle of Yavin or the Battle of Endor, the Death Star seen in the ride video has been considered by some to be the Death Star prototype, as seen in Jedi Search and Champions of the Force and its destruction to be a depiction of the prototype's destruction at The Maw. However, it does not match that prototype's skeletal construction and R2-D2 is accounted for during that event, as well. Also, the Star Tours Death Star is very close to Endor, far from the Maw's location. This may indicate it is a so far unrevealed Death Star, or that the ride's events are simply not canonical. Others have suggested that the Death Star is one of the modified habitation spheres seen under construction over Coruscant. Leland Chee has tentatively named it the Death Star III.



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