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Star Tigers
Series: Doctor Who -
Back-up Comic Strip Stories
Main Character: Abslom Daak
Enemy: Sontaran
Author: Steve Moore
Editor: Dez Skinn
Artist: Steve Dillon DWM issues 27, 28 and 29 David Lloyd DWM issue 30
Lettering: no credit given
Published In: Doctor Who - A Marvel Monthly Issues 25
Publication: 2nd April 1980
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Format: B&W 2 parts / 8 pages
Previous Story: The Outsider
Following Story: Yonder... The Yeti




Part One

In the 26th century, Draconians watch undecided as to course of action, while three Dalek craft enter their space in pursuit of another ship. Prince Salander watches as the Dalek craft are destroyed by the stranger in the fourth craft. To shortcut bureaucratic complications, Salander welcomes and befriends the visitor, Abslom Daak, without the permission of the Emperor. Daak is searching for a way of resurrecting Taiyin from her cryogenic unit. Salander offers to help, but is accused of treason by fellow Draconian Axiron. Daak and Salander are placed under house arrest, but Salander learns of his son's death by Dalek fire and the Emperor’s refusal to engage in hostility. After collecting Taiyin’s body, Salander and Daak make their escape in Salander's private spacecraft.

Part Two

Having fled the Draconian Empire in a prototype attack ship, the Kill-Wagon, Abslom Daak and Prince Salander search for a crew. Harma is an Ice Warrior employed as a contract killer on the planet Paradise. Daak overpowers Harma, makes him break his contract and goes with him in search of Vol Mercurius on the planet Dispater. Mercurius plays out a game of parachess with Klickbrain while the Kill-Mechs close in on his home and planet. Reluctantly, Mercurius leaves with the others and Daak - the man who stole his hand in return for once stealing away his girl, Selene. Laying low from Dalek Space Commando Units disguised as orbiting meteoroids the ‘'Kill-Wagon'’ crew launch a successful attack on a Dalek craft based inside a volcano on the planet.


Abslom Daak
Prince Salander

Original Print Details
(Publication with page count and closing captions)

  1. DWM Issue 27 (4) To Be Continued.
  2. DWM Issue 28 (4) To Be Continued.
  3. DWM Issue 29 (4) More Next Week!
  4. DWM Issue 30 (4) More Next Week!
  5. DWM Issue 44 (4) More Next Month!
  6. DWM Issue 45 (4) … More Next Month
  7. DWM Issue 46 (4) The End … For Now ...



  • This back up strip story was introduced and tailed by the Fourth Doctor as if recounting a story.
  • There is an unexplained break in this strip story during the transition from Doctor Who Weekly to Doctor Who Monthly. (see DWM)


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