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The Stalking Moon was a Yorik-Stronha, a Yuuzhan Vong spyship, assigned in 26 ABY to the fleet of Qurang Lah and tasked to spearhead the impending invasion of the Givin homeworld of Yag'Dhul.

Externally, the Stalking Moon was a relatively large ship, but the nickel-iron shell which disguised it as an asteroid was fifty meters deep in most places, and most of the hull enclosed within this shell was taken up with propulsion systems. The actual habitable areas were small, sited beneath a twenty-meter fissure in the crust which masked the ship's cooling vanes, and the crew consisted of just seven warriors, two shapers and several Shamed Ones to deal with the less salubrious aspects of the ship's operations.

As the fleet gathered for the attack on Yag'Dhul, the Stalking Moon was captured by the Jedi Anakin Solo, Tahiri Veila and Corran Horn. Tahiri, who had been conditioned with a working knowledge of Yuuzhan Vong biotechnology as part of an attempt by the invaders to brainwash her, was able to pilot the ship, and the Jedi alerted the Givin before the attack began.


  • Edge of Victory II: Rebirth (First appearance)


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