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Guild Wars

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A Thorn Stalker, a typical Stalker

Stalkers are living plants that resemble thin humanoids made of wood and vines.

They are mostly spell casters (Elementalists or Mesmers) and very fragile, but their spells can be very damaging.

Like all plants they have reduced armor against slashing damage and fire damage.

Most Stalkers are fleshy creatures, however Reed Stalkers are fleshless, making them immune to bleeding, poison and disease. Some types of stalker do not leave exploitable corpses.

Note: A Stalker is not to be confused with Melandru's Stalker.


Stalkers can be found in the western parts of Kryta and the higher areas of the Maguuma Jungle.


For a list of all Stalkers, see: Category:Stalkers.

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Stalker may refer to:

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This article is about the ship. You may be looking for the body armor known as Stalker armor or the Huntress' ship of the same name.
Production information

Kuat Drive Yards


Imperial II-class Star Destroyer

Technical specifications

1,600 meters


Rebellion era[1]

Earliest sighting

3 ABY[1]

Latest sighting

4 ABY[1]

Present for battles/events

Galactic Empire[1]


Imperial Navy[1]


Death Squadron[1]

Known owner(s)

Moff Andal


Captain Akal Zed

The Stalker was an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer of the Imperial Navy.




The Stalker was originally assigned to search the Outer Rim Territories for new worlds to subjugate.[3]

Later, it was reassigned as part of Darth Vader's Death Squadron, his personal fleet of Star Destroyers that searched for the Alliance High Command headquarters and, more specifically, the location of Luke Skywalker,[1] under Captain Akal Zed. During Vader's post-Yavin search for Skywalker, the Stalker was responsible for launching the Viper probe droid that located Echo Base on the ice planet Hoth.[1] In addition to the Hoth system, the Stalker also targeted the nearby Allyuen and Tokmia systems.[4]

Soon thereafter, the Stalker joined Death Squadron in its blockade of the planet during the Battle of Hoth. As the Rebellion's escape transports attempted to run the blockade, the Stalker helped to disable at least one of the fugitive ships, the GR-75 medium transport Bright Hope, the final transport to evacuate Hoth.[2]

In 4 ABY, the Stalker participated in the Battle of Endor.[1]

Later roles saw the ship become part of Moff Andal's fleet that patrolled the Elrood Sector.

Behind the scenes

Galaxy Guide 3: The Empire Strikes Back identifies the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Avenger as the Star Destroyer that launched the Viper probe droid that discovered Echo Base. This appears to have been based on dialogue between Captain Lorth Needa and a subordinate that did not make the final cut of the the radio dramatization of The Empire Strikes Back.[5][6] However, the Star Wars Customizable Card Game later contradicted this, as did the PC program Star Wars: Behind the Magic. Both sources identify the Stalker as the Star Destroyer holding this distinction. Further adding to the confusion, Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary also identifies the Avenger as the Star Destroyer that launched the probe droid. Attempting to clarify the discrepancy, The Essential Atlas states that both ships were responsible for deploying probe droids, though does not state with absolute certainty which ship is seen in the film.



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From TibiaWiki

This creature is in the Humans class.

120 Hit points
90 Experience points per kill

Summon/Convince: --/--
Abilities: Melee (0-70), Life Drain (20-30), Invisibility
Pushable: ?
Push Objects: ?
Est. Max. Damage: 100 hp per turn
Immune To: Invisibility
Strong To: Death (-1%?)
Neutral To: Fire, Energy, Ice, Earth, Drown?, Life Drain?
Weak To: Physical (+20%), Holy (+5%)
Sounds: None.
Behavior: Stalkers do not run when low in health.
Field Notes: Humans that can quickly go invisible. They sneak up on intruders and try to kill them quickly.
Location: Triangle Tower, Drefia, Edron Hero Cave in the Warlock room, White Flower Temple, Ghostlands, Shadow Tomb, Ancient Ruins Tomb, Tarpit Tomb, Stone Tomb, Mountain Tomb, Peninsula Tomb, Oasis Tomb, Ankrahmun Library Tomb, Yalahar Trade Quarter and Isle of the Kings.
Strategy: You can't attack this creature with melee while it is invisible. The only way to defeat them is with Magic or by making them visible again by attacking them with area runes (Avalanche, Explosion, GFB, Stone Shower or Thunderstorm), making them walk over a trap, an area spell like Berserk or using Cancel Invisibility. Sometimes they don't go invisible right away or at all and can be meleed. If you can't do anything but melee you can take stalkers by going down/up stairs or a cliff and waiting until they are visible, then attacking them.

Knights: Make them visible using one of the runes above or use Berserk, Groundshaker or Fierce Berserk, then attack them with melee. They are weak in defense, so a knight can easily kill one. The will also work to kill stalkers, even if they are invisible.

Paladins: Make them visible using one of the runes above or use Divine Missile or Divine Caldera and attack with distance.

Mages: Make them visible using one of the runes above or an attack spell. If you are a sorcerer, it is useless to cast Cancel Invisibility because they will turn invisible again in few seconds. Another good idea, since stalkers always stick by you, is to hotkey one of the runes above and set the target as yourself. Since it doesn't harm you. Keep an eye on your hp bar, as it is hard to tell how many stalkers you are actually facing. If there is a large amount, your hp could go from full to empty without you noticing.
Loot: 0-8 gp, 0-2 Throwing Knife, Leather Legs, Brass Legs, Blank Rune, Backpack, Katana, Obsidian Lance (rare), Stealth Ring (very rare). (Loot Statistics)
See also: Creatures.
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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

This article is about the Generation One Predator. For the human member of G.I. Joe, see Stalker (G.I. Joe).
Stalker is a Decepticon from the Generation One continuity family.
"Could I BE wearing any more neon?"

Stalker is the Predators' communications specialist. The only land-based member of the team, he is a master of the double bluff and thrives on causing confusion among his enemies. It's his job to keep the Predators' communiques from being intercepted by their Turbomaster foes, but he also takes a cruel pleasure in using his 'Garble' comms systems to scramble the Autobots' own signals.

Hate till it hurts and then hate some more

—Stalker on the subject of hate

French name (Canada): Traqueur



Toy catalogue comic

Wait, what am I shooting from again?

Stalker finally clashed with his Turbomaster rival, the legendary Rotorstorm. He declared that the Autobot should prepare to die, then fired his arm blasters.

IDW comics

Millions of years ago, Stalker worked with Skyquake and Clench during the deathmatch sports of Kaon, at the time Megatron first entered the tournaments. Megatron Origin


Generation One

  • Stalker (Medium Predator, 1993)
    • Accessories: Missile launcher, radar, 5 missiles
Stalker transforms in to a four-tracked satellite station and rocket launcher and is equipped with a missile launcher, usable in both modes. His rocket also serves as his Megavisor scope, but also features its own slide, showing a schematic vehicle mode image of Rotorstorm.
This mold was used to make both the Machine Wars and Universe versions of Soundwave.


  • Stalker's Megavisor slide is labeled with several text pointers, some of which are Easter eggs of sorts. The labels read "TAK-A-RA", "MA-R-VEL", "YO-KE" and "AUG-U-SA".

External links

  • Stalker at

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City of Heroes

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Skill can divert clumsy raw power, and precisely applied force can solve many problems. As a Stalker, this is the core of your specialty. You do your best work when attacking from ambush, and can even hide in plain sight to escape foes. Deadly attacks and good defenses make you a dangerous combatant and assassin, but you can be overwhelmed if you're not careful.

Faction: Villain

The Stalker's power sets are:

Primary: Melee
Secondary: Defense

The Stalker has Low Hit Points and High Damage.

Power Sets

Primary Power Sets

A Stalker's primary power sets are designed for melee. They are:

Secondary Power Sets

A Stalker's secondary power sets are designed for defense. They are:

Patron Power Pools

Inherent Power

Criticals and Hiding


Stalkers cause a great deal of additional damage through critical hits. The exact chances of a critical vary greatly with the situation and the power used. Stalker criticals do double damage except in one case which we'll get to in a moment.

Most Stalker single-target attacks automatically critical against any target if the Stalker is Hidden. If the Stalker isn't Hidden and he's attacking a PvE enemy, his chance of critting is 10% + 3% per teammate within 30'. In PvP, most un-Hidden Stalker single-target attacks can only crit if the target is Held or Slept, and do so 20% of the time, but a few get criticals 10%-15% of the time regardless of whether the target is mezzed.

Stalker AoE attacks work similarly, though the crit chances for Hidden AoEs and for un-Hidden PvP AoEs are half the typical single-target chances. Un-Hidden PvE AoEs use the full 10% + 3%/teammate formula without halving. Crits are checked separately for each target hit.

A Stalker's Assassin's Strike stands out from his other attacks. If the Stalker isn't Hidden, his Assassin's Strike has the normal crit chance and damage bonus in PvE, and it will never crit in PvP. But if the Stalker is Hidden, this attack is extremely potent. First of all, if it misses, the Stalker stays Hidden. If it hits, it crits automatically, for almost triple normal damage instead of double. If the target is another player, this bonus damage ignores his resistances. If the target survives, all nearby non-player enemies (which may include the target itself!) are Demoralized and suffer a small but irresistable ToHit penalty, and occasionally Fear as well, for eight seconds.


Despite the rather misleading name, the Hidden status only means that the Stalker is poised to deliver stronger or more reliable critical hits. Hidden mode and Stealth aren't directly linked, although they often occur together. A Stalker can be Hidden even if an enemy has enough Perception to see him.

Stalkers have two ways to become Hidden. The Hide power continually grants Hidden status, though that status suppresses for eight seconds each time the Stalker uses an attack power (except for missed Assassin's Strikes), suffers damage from an enemy (falling doesn't count), or clicks a mission object. Using the Placate power on any target also puts the Stalker in Hidden mode, no matter who he attacks, for a fixed period of ten seconds.


Hidden: This, and the extra Defense and Stealth it provides, is suppressed when you attack (including Placate, but not including a missed Assassin's Strike), or when you are *damaged* by an enemy. A lucky (or Lucky) Stalker can perform their Assassination strike while the victim is shooting at them.

For most of your attacks, if you hit while hidden, you'll score a Critical Hit for double damage. You might start with the slower, higher-damage attack to take advantage of this. Your Assassination power, when attacking from Hidden, will do even more bonus damage. No matter what power pool you were thinking of at Threat Level 6, take your Assassination power; it'll make 8 come much quicker. =)

Combine Build Up (Focus Chi, ...) with your Assassination power to take out non-resistant yellow Lieutenants in one shot.

Against a small group of tougher enemies in a mission, you can take one out, run away, wait for them to lose interest (target one of the survivors and wait for the box elbows to run the other way), then come back and take out another. Repeat until you feel comfortable scrapping with who's left.

Placate is useful and good fun, if slightly random. If it works, it lets you get an Assassination critical against a lone enemy that was attacking you, without having to run away and wait for Hidden to come back.

Placate cannot miss (Smoke Flash being an exception). It also modifies the behaviour of the victim enemy, causing them to give up on attacking you. However, if you take damage from another source, they will go right back to attacking you. They may also have another attack queued up, which may also knock you back into scrapping.

Against a pair, Assassin's Strike one, then Placate, Build Up and hit the other one for an extra-strong critical. Against three, Assasin's Strike the first one, Build Up and scrap with the second, then Placate and AS the third. (Against four or more, consider using the "run away!" technique given above.) Placate's also useful for not having to cross fifty yards of mission to stop that last minion from following you before your next Assassin Strike.

In many missions, you'll find a group of enemies run up to somewhere you were, intent on stopping you; they may run right past you then do nothing, thanks to your Hide. Take them out at your leisure. In bank heists, such 'ambush' squads attack you regardless of your Hide; charge in and get your critical while you can. Placate still works on members of those squads, thankfully.

Unless the mission requires you to click multiple objects or escort someone out, you can generally skip straight to the end of the mission thanks to Hide to complete the objective. You may also look for small groups or easy kills (such as a lone lieutenant or minions who are spread out). Because mission completions and bosses are worth so much experience, it's a good idea to stick to simple defeat missions and only take out groups that you're comfortable with.

External Links

  • Summary and Analysis of Stalker Powersets
  • Archetypes documentation on official City of Villains site
  • Official City of Villains Manual as a PDF file
  • Subtler Placate techniques on US forum.

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