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The Staff of Armadyl is a quest item used in the quest Temple of Ikov. If you side with Lucien in the quest, you must steal this staff from a temple and bring it to him. It is the staff of the god of purity, Armadyl, and was also used by Zamorak to defeat Zaros.

If you opposed Lucien in the Temple of Ikov quest, the staff remains in the Guardians of Armadyl chamber in the Temple of Ikov dungeon. On 28 October 2008, players who opposed Lucien received the Armadyl communiqué warning that the staff is in danger again.

A replica is currently on display at the Varrock Museum after you speak to the museum curator on the second floor and explain to him what it looked like during the Temple of Ikov quest. The staff in the museum was graphically updated long before the release of communiqué to resemble the staff wielded by the robed skeleton found in the Runescape vs. Real-world trading development diary. However, it wasn't until the communiqué was released that the "real" Staff of Armadyl was updated, i.e. the one within the Temple of Ikov if you chose to aid the Guardians... if you class "being removed" as being updated (as players won't see the real staff again until While Guthix Sleeps when Lucien is seen holding it).

Lucien was found to have taken the staff, whether from the player from the Temple of Ikov quest or from Movario, a human researcher working for Lucien, and was using it to help him become Head of the Mahjarrat and to attain near godhood. However in the While Guthix Sleeps quest it is shown that Lucien was looking for the Stone of Jas as the Staff wasn't enough to overthrow Zamorak. However, the Staff is still considered one of the most powerful items ever to exist on Gielinor's plane. For example, Lennissa claims that "As I told you, the Empty Lord was extremely powerful, but not so powerful that he could rule over the other deities of this world. Should he have made a move against any other god, then he could still have been easily brought down by the combined efforts of the others. The theft of Armadyl’s staff changed this however. If he had taken possession of this god-weapon, then this power would have been so great that he could have overthrown all on this world, and made it into his own image!" This indicates that Zaros, armed with the Staff, would have been able to triumph over all the other forces of Gielinor.


  • Previous to an unknown update, the Staff of Armadyl looked similar to an Earth Battlestaff with a lighter colour. Before then though, it looked like it had a purple top.
  • The end of the Staff looks like a Saradomin Symbol.
  • In Runescape Classic, the Staff was wieldable, but looked no different than a normal staff.
  • The staff seems to have a mispelling: "Staff of armadyl", the armadyl is not capitalized.



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