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Stacking can refer to a number of situations.


Inventory stacking

Many items, such as crafting materials, will stack with other items of the same type in the one slot with a number to indicate the count. The maximum number of items that a stack can contain is 250, and this is the amount players usually refer to when describing a "stack" of a particular item.

Some items do not stack, such as all weapons, most Quest items, and many Salvage Items. Two such items will not stack in the same slot even if they have identical statistics. Collectable drops always stack.

Stacks can be split. Hold down the Shift key while dragging a stack and a dialog will pop up. The number entered into this dialog will be the number of items taken out of the original stack and placed in the destination stack.

Effects stacking

Stacking refer to effects of different skills and conditions adding up together. For example, a player could cast one spell to give +3 pips of health regeneration and then cast another spell to give an additional +2 health regeneration levels so they stack to +5. Such effects will not exceed the maximum of 10 pips degen/regen. Some effects, like slowing effects and bonuses from runes, do not stack, and only the most powerful effect is taken in to account. Multiple copies of the same skill and Conditions of the same type do not stack. Benefits from spells that target enemies but also benefit the caster can be stacked; a Necromancer casting Life Siphon on two foes will receive twice the health regeneration. Also note that effects going past the cap on their own, such as Dash for movement speed increase or Mind Freeze for decrease, will not be capped. Below is a table of all effect caps.

Property Positive Negative
Attack speed +33% -50%
Movement speed +33% -50%
Healing modification none -40%
Adrenaline modification +100% none
Recharge modification -50% none
Health or energy regeneration +10 -10
Activation modification none +150%
Armor +25 none
Attribute 20 (211) none
  • 1 21 can only be achieved with an "Item's attribute +1 while using skills" Inscription.
  • The maximum number of maintained enchantments is equal to the number of energy regeneration pips you have up to -10 energy regeneration. For instance, if you have +4 natural energy regeneration, you are able to maintain 14 enchantments.

Rune stacking

The stackability of runes is discussed in the Rune article.

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Stackable items are items that only take up one space in a player's inventory not being carried in note form. When multiple stackable items are carried in the inventory, a number is shown on the item's picture to indicate the quantity of items in the stack. Most items stored in the bank will stack, even if they don't stack in a player's inventory. A few exceptions would be brawling gloves, satchels, and the various forms of the morphic tool. Stackable items do not weigh anything, and cannot be withdrawn from the bank as a note.

Stackable items include bait, charms, runes, all arrows, all seeds, notes, and coins. Other stackable items include bolts, bolt tips, darts, dart tips, nails, arrowtips, throwing knives, cannonballs, javelins, thrownaxes, feathers, arrow shafts, needles, scrolls, skewer sticks, woad leaves, and proboscises. Also, swamp tar and anything made from swamp tar (such as swamp paste or guam tar) is always stackable.

Trading sticks also stack in the inventory.
Pieces of Eight stack in the inventory.

Limit of a stack

The maximum number of an item that a player can hold in a stack is 2,147,483,647, as limited by a signed (positive and negative) 32-bit integer, i.e. 231 - 1.

Jagex would only be able to expand this if 64-bit integers were used instead, as unsigned (positive only) integers do not exist as a primitive data type in Java. This would be problematic to implement, however, as it would require doubling the amount of storage space used for all item quantities. Using the 64 integer it will equal to: 9,223,372,036,854,775,807.

Despite Java lacking native support for unsigned arithmetic, a quick search through a computer's memory while it is playing RuneScape finds a 32-bit unsigned integer attached to every object in one's inventory that controls the amount of that object in the inventory slot. But, these variables are for local use only to draw the object, and changing them has no effect after the game updates the player's inventory.

It should also be noted that a player can own more than this amount of gold, but can only hold that many in a single stack. For instance, a player could hold 2,147,483,647 in an inventory and another 2,147,483,647 in his bank, so long as the two stacks are never combined.

In a recent question and answer session with Andrew Gower, he stated that they wouldn't change to a 64-bit integer because there are too many lines of code to change in the RuneScape program.

Truncation convention

"35M" means 35,000,000 to 35,999,999 inclusive.
This also applies to items other than coins.

When referring to numbers, truncation is the removal of less significant digits from the end of a number. In RuneScape, stacks of items have their quantity truncated to reduce the number of characters required to show the quantity of an item in a stack.

For stacks of items containing less than 100,000, the amount is rendered precisely, such as "31633", and the examine text is that of an individual item. For stacks of 100,000 or more, the examine text displays the exact number of items in the stack. The following conventions are used to display the quantity in a bank or inventory slot:

It should be noted that these truncation conventions are also applied to items other than coins.

Range Text Colour Suffix Multiplier Example
from to
1 99,999 Yellow None 1 99,999 displayed as "99999"
100,000 9,999,999 White K 1,000 9,999,999 displayed as "9999K"
10,000,000 2,147,483,647 Green M 1,000,000 999,999,999 displayed as "999M"


This article uses material from the "Stackable items" article on the Runescape wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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