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The St. Aubin Medical Facility terminal entries are found on three terminals in the Underground Lab in Point Lookout.




To: Doctor Stewart

To: Laura Stewart, Head Researcher

From: Adam Tomco, Archivist

Dr. Stewart,

I hate to be a bother, but it happened again. Records 48, 51, and 55 are missing. I know it was Danielson and Peruto. I know it! Those two are always messing with me, and no matter how many reports I file with the main office, they are never disciplined! Ever! You and I both know that it's because Danielson's uncle is married to Senator Calvert's daughter! Can't you stop it? Do something? I can't take this any more! This nepotism makes me sick!


From: Unknown

To :Adam Tomco

From: Unknown Sender

Hey Rat,

What? You don't like people having a little fun? Huh? Well, we'll see how fun it is for you when you're out on the street looking for work. You tattled on the wrong guy!


Core Research Progress Notes

By using the data that we collected from the researchers at General Atomics at the close of the Robobrain Project, we've been able to fully mimic the brain suspension and isolation technique that makes the Robobrains function.

What's better: we've made some interesting advances. It turns out that by manipulating the composition of the biomed gel, we are able to produce a number of effects that were previously thought to be impossible.

It seems that Dr. Stewart was right. Under the right conditions, a subject not only retains full mental capacity, but can project limited images and even thoughts to other minds when the correct conditions are introduced in the biomed suspension. (Details on this composition can be found in Research Archive 51, Section B) This has profound implications for applications from battlefield technology to civilian criminal interrogation.

Although, one must wonder if years of isolation in a biogel suspension would eventually introduce psychological abnormalities. This merits further study once the full breadth of the current research is explored.

An Oversight Review? Already?

Despite the early stage of our research, Dr. Stewart has informed us that Senator Calvert is demanding a full report on our work immediately. It seems that he is sending his brother, a noted researcher in the field of cognitive robotic, to this very lab in order to participate in our study and assist us with the report.

I have to say, I hesitate to show our work to anyone outside the lab. It's still very early and very unstable. It will be decades before we can be sure that the cognitive broadcast technology is stable, let alone ready for implementation.

Perhaps Dr. Stewart can hold off the arrival of Professor Calvert for a few more months. At least that would give us some time to come to better conclusions.


Construction Concerns


I know that this facility was built to withstand the unique pressures of suboceanic earthen construction, but recently I have had a few concerns about the integrity of the initial work. My staff have noticed more than a few leaks without logical source and it has a number of them very nervous and I have to say, I share their apprehension.

Grohlman at the facilities office assures me that the pumps and pressure regulators will keep this facility dry and clean for hundreds of years on their internal batteries, but given his history with this sort of thing, I'm not exactly comforted by his claims. I am hoping that you can find an inspector with the proper clearances to give us an independent evaluation of the lab. An outside certification will make us all feel better.


Dr. Stewart

Subject Procedure Reminder

To All Level Seven Assistants,

It has been brought to my attention that a number of you have been conversing with test subjects during your off hours. This is a reminder that any attempts at social engagement with clinical participants is a violation of facility rule 47. Social interaction interferes with the cerebral infusion, and can cause a number of potential problems once the procedure reaches completion.

So, once again. Do not speak to participants and be sure to limit any internal monologue to the list found in section 2.3 of your procedure guides when in their presence. I have little patience for shenaniganery.

Dr. Stewart

Notice to Staff

Memo To All Staff:

As a reminder, only authorized archive technicians are permitted access to the microfiche library. Several records have gone missing, and I would like them to be returned to the archives immediately. No questions will be asked, assuming their safe return within 48 hours.

Really, people. Find better ways to amuse yourselves. We have work to do down here.

Dr. Stewart

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