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St. Aubin Medical Facility

inside: Point Lookout Lighthouse
leaders: Professor Calvert
quests: A Meeting of the Minds
cell name: DLC04Lab01
ref id: xx00977f

St. Aubin Medical Facility (called Underground Lab ingame) is a location in Point Lookout found beneath the Point Lookout Lighthouse.



Before the Great War, the facility was used for research into improving the process of extracting and isolating brains, pioneered by General Atomics for their Robobrain robots. It was discovered that by manipulating the mixture for the biomedical gel it was possible to achieve effects previously thought impossible. Not only could the brain retain its full mental capacity under the right circumstances, but it could also project images and thoughts into other minds. This opened the door not only to applications in battle field technologies but also, for example, interrogation methods. The only concern was whether being isolated in biogel for years might have psychological effects.

Senator Calvert had his brother, Professor Calvert, transferred to the project not much later. Sometime later Professor Calvert had his brain extracted, this way allowing him to survive the Great War and receive psychic powers. Now, he operates the laboratory with his robots and dreams of entering the minds of as many people as possible. However, his goal is hindered by Desmond Lockheart, a ghoulified secret agent and his long-time nemesis.

The Underground Lab is the final location of the Point Lookout main quest. It is here the final confrontation with Professor Calvert takes place.

Notable loot


St. Aubin Medical Facility appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.

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