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See also Squirrel.
A fully grown squirrel.

A Squirrel is a pet a player may have at level 60 Summoning. A baby squirrel can be caught in various locations around RuneScape using a Net trap baited with nuts. Nuts can be bought from any Pet shop, and unlike other Hunter traps in which bait is optional, bait must be used in order to successfully catch a squirrel. Catching a squirrel requires 29 hunter and 60 summoning and gives 152 Hunter experience. Net traps are made by using a rope and a small fishing net on 'young trees' which are often found in areas inhabited by squirrels, a notable exception being the area just south of the Body Altar. Once the trap is set it must be baited by using nuts on it. It is worth noting that only baby squirrels can be caught, fully grown squirrels cannot. Originally all player owned squirrels were white and players were only permitted one at a time, however since the introduction of colour variants and the Menagerie in player owned houses it is now possible to keep several squirrels.  Players interested in obtaining some of the less common colour variants should investigate the area immediately north of the Falador wall, near the ivy woodcutting area.  This spot contains several baby squirrels in a variety of colours and young trees with which to trap them. Squirrels and Baby squirrels eat nuts, which can be bought at a Pet shop, it is now also possible to feed baby squirrels using a pet feeder in the Menagerie of a player owned house. Each 11% of its hunger is 1% of its growth.

Squirrel can be grey, white, light brown, brown or dark grey.

A baby squirrel pet.
A player feeding his squirrel.
A white squirrel.


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