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Type: Robotic bird
Created by: Pheros
Appearances: DW: The Infinite Quest

Squawk was a living metal, robotic bird from Pheros, who served Baltazar as a spy. His father was Caw, who Squawk later mourned. Squawk was disguised as a small brooch, given to Martha Jones by Caw. When the Doctor's TARDIS was hijacked by the space pirate Baltazar, The Doctor waited until Squawk had grown big enough to ride upon, and traveled to the Infinite to rescue Martha. After the Doctor defeated Baltazar, Squawk took him to the prison planet Volag-Noc, where he belonged. (DW: The Infinite Quest)

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Rise of the Empire era


Galactic Republic

Ganch: "Let's see those muscles the Kaminoans worked so hard to make."
Squawk: "I'd rather use them to crunch droids than block rivers, sir."
Ganch and Squawk

"Squawk" was a clone trooper serving in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. He was assigned to Devaron, where he served under Commander Ganch and Jedi General Bolla Ropal.



Attack on Devaron

While under the command of Jedi General Bolla Ropal on Devaron, and the supervision of Ganch, Squawk assisted his fellow clones in the construction of non-military fortifications, such as a large dam. Squawk told his commander that he'd rather be fighting than building, and was reprimanded by Ganch. When Cad Bane and the Separatists suddenly attacked the planet, the Jedi and clones were caught off-guard, as they thought they were far from any action.

During the surprise assault, Aurra Sing and her Nashtah Team destroyed a Low Altitude Assault Transport on the dam above the clones, which fell from its landing place and plummeted downward. Squawk evaded the resulting explosion, though other troopers were killed, and Tyzen was knocked unconscious. The clones then found themselves under fire from Sing and her team. After Tyzen recovered, he then told Ganch to order his men to seal their helmets and to target the braces on the dam they had been building. Tyzen and the clones then destroyed the dam, allowing the pent up water to rush through the valley, washing themselves away along with Sing and her droids.

Squawk survived both the battle and the flood, soon being picked up by a number of LAATs.

Mission to Ukio

"Ready for dirtside, boys. Hope you all brought something interesting to read."

As part of Ganch's regiment, Squawk was sent along with with a fleet orbiting Ukio. Squawk accompanied Ganch and Tyzen planetside, where they were to inspect the Ukian's defenses. Squawk expressed annoyance that they would be in for a quiet time on the planet, to which Tyzen agreed. Ganch told them that the in-depth review of the planet's shields would keep them more than busy. After they landed and met with Liege, a leader of the Ukians, Squawk and the other clones were then granted full access to the shield generator assembly, so they could assess it.


  • The Clone Wars: Act on Instinct

This article uses material from the "Squawk" article on the Starwars wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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