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Squall Leonhart
Squall Leonhart/Dissidia
Kana スコール・レオンハート
Romaji Sukōru Reonhāto
Japanese Name Squall Leonhart
Original Game Final Fantasy VIII
Story Difficulty ***
EX Mode Equipped Lion Heart
EX Burst Renzokuken
Japanese Voice Actor Hideo Ishikawa
English Voice Actor Doug Erholtz
Dissidia Final Fantasy Character
"Your ability to mess with time is coming to an end!"
—Squall to Ultimecia

Squall Leonhart is one of the heroes fighting on the side of Cosmos in Dissidia Final Fantasy. A cold taciturn youth who wields a Gunblade—a weapon that is part sword and part gun—he is a master of combos, able to chain together a myriad of attacks with ease. Squall is a loner who is focused on finding the Crystals and defeating his nemesis, Ultimecia. However, during his travels, he is torn between fulfilling his duty and protecting his friends, Zidane and Bartz, who are being targeted by Ultimecia's allies.


Crystal and Attire

Squall's primary attire is based on both his original appearance from Final Fantasy VIII and his Amano artwork. He wears a black leather bomber jacket that is cut just below the rib cage with a white furred 'mane' along the collar. Underneath the jacket is an untucked white shirt with a v-neck cut and black pattern. The Griever pendant hangs around his neck. Along with the jacket are black pants held by three belts, one of which has a Griever buckle. Over the right hip is a black protective sash, originating from the belt, with white fur trim to match the jacket collar. Black gloves and boots complete the ensemble.

His alternate costume is the male SeeD uniform, worn during the SeeD graduation ball in Final Fantasy VIII. Military in design, the uniform has a standing collar buttoning down from top to bottom. The collar is part of a black tunic with gold trim and maroon cuffs. The pants are straight-legged and tucked into black knee-high boots. A black Sam Browne belt is worn with the tunic and a blue and silver design is worn over the shoulders, connected by a chain across the front. The shield tapers to a double point at the back. Squall's Manikin version, Transient Lion, is pink in hue.

His Crystal resembles a silver feathered wing, a recurring theme in Final Fantasy VIII. Its design also hosts a shape of the Gunblade when carefully looked at, and has the ability to detect other Warriors of Cosmos, as shown with Bartz.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)


Cloud, Tidus, and Squall talking.

As Cosmos explains the need for the Crystals, she transmits illusions of herself to all of her warriors who were now separated into small groups due to the battle. Squall, the only warrior save for the Warrior of Light who was on his own, embarks on his quest without concern for its difficulty.

Destiny Odyssey

Squall advising Bartz.

After meeting up with Zidane and Bartz, Squall is offered a chance to join with them in finding the crystals, but he refuses, citing that he feels more comfortable alone. Zidane and Bartz accept this and turn to leave, but Bartz turns back and gives Squall a lucky feather, saying that it will protect him from danger and that they will meet again. Puzzled as to why Bartz had given him the feather, Squall is met by Cosmos, who is actually Ultimecia in disguise. She questions Squall's decision of working alone, but Squall simply shrugs it off. Cosmos/Ultimecia then hints that, to get the crystal, Squall must defeat Ultimecia alone. Squall accepts this and continues on his journey.

While Ultimecia and Garland plot in the background, Squall starts to doubt his own decision of going at it alone due to Cosmos/Ultimecia's previous questioning. Later still, Kefka convinces Kuja to capture Squall in order to further his own plans to capture Zidane, knowingly going against Ultimecia's wishes. However, Squall defeats Kuja and becomes aware of his plans against Zidane in the process. Although he briefly considers trying to contact him, he realizes that there is nothing he can currently do about it, and thus continues on his quest.

As all the heroes and villains begin to group together, Squall is the only one still working alone. Noticing this, the Warrior of Light intercedes, warning Squall of the dangers of working alone. When Squall still refuses to ally with a group, the Warrior of Light challenges Squall to prove his conviction. Squall defeats him and says that working in a group is not the only way to work together. The Warrior of Light accepts this and leaves, reminding Squall that he is not alone in the war.

Ultimecia appears to Squall as Cosmos.

Cosmos/Ultimecia appears before Squall once again near the end of his journey. Revealing herself to be Ultimecia, she commends him on his resolve and cold-heartedness. When Squall questions this, she explains how Squall had neglected to return to assist Zidane, even though he knew he might be in trouble, and how he thought true feelings were inconsequential to the task at hand. Momentarily bewildered, Squall backs down. Ultimecia accepts this and allows him to go free for now, saying that the time for their confrontation was close at hand. As he continues down his path, Squall confirms to himself that which was important to him - his duty.

Confronting Ultimecia at her castle, Squall explains that what he was doing was not out of abandonment or selfish desire, but because of a promise of duty. When Garland also appears to fight him, Squall does not back down. Meanwhile, Zidane appears and takes on Garland, leaving Squall to confront Ultimecia.

Warrior of Light confronts Squall.

After Ultimecia is defeated, Zidane explains that he had come across Squall while looking for Bartz, who had fallen into a trap. Squall agrees to help immediately. When questioned about this, he pulls out the lucky feather, saying that he had to return it. Together the duo, with the aid of Squall's newly recovered Crystal, go to rescue Bartz.

However, as the two arrive, it turned out that Bartz had escaped on his own, even managing to steal a crystal from his captors. But it turned out that it was all a trick, and as Zidane touches the crystal, he is teleported away into another trap. As Squall and Bartz search for Zidane, Bartz expresses his guilt for being so easily fooled and being weak. Squall gives the lucky feather back and assists Bartz just as Exdeath appears. Though Squall offers to take the villain down himself, Bartz declines, saying that it was he who had to gain the strength to defeat Exdeath and not someone else. Upon Exdeath's defeat, the lucky feather turns into the Crystal that Bartz was searching for. Squall, his original journey completed, opts to stay with the group formed by Bartz and Zidane, who had just escaped from the trap by defeating Kuja.

While the three rest, having all collected their independent crystals, they begin sharing on how they had obtained their crystals, with Squall saying that he had obtained his through the hope born from Cosmos' words.

Having defeated his father, Jecht, Tidus meets up with Squall and later Cloud as they move to reunite with the other warriors of Cosmos.

Shade Impulse

Squall strikes down Ultimecia.
Squall and Zidane hold their crystals.

Rejoining the other eight warriors as they approach the Warrior of Light, Squall follows to Cosmos' Throne where Cosmos lay waiting for them. However, she states that they were too late, and a fully powered Chaos then appears and incinerates Cosmos, killing her. In a sudden display of emotion, Squall is the first to be shocked, screaming out Cosmos' name as she dies. With her death the side of light began to fall, with light being consumed into the void; including the warriors of light as the warriors of Chaos look on, gloating. Protected by the power of the crystals, however, the warriors do not disappear permanently and later reappear in Cosmos' Sanctuary. As the world begins to crumble around them, they began to make their way to Chaos' throne to defeat the warriors of Chaos.

During the journey, they learn more of the endless cycle of the war, and that their worlds were fated to vanish. Cloud theorizes that if they saved this world then their worlds would be saved as well. Squall reveals that he also was thinking this, recalling a promise he had made; that someone was waiting for him back in his world. Later he, along with Cloud and the Warrior of Light, notes that the world's time was nearing its end and that they had to defeat Chaos himself to end the cycle.

After the death of Cosmos, Squall confronts Ultimecia once again in her castle. Ultimecia tells him that Cosmos' final wish was fulfilled when she died, and that Chaos will soon follow. In addition, Squall learns that Ultimecia wants to create a world of compressed time where all would be able to exist eternally. Squall, wishing to fulfill the promise he made with the person waiting for him back home, engages her in combat to stop her attempts and emerges victorious.
Squall grabs a feather before returning to his world.
As she fades away, Ultimecia still attempts to compress time, forcing Squall to finish her off before she can do so.

After defeating Ultimecia, Squall travels to the realm of Chaos with the other Warriors of Light and confronts him directly. Upon the evil god's defeat, the previously destroyed worlds are reformed and balance is restored between Chaos and Cosmos. Squall, along with the other heroes, is teleported to Cornelia of the reformed world of the original Final Fantasy where they are then returned to their own worlds. Squall returns to Balamb Garden after catching a white feather that falls from the sky.


See also: Squall Leonhart/Dissidia/Quotes.

Squall's fighting style is called Relentless Revolver, and he specializes in draining an opponent's Brave with swift, powerful combo attacks. Some of his ranged abilities, though limited in comparison to his melee attacks, also allow him to hit multiple times. However, his HP attacks are a bit slow, and only one of them can hit opponents at a distance. The only downside is that Squall has no Bravery to HP attacks.


Main article: Squall (Boss)

Squall is fought in Distant Glory and Inward Chaos.

Brave Attacks

Move Type CP (Mastery) AP for Mastery Obtained Description Image
Upper Blues Ground 30 (15) 120 Initial Attacks opponent with an upward swing to send them in the air, then follows and strikes three more times, sending the opponent to the ground.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Blizzard Barret Ground 20 (10) 90 Initial Fire an ice bullet. Has long range and a fair bit of homing.
Solid Barrel Ground 30 (15) 120 Level 3 Slashes opponent at close range with four quick slashes, then stab upwards and shoots three times, sending them flying.
Additional Effect: Chase
Thunder Barret Ground 30 (15) 120 Level 6 Fires a stream of lightning that draws the opponent closer.
Fusillade Ground 30 (15) 120 Level 22 Fires four magic projectiles, then forms a stream of lightning. Can combo without hitting.
Additional Effect: Chase
Heel Crush Aerial 30 (15) 180 Initial Spins toward the opponent to strike them and slam them downwards.
Additional Effects: Wall Rush, Magic Block, Guard Break
Beat Fang Aerial 30 (15) 180 Level 10 Strikes opponents with three slashes to knock them around, then floats above them and stabs them repeatedly. Has short reach, but executes quickly and has decent tracking.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Mystic Flurry Aerial 30 (15) 180 Level 33 Fires several ice shards that turn into lightning strikes when they slow down. Can combo without hitting.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush

HP Attacks

Move Type CP (Mastery) AP for Mastery Obtained Description Image
Fated Circle Ground 40 (20) 180 Initial Swings gunblade to surround self with orbs of energy horizontally, then detonates them.
Additional Effects: Magic Block, Wall Rush, Absorb
Rough Divide (ground) Ground 40 (20) 300 Initial Jumps up, then speedily charges toward the opponent.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Blasting Zone Ground 40 (20) 300 Level 28 Surrounds gunblade in a field of energy and extends its range, then slams it into the ground.
Revolver Drive Ground 40 (20) 180 Level 38 Surrounds gunblade in a red aura and charges forward. Can be steered, and can be lengthened for a long period of time by holding Image:Square-button.png. It can be ended prematurely if used toward a wall.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Aerial Circle Aerial 40 (20) 180 Initial Swings gunblade to surround self with orbs of energy vertically, then detonates them.
Additional Effects: Magic Block, Wall Rush, Absorb
Rough Divide (midair) Aerial 40 (20) 300 Level 16 Jumps up, then speedily charges toward the opponent.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush

EX Mode

Squall's EX Mode

Squall's EX Mode, Lion Heart Equipped, gives him the Lion Heart gunblade, increased range, higher damage, and causes his health to regenerate over time. The EX Mode also causes his Brave attack, Solid Barrel, to become unblockable. All his attacks will also inflict twice the normal amount of individual hits.

His EX Burst is his Final Fantasy VIII Limit Break Renzokuken, in which the player must tap the R button in time with icons on a power meter to fire the gunblade's gun mechanism and increase the damage of Squall's attacks on the enemy. The finishing blow Lion Heart slashes the opponent causing a shockwave, a variation of the original Lion Heart attack from Final Fantasy VIII.


Squall can use the following: Swords, Throwing Weapons, Shields, Bangles, Hats, Helms, Clothing, and Light Armor.

Exclusive Weapons

Name Level Stats Effects (JP Version) Effects (US Version)
1 ATK +4 None. None.
Twin Lance
50 ATK +36 Battle Start: BRV +20%.
EX Force Absorption Amount +10%.
EX Core Absorption +10%.
92 ATK +63 Battle Start: BRV +30%.
EX Force Absorption Amount +15%.
EX Core Absorption +20%.
100 ATK +68 Battle Start: BRV +40%.
EX Force Absorption Amount +20%.
EX Core Absorption +30%.
Minor Sneak Attack Effect.



  • Just before he vanishes, Squall is framed against a field of yellow and white flowers, reminiscent of the field in Final Fantasy VIII.
  • The white feather that Squall catches in the ending FMV is a reference to Rinoa Heartilly, his love interest, whose identifiable symbol was the white feather. The scene itself is homage to the opening FMV of Final Fantasy VIII where Rinoa catches a petal and turns it into a feather. His dialogue to Onion Knight about his promise in Shade Impulse also makes reference to her as well.
  • Squall's thoughts can be constantly read when he is interacting with other people, just like in Final Fantasy VIII, where the player could also read Squall's inner monologue.
  • Throughout Destiny Odyssey, Squall prefers to fight alone, similar to his nature as a loner in his original appearance, though his motivations for this preference are more altruistic in Dissidia than in Final Fantasy VIII, possibly due to the fact that no one else is from the same world he is from, and therefore he does not know them. However, he later begins to open up and joins Bartz and Zidane after getting to know them.
  • The Chocobo Feather that is passed between Squall and Bartz may allude to Boco; a Chocobo which they both own in their respective games.
  • In Destiny Odyssey VIII, Squall says, “Sorry, but I'm not interested," when Kuja comes to capture him. This line is a phrase Squall used in Final Fantasy VIII. Also, "I’m gonna pass on the subject" is originally said towards Seifer Almasy in Final Fantasy VIII while, “I won’t become the past," "Whatever," and, “Gone talkin' to a wall," are also notable quotes said by him.
  • The Twin Lance and Punishment are Gunblades from Final Fantasy VIII with Punishment being the second strongest Gunblade after the Lion Heart.
  • Squall's magic attacks focus primarily on ice and thunder spells, which may be a reference to the two Guardian Forces he uses at the start of Final Fantasy VIII, Shiva and Quezacotl.
  • In Destiny Odyssey VIII, just before his fight with Ultimecia, Squall briefly poses with the gunblade in front of his face, a reference to the official CG artwork of Final Fantasy VIII.
  • The way Squall runs is reminiscent of the way he runs in Final Fantasy VIII when selecting Attack during a battle.
  • Squall's Solid Barrel attack is similar to how Irvine shoots in his Shot Limit Break.
  • As Squall begins his EX Burst, the way he strikes his foe is a upside down cross, similar to Seifer's Blood Fest Limit Break.
  • If Squall battles against himself, his opening quote is "There can only be one Squall", a reference to Squall's conversation with Edea from the past, the latter stating to his younger self: "You're the only Squall allowed here".
  • When Squall lands from performing his Rough Divide attack, his pose is the same as when he jumps between Garden Faculty and the children in the Training Zone.
  • Before Squall fights Ultimecia, Zidane says "You're being too cool, Squall!" This is a reference to Rinoa's line in Final Fantasy VIII, "Maybe you're being a little too 'cool', Squall." In the English version of Dissidia, the line is changed to "Trying to take the spotlight; eh, Squall?"
  • If Squall fights Tidus, Tidus says "Whats on your mind? Spill it!". This is the same quote Zell said to Squall early in the game.


  • Rough Divide, the very first Limit Break available to Squall in Final Fantasy VIII, is ironically his last obtained HP attack in Dissidia, gained at Level 51. However in the NA release of the game, Rough Divide is once again the first HP attack available in the game, and he also gains an aerial version of the same move that he learns later.
  • He is the third hero to gain his crystal, according to Destiny Odyssey 60.
  • Squall is the only hero to strike down his opposing warrior in a Shade Impulse Cutscene.
  • If one looks closely at Squall in the ending FMV, he is seen to be wearing a different version of his Griever necklace than in his art and in-game model. In fact, it is the same design as an actual necklace that can be purchased from Square Enix Shop.
  • In the original Final Fantasy VIII, Squall's "Lion Heart" finisher was a 19-slash attack, while in Dissidia it is merely the finisher's final blow.
  • Squall along with Onion Knight, has the fastest hand movement in Dissidia.

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