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Espionage, or spying, is the clandestine practice of gathering information on an opposing state, organisation, or group. Individuals charged with carrying out acts of espionage are known as spies, and their duties sometimes extended to acting upon the intelligence they gathered, in acts of sabotage for example. Spies sometimes used subterfuge to achieve their goals, such as taking on a false identity, sometimes to the extent of undergoing cosmetic surgery.

In 2267 the Klingon occupation force on Organia suspected Spock might be a Federation spy, but after subjecting him to their mind-sifter were confident in his story of being a trader. When it was later revealed Spock and James T. Kirk (who had been disguised as an Organian) were in fact Federation operatives the Klingons branded them spies and terrorists. (TOS comic: "Against Their Nature")

Gralmek under going surgical alterations

The incident on Organia resulted in the formation of the Organian Peace Treaty, which forbid the Klingons from direct military action against the Federation. In response the Klingon High Council looked for new tactics, and turned to espionage. A Klingon named Gralmek was recruited by Klingon Intelligence for the first mission to infiltrate the Federation's planetary development core. For the mission Gralmek underwent extensive cosmetic surgery to alter his appearance to match that of Arne Darvin. Once Gralmek's physical alteration was complete he was trained to act as a Human and was then sent into Federation space to begin his mission - starting by killing the real Arne Darvin and assuming his place as assistant administrator to Nilz Baris, who was overseeing Federation efforts to colonize Sherman's Planet. Gralmek's eventual goal was to poison a shipment of quadrotriticale which would result in the Federation colony failing, paving the way for the Empire to more successfully develop the planet, and claim it, under the terms of the treaty. Gralmek's mission ultimately failed thanks to the unforeseen intervention of tribbles, and the shamed High Council cancelled their plans for a more extensive espionage program. (TOS comic: "Beneath the Skin")

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DC Comics

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A spy is an individual who has been trained by a private and/or government agency to gather information that is considered secret or confidential without the permission of the holder of the information. The actions of a spy is referred to as Espionage. Espionage is inherently clandestine, as the legitimate holder of the information may change plans or take other countermeasures once it is known that the information is in unauthorized hands
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Characters of the Marvel Multiverse who are Spies.

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A Bothan spy meeting with a contact.

Spies were individuals that were trained, and sometimes hired, to perform espionage, the practice of obtaining information from rivals or enemies for a military or political advantage. Spies were employed to obtain secrets such as plans or formations of enemy troops. The primary mission of a spy was to collect information, not to fight. Although some spies were skilled in combat, most tried to avoid being detected altogether. The Bothan species was well known for being especially good at spying through the Bothan Spynet. Both the Rebellion and the Empire practiced spy usage during the Galactic Civil War. The Yuuzhan Vong extensively spied out the galaxy prior to their invasion.


Famous Instances of Espionage

Spies during The Great Galactic War (14 BTC/3,660 BBY)

An Imperial Spy on Geonosis, during the Great Galactic War
"Recent Republic strategic information reports prove that the rise of the Mandalorians was orchestrated by Imperial Intelligence."
―Jedi Master Gnost-Dural — (audio)Listen (file info)

The Sith Empire hired Spies during the Great Galactic War. After a succession of defeats generated by the Sith during the War, ended by the Battle of Bothawui, the Sith Emperor changed his strategy to ensure victory: Imperial Intelligence.

Their goal was to gain the control and loyalty of the Mandalorians. The Imperial Diplomats at first sent invitations to the Bounty Hunters and the crackpots of the Outer Rim, to join the war efforts. Not a lot of them answered positively, most of them remained neutral. To gain the loyalty of the Mandalorian, the Sith Emperor hired spies. The spies infiltrated the arenas where Bounty Hunters and such others brawlers fought in the Outer Rim. The Empire infiltrated the arenas as trainers, patrons, and Gladiators.

Imperial Intelligence had noticed a strong Gladiator and made him the puppet of their plans. The Sith Spies drugged and weakened his enemies to make it stronger than any others participants of the Geonosis Arena. The groans of Imperial Intelligence became the spectators acclamations : Mandalore ! Mandalore ! The Gladiator claimed the title and became the New Mandalore. He Summoned his people and allied them to the Imperial war effort. However, Mandalore obeyed Imperial Intelligence. As the puppets of the Sith, the Mandalorians declared war for a Second Time against the Jedi. They also prepared a blockade of the Hydian Way that had been broken by a small group of smugglers, lead by Hylo Visz on 7 BTC.

Secession Movement

The First Death Star Plans

After tracking Jango Fett to Geonosis, Obi-Wan Kenobi infiltrated a Geonosian structure and found the Separatist leaders and Count Dooku scheming to secede from the Republic, using their droid armies as martial back-up. Kenobi was able to send this vital information to the Jedi Council on Coruscant, leading to the start of the Clone Wars.

The First Death Star Plans

"Several transmissions were beamed to this ship by rebel spies. I want to know what happened to the plans they sent you."
Darth Vader

Prior to the events of the Battle of Yavin, Princess Leia uploaded stolen plans for the Death Star to R2-D2 before her imminent capture by Darth Vader. These transmissions had been procured from several different sources, including Rebel mercenary Kyle Katarn. Along with the plans was the famous hologram message for Obi-Wan Kenobi pleading for his return.

The Second Death Star Plans

Stolen plans show the Death Star's shields.

The Bothan Spynet managed to secure the plans to the Second Death Star, an event during which, famously, "many Bothans died..." The plans showed that the Death Star was indestructible until shield generators on the moon of Endor were effectively shut down. Thus, the Rebel Alliance was able to effectively attack the new, unfinished but deadlier, Death Star by a ground assault. Despite heavy losses, they were successful and the second Death Star was destroyed, along with the Emperor.

Zsinj campaign

Zsinj was notorious for employing Imperial intelligence assets in his period of warlordism. He had agents throughout not only the New Republic, but its fleet as well. However, Zsinj suffered heavy defeats from another quasi-spy organization- Wraith Squadron, and especially from a former member, Lara Notsil, who pretended to defect but actually was a spy and saboteur.

The Yuuzhan Vong Intendants

While their function was originally bureaucratic, the Yuuzhan Vong made extensive use of espionage prior to their massive invasion. Chief among their spies was Nom Anor. Ultimately, their use of espionage allowed them to gather massive amounts of intelligence on the Galaxy without their machinations (although they would detest the use of that word) being detected. Yuuzhan Vong spies were active and a very real danger throughout the entire war. They also used organizations such as the Peace Brigade and treacherous senator Viqi Shesh to gather intelligence. In terms of counterespionage, on some occasions, New Republic Intelligence and its successor, would feed known Vong spies false information. Luke Skywalker and Wraith Squadron were also able to infiltrate the captured Coruscant and learn valuable information about the Vong presence there.

Tools and equipment

Known Spies





Examples of intelligence/espionage organizations


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  • Star Wars: The Old Republic


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SWG Wiki

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Some operatives favor subtlety over grandiose pistol-waving intimidation. Spies use their training to blend in with a crowd, sneaking up quietly on targets to accomplish their missions. As they are often on their own, Spies have a rudimentary knowledge of first aid to keep themselves alive.

General Skills:

  • Ranged and Melee Combat
  • Stealth and Sneak
  • Assassinate


  • Smoke Bomb – area effect that allows you to blind your enemies during escape
  • Spy's Fang – Poison attack that disables your opponent
  • Steal loot from enemies

Spy Base Statistics:

  • +40 Luck
  • +50 Precision
  • +50 Strength
  • +80 Constitution
  • +40 Stamina
  • +100 Agility

Aurilian Village Rewards



Special Types
Attacks Ambush, Archanes Web, Assassinate, Blaster Burst, Razor Slash, Snipe, Spy's Fang, Venomous Ploy.
Basic Conceal Device, Neutralize Device, Reveal Shadows, Steal.
Healing Cloaked Recovery, Run Its Course, Spies Respite.
Buffs/Debuffs Assassin's Mark, Avoid Damage, Burst of Shadows, Flash Bang, Preperation, Shifty Setup, Smoke & Mirrors.
Cloaks Decoy, Smoke Bomb, Sneak
Official Descriptions
Ambush 1-7 A powerful level 10 melee attack from stealth that causes a very large increase in damage and applies a bleed to the target. Ambush also applies a brief 50% heal debuff to the target. Ambush is upgraded at levels 20, 32, 46, 60, 70, and 86.
Archanes Web This level 70 attack applies poison damage and slows the movement speed of the target.
Assassinate 1-8 A powerful level 1 attack that deals extra damage. Assassinate is upgraded at levels 10, 22, 42, 54, 66, 78, and 90.
Avoid Damage This level 34 ability grants the spy an increased chance to dodge direct attacks and evade AOE's for 15 seconds.
Blaster Burst 1-7 A powerful level 10 ranged attack that causes a large increase in damage. Blaster burst is upgraded at levels 18, 32, 46, 58, 70, and 84.
Burst of Shadows This level 26 ability greatly increases the spy's movement speed for a short period while stealthed.
Cloaked Recovery 1-5 A level 10 healing ability used to recover a small amount of health while stealed. Cloaked Recovery is upgraded at levels 28, 54, 70, and 86.
Conceal Device Granted at level 90, this allows you to hide concealable devices such as traps from view. No on will see the device but you.
Decoy This level 30 ability creates a decoy that will draw attacks away from the spy.
Fight or Flight Survival instincts kick in. Your action regeneration and movement speed are increased for a short period of time. Eveas Note: Movement speed is only increased 1%. This is mainly an action regeneration special.
Flash Bang This level 62 trap explodes with a bright flash, disorienting nearby enemies preventing them from executing most commands.
Neutralize Device Granted at level 90, this allows you to make an attempt to neutralize a hostile device such as a trap or mine. If you are not successful in your attempt, you will likely suffer grave injury.
Preparation This level 34 ability grants a short damage increase buff for a burst of damage output.
Razor Slash 1-7 A powerful level 10 melee attack that causes a large increase in damage. Razor Slash is upgraded at levels 18, 32, 46, 58, 70, and 84.
Reveal Shadows This level 10 ability will attempt to reveal all hidden targets in the vicinity of the spy.
Run Its Course This level 10 ability removes all poison, bleed, and disease DoT effects from the spy and makes the spy immune to further DoT application for the duration..
Shifty Setup This ability allows the spy to prepare for a single strike against a target. The buff decreases the target's chance to dodge, block, parry, or be glancing blowed by 20% and decreases you chance to critical hit or strike-through by 20%. It is removed after using 1 ability.
Smoke Bomb This level 7 ability can allow the spy to escape from combat and hide from enemies.
Smoke & Mirrors Allows the use of stealth only abilities while active.
Sneak This level 4 ability enables the spy to move around undetected.
Snipe 1-7 A powerful ranged level 10 attack from stealth that causes a very large increase in damage and applies fire damage to the target. Snipe also applies a brief 50% heal debuff to the target. Snipe is upgraded at levels 22, 34, 48, 60, 72, and 86.
Spy's Fang 1-6 This level 18 ability allows a spy to cause extra acid damage over time to the target. Spy's Fang is upgraded at levels 28, 46, 58, 72, and 88.
Spy's Respite 1-4 A level 7 healing ability used to recover a small amount of health. Spy's Respite is upgraded at levels 34, 58, and 82.
Steal This level 14 ability allows you to relieve a humanoid from some of their belongings.
Venomous Ploy 1-3 This level 38 trap explodes with a toxic cloud, causing poison damage to all enemies nearby. Venomous Ploy is upgraded at levels 50 and 74.


Precision Strength Agility Cloaking Armor
Advanced Strikes Cheap Strikes Cheap Shots Protective Armor
Improved Spy's Fang Opportunity Glancing Armor
Equilibrium Close Quarters Sniping Avoid Damage
Assassin's Mark Jagged Edge Savagery Preparation
Covert Operative
Covert Operative
Quiet Steps                 Run It's Course Improved 1st Aid Cloaked Heals                 Advanced Decoy
Reveal Shadows Rapid Concealment Assassin's Blade Puncturing Strikes Cloaked Attacks
Careful Observation Smoke & Mirrors Vibrogenerator Crippling Traps Cloak & Dagger
Expose Shadows Resonance Burst of Shadows Initiative
Without a Trace Covert Mastery Shifty Setup

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Combat Priority (Strikethrough vs Crit)

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