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Real Name
Swamp Thing; Mary Conway



Swamp Thing (Alec Holland) (adoptive father); John Constantine (biological father); Abigail Holland (mother); Sprout (spiritual predecessesor); Gregori Arcane (grandfather); Anton Arcane (great-uncle); Anaïs Arcane (great-grandmother, deceased); Josip Arcane (great-grandfather, deceased); Aniela Arcane (great-aunt); Lady Arcane (ancestor, deceased)


Base Of Operations



Unusual Features
Tefé Holland is a human/plant hybrid. Tefé also has naturally white hair, like her mother.



Place of Birth

First appearance



She first appears as the Sprout[1] and born [2] as Tefé, named after the location of the Brazilian river source and home of the Parliament of Trees.

Tefé is bisexual, currently with a lesbian lover named Zaina. [3]

Powers and Abilities



Tefé Holland wields elemental mastery over all forms of plant life.


  • Tefé is notable for being the featured character in the third Swamp Thing series,[citation needed] almost to the exclusion of the title character from 2000 to 2001, launching the comics career of series writer Brian Vaughan. The series lasted 20 issues, with two tie-in specials featuring Tefé by Vaughan.
  • Tefé Holland was created by writer Doug Wheeler and artist Pat Broderick.
Tefé as an infant


  • During the Children's Crusade, Tefé once earned the enmity of Lucifer by causing a flower to grow in Hell.

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  • Tefé Holland profile at the Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe

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  1. Swamp Thing #65 (1987)
  2. Swamp Thing #90 (1989)
  3. This relationship is revealed in Swamp Thing (fourth series) #9 (2005), the first issue in the series to be written by Joshua Dysart until 2006
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PBS Kids Sprout is a cable/satellite channel formed in 2005 by Sesame Workshop in conjunction with Comcast, PBS and HIT Entertainment. Currently, PBS Kids Sprout is available on many major cable networks, as well as DirectTV, but is not available on Dish Network at this time. PBS Kids Sprout replaces the PBS Kids network that was previously available.

Seasons 30, 31 and 32 of Sesame Street air twice daily on PBS Kids Sprout. Episodes of Plaza Sesamo are also offered in their on-demand service. The Hoobs also began airing on December 25, 2006. The network kicked off the US debut of the show with the Happy Hooby Holidays marathon and continued to air the show daily at 2pm EST.

On September 26, 2007, the network began airing Play With Me Sesame twice during the weekdays. Sesame Workshop's Panwapa began airing on the station in January 2008, and Jim Henson's Pajanimals debuted on the channel on November 2, 2008, airing each night in the programming block The Good Night Show.

The Sunny Side Up Show has featured live appearances of Big Bird (2007), Prairie Dawn (2008), Oscar (2008), Grover (2008), Super Grover (2008, 2009).

External links

  • Play With Me Sesame clips and schedule

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Guild Wars

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The Aloe Seed, a typical Sprout

Sprouts are mobile plants. They have a seed-shaped appearance and are about half as tall as humans. They pop up from the ground all over Tyria.

Most Sprouts are monks and use their regenerative powers to heal themselves (or nearby creatures) and smiting powers to defend themselves.

Like all plants, Sprouts have reduced armor against slashing damage and fire damage.

For a listing of Sprouts, see Category:Sprouts.

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