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The Spiritual warrior is a powerful melee user that can easily kill low-level players. Protect from Melee is not recommended for high-levelled players, as a large portion of their combat level consists of defence and hitpoints. There are four types of Spiritual warriors: Saradominist, Zamorakian, Bandosian, and Armadylian. They are excellent Slayer assignments.

The Armadylian Spiritual warriors use a Ranged attack and cannot be attacked with melee. Zamorakian warriors wear what appears to be a kind of red Dharok's set, a steel kiteshield, and an Anger mace from the Soul's Bane quest.Saradomin warriors wear a kind of Steel-Saradomin Armour and wield in one hand what seems a combination of a Steel two-handed sword and a Saradomin sword.



A good place to kill Spiritual Warriors is just outside of the Zamorak Boss chamber as it is usually fairly quiet and there's plenty of them around. 70+ Hitpoints are required to access the Zamorak base. It should be noted that your prayer points will be completely drained upon entering.

Spiritual Warriors frequently drop Mithril equipment, Adamant equipment and Rune equipment, so bring runes for High Level Alchemy.



Armour and Weapons

A player slaying a Spiritual Warrior



  • Spiritual Warriors originally dropped level 2 Clue Scrolls, but were updated to drop level 3.
  • Zamorakian Warriors appear to have a Gnome/Glarial's Amulet. Their weapons resemble an Anger mace. Also, the armour they are wearing looks like a red version of Dharok's platebody and legs.
  • Armadylian Warriors don't actually melee, they range, as stated in the Runescape Knowledge Base.
  • Zamorakian Warriors seem to have a female body.
  • Zamorakian Warriors have a graphical glitch where their hands do not seem to be gripping the handle of their weapons correctly. Instead part of the handle is invisible in the wrong part.

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