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The Spiritual mage is a potent magic user that can easily kill low-level players. Protect from Magic is highly recommended. They are aggressive to any players that do not show affinity to their god. For example, a Zamorak spiritual mage will be aggressive to all players that are not wearing a piece of Zamorak equipment. Spiritual mages require 83 Slayer to kill.



Like most monsters in the God Wars Dungeon, these creatures may be safely attacked when they are engaged against another monster. Players should be careful when using this strategy, as when their opponent does die, their next target may be the player. This method is most effective against the Saradomin spiritual mages in the southeast corner of the main area of God Wars Dungeon, as they are commonly found fighting the werewolves (which have fairly quick respawn time). Their attack hits very high and rarely misses, even when a player has a high Magic defence, so Protect from Magic is a must.

The spiritual mage is known for being the only source of Dragon Boots. They also drop a large variety of runes, but only in small quantities. The only runes they don't drop are Soul, Cosmic, Steam, Earth, Smoke and Lava runes.

Most slayers slay the Zamorakian Spiritual Mages using Mage prayer, since the uncommon Dragon Boot drops pay for the Prayer Potions.

A common alternative is the Saradomin Spiritual Mages. They are commonly camped because players never need food or potions. As long as a player is wearing the appropriate armour they can camp there for days. However, this is not a good strategy if a player wishes to level up their Slayer; sometimes the Werewolf or Bloodveld in the area gets the kill causing the player to not get Slayer xp.

The Bandos Spirit Mages have high defence and spawn far away from each other. Few players fight these because they are not possible to camp.

The Armadyl Spirit Mages cannot be meleed, but are good for Range experience. (they are unaffected by magical attacks)

For those who wish to camp at the Saradomin Spiritual Mages:  when you hop into a world and the werewolves are not attacking the Spirit Mages at all, attack the 2 werewolves and run north. If you have to, go up rope and wait a few seconds. Go back down and the werewolves and Spiritual Mages should be fighting now. You may safely camp there now. A few things you should not do is attack the other Saradomin NPCs in the area because they will be fighting the werewolves; the werewolves are your tanks and take all the damage from Spirit Mages for you. Spirit warriors hit common 10s on the werewolves. Spirit mages hit up to 5 on them. When you kill a spirit warrior it will become aggressive when it re-spawns. It is suggested to world hop if this does happen.


There are four types of Spiritual mages:









  • Although their attacks are accurate and powerful against players, Saradomin spiritual mages are very weak against other NPCs in the main room of the God Wars Dungeon, hitting rarely and with a maximum hit of 1.
  • There appears to be a graphical problem with Zamorakian Spiritual Mages. A small piece of what appears to be skin can be seen from the robe tops of the mages.

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