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The Spirit Spider at your Summoning interface

The Spirit spider is a level 10 Summoning familiar, summoned using a Spirit spider pouch. It can be used for the following things:

  • Combat: it is level 25 and can hit up to 3 damage. Since the Spirit spider is even weaker than the Spirit wolf, it is seldom used for combat.
  • Forager: it will occasionally forage Red spider eggs. Additionally, its Egg Spawn scroll produces several Red spider eggs near the player, which can be sold for a decent price. The Spirit Spider is much better known for this ability than its combat ability.


Spirit spider pouch

A Spirit spider pouch is made by using a Summoning pouch on a Summoning obelisk with 8 spirit shards, a gold charm and a spider carcass in the inventory. Making the pouch earns 12.6 experience points. Using the pouch to summon a Spirit spider gains 0.2 experience points, and costs 2 Summoning points. If players exchange their Spirit Spider pouches at Bogrog, they will receive 6 shards per pouch.

Egg spawn scroll

A player activating a scroll.

Egg spawn scroll enables the use of the egg spawn special move for a Spirit spider. Using the pouch on a Summoning obelisk creates 10 scrolls, and provides 0.2 experience.


Egg spawn

Egg spawn is the special move for Spirit spiders, which creates up to 7 red spider eggs on the ground next to the player, yet it is possible to not receive any at all. Doing so will cost the player 6 special move points and provide 0.2 experience. The scroll will only work outdoors.

Activating the scroll and picking up the red spider eggs that appear is a decent method of moneymaking for low levelled players.



  • The examine info is a reference to Little Miss Muffet. It is also the same as the Spider Queen's.
  • At one point a rumour amongst the lower level players was that red spider eggs were to hatch and inflict damage.

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