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File:Spirit shield.pngFile:Blessed Spirit Shield.pngFile:Arcane spirit shield.pngFile:Divine spirit shield.pngFile:Elysian spirit shield.pngFile:Spectral spirit shield.png
Members only? Yes
Highest Melee stat Crush
Lowest Melee stat Stab
Strength bonus? No
A Spirit shield.

Spirit shields are a range of shields available to members after they have completed the quest Summer's End. The shields are all derived from the "basic" Spirit shield, obtained upon completion of Summer's End, as an occasional drop from the Corporeal beast, and a rare drop from Tormented wraiths. The basic Spirit shield requires level 40 Defence and level 55 Prayer, and its bonuses are comparable to a Rune kiteshield.

A Blessed spirit shield can be created from a 'normal' spirit shield by adding Holy elixir at an Altar of Saradomin, providing the player has at least level 85 Prayer. If the player lacks the prayer level, Brother Jered can bless it for them, for a cost. A Blessed spirit shield requires 70 defence and 60 prayer, and has bonuses similar to a Dragon square shield.

On 11 January, 2010, the inventory icons of the four Spirit Shields with sigils attached were changed, albeit with no corresponding change to the looks of the item when wielded. A Jagex Moderator, Mod Nexus, has stated on the RuneScape Forums that the spirit shield worn models are being improved, however something broke in the process of them being updated, resulting in only the icons being changed. However, it was stated that they are working to re-update the spirit shield's looks soon.


Sigils and Shields

Once the player has a Blessed spirit shield, they can then attach a Spirit sigil to it. There are four different sigils available for use on a Blessed spirit shield, each giving the shield different bonuses and abilities. All have defensive bonuses comparable to a Dragon square shield. They are:

An Arcane spirit shield.
A Divine spirit shield.
  • Divine sigil - creates a Divine spirit shield.
    • The Divine spirit shield is one of two items that actively reduce all damage taken. 30% (or as much as possible if 30% is more than your current amount of Prayer points) of any damage you take is removed. Half of this 30% is deducted from your Prayer instead, while the other half is ignored completely.
An Elysian spirit shield.
  • Elysian sigil - creates an Elysian spirit shield.
    • The Elysian spirit shield is the other damage-reducing item. It has a 70% chance of reducing the damage you receive by 25%.
A Spectral spirit shield.

To attach any sigil to a Blessed spirit shield, both level 90 prayer and level 85 Smithing are required, so unless the player making the spirit shield has the required prayer level, they cannot be made via the assist system. Brother Bordiss can attach sigils to blessed spirit shields for a fee of 1.5 million coins. Once a sigil is attached, it cannot be removed or exchanged with another.

The Arcane and Spectral spirit shields both require 75 defence, 70 prayer and 65 Magic. The Divine and Elysian spirit shields require 75 defence and 75 prayer.


The bonuses each spirit shield gives is summarised below.

Item Attack Bonuses Defence Bonuses Other
Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Summoning Strength Ranged Strength Prayer
Spirit shield 0 0 0 0 0 +39 +41 +50 +1 +45 +40 0 0 +1
Blessed spirit shield 0 0 0 0 0 +53 +55 +73 +2 +52 +65 0 0 +3
Arcane spirit shield 0 0 0 +20 0 +53 +55 +73 +2 +52 +65 0 0 +3
Divine spirit shield 0 0 0 0 0 +63 +65 +75 +2 +57 +65 0 0 +3
Elysian spirit shield 0 0 0 0 0 +63 +65 +75 +2 +57 +65 0 0 +3
Spectral spirit shield 0 0 0 0 0 +53 +55 +73 +30 +52 +65 0 0 +3

As can be seen above, most of the 'improved' spirit shields have similar bonuses, with slight differences, or a different special ability. However, the differences make the shields very different in use to each other.

Obtaining Spirit shields

A Blessed spirit shield.

All spirit shields and their components are tradeable.

The following flowchart simplifies the process:

Creating Spirit shields
File:Spirit shield.pngSpirit shield
Add (with 85 Prayer or by Brother Jered):
File:Holy elixir.pngHoly elixir
File:Blessed Spirit Shield.pngBlessed spirit shield
Add (with 90 Prayer and 85 Smithing,
or by Brother Bordiss):
File:Arcane sigil.png
Arcane sigil
File:Divine sigil.png
Divine sigil
File:Elysian sigil.png
Elysian sigil
File:Spectral sigil.png
Spectral sigil
File:Arcane spirit shield.png
spirit shield
File:Divine spirit shield.png
spirit shield
File:Elysian spirit shield.png
spirit shield
File:Spectral spirit shield.png
spirit shield


Icon Item Price Direction Low Alch High Alch Store Details Days Last updated
Spirit shield Spirit shield 206,000
21,000 42,000 Not sold view edit graph 3 3:45, 4 February 2010 (UTC)
Blessed spirit shield Blessed spirit shield 6,391,412
560,000 840,000 Not sold view edit graph 2 3:45, 5 February 2010 (UTC)
Arcane spirit shield Arcane spirit shield 108,727,724
800,000 1,200,000 Not sold view edit graph 1 3:45, 6 February 2010 (UTC)
Elysian spirit shield Elysian spirit shield 443,000,000
800,000 950,000 Not sold view edit graph 3 3:45, 4 February 2010 (UTC)
Divine spirit shield Divine spirit shield 488,300,000
Not sold view edit graph 3 3:45, 4 February 2010 (UTC)
Spectral spirit shield Spectral spirit shield 104,000,000
Not sold view edit graph 3 3:45, 4 February 2010 (UTC)


  • Spirit shields and sigils are similar to godswords and hilts - both are made from multiple rare high-level monster drops, and both have four modifiers. The main difference is that once a spirit shield is enhanced, it cannot be changed, unlike a godsword, where hilts can be exchanged.

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