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A detailed view of a Spirit cockatrice.

The Spirit cockatrice is a level 43 Summoning familiar. It is summoned by using a Spirit cockatrice pouch, which will give you 0.9 Summoning experience. Apart from having a right-click special ability of Drain, it also can find and store Cockatrice eggs for you as per its scavenging ability.


Spirit cockatrice pouch

A Spirit cockatrice pouch is created by using a pouch on a summoning obelisk with one green charm, 88 shards and a Cockatrice egg in the inventory. Making the pouch grants 75.2 experience.Then making scrolls out of it grants another 12.5

Petrifying gaze scroll

A Petrifying gaze scroll is created by using a Spirit cockatrice pouch on a summoning obelisk. Doing this grants 10 scrolls.

Petrifying Gaze

The Spirit cockatrice has a special attack called Petrifying Gaze, which deals up to 10 damage against an opponent and drains their Defence level by 3. Petrifying gaze scrolls can be used with any variant of the cockatrice; however, each variant drains a different combat stat.


Cockatrice variants

Spirit cockatrices have a total of 7 variants. Each variant requires slightly different pouch components, and each variant's special attack affects a different combat stat. The differences are as follows:

Spirit cockatrice: drains Defence, pouch requires a Cockatrice egg (a chicken egg incubated by a Spirit cobra or a common drop from a Cockatrice)

Spirit saratrice: drains Prayer, pouch requires a Saratrice egg (a blue bird's egg incubated by a Spirit cobra)

Spirit guthatrice: drains Attack, pouch requires a Guthatrice egg (a green bird's egg incubated by a Spirit cobra)

Spirit zamatrice: drains Strength, pouch requires a Zamatrice egg (a red bird's egg incubated by a Spirit cobra)

Spirit pengatrice: drains Magic, pouch requires a Pengatrice egg (a Penguin egg incubated by a Spirit cobra)

Spirit coraxatrice: drains Summoning, pouch requires a Coraxatrice egg (a Raven egg incubated by a Spirit cobra)

Spirit vulatrice: drains Range, pouch requires a Vulatrice egg (a Vulture egg incubated by a Spirit cobra)

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