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The Spirit Realm is a different plane, parallel to the Wilderness. It is accessible during and after completing the Spirit of Summer quest. After the Summer's End quest, the weak portals will become available to travel through.


Spiritual portals

A player standing in the portal leading to Spirit Realm.
Two portals are available during the quest, and the reward item from the quest Jennica's ring activates additional portals.
  • Another one is the axe hut in level 55 Wilderness, just northeast of the Ardougne teleport lever.
    • Going to this portal grants 7,500 Attack experience when entering it and having an attack level of 50 or higher, and gives access to level 42 Ghostly warriors (with no axes) which can be killed for their drops, which include steel platebodies, steel platelegs, mind runes, cosmic runes, coins, as well as an occasional soul rune. (Hut door requires Lockpick.)
    • The fact that these low-level monsters are aggressive to any level player makes this a decent spot for training combat.
    • Melee gear is advised, and some food or other means of healing occasional damage, if you find that they hit at all.
  • The last one is at the Forgotten Cemetery just north of the flower patch portal.
    • Going to this portal grants 10,000 Prayer experience for anyone with a prayer level of 50 or higher, and gives access to a set of coffins which, when closed, releases level 79 ghosts into the real world which can be killed for their drops: Ranarr seeds, prayer potions (3), multiple herbs ranging from guam to ranarrs.
    • These ghosts have accurate, fast attacks, and provide combat experience.

Note that you must have a current AND base level of 50+ to claim experience.


Weak portals

The Chaos Temple portal.
The Dark Warriors' Fortress portal.
The Rogues' Castle portal.
The north-east Deep Wilderness ruins portal

There are also five weak portals that can be activated using an upgraded version of Jennica's ring:

  • Weak but visible; in the castle ruins far east of the Demonic Ruins, in Level 47 Wilderness.
    • Coordinates: 22° 56' N, 29° 9' E
    • Gives 5,000 Smithing experience.
    • In the spirit realm at this point, there are images of the Stone of Jas on the walls.
  • Very weak and invisible; in the north of Rogues' Castle in level 53 Wilderness.
    • Coordinates: 24° 18' N, 26° 33' E
    • Gives 10,000 Thieving experience to those with 60+ Thieving.
    • The portal is located within the wall, but outside the castle. It is 3 steps east of the broom, or 3 steps west of the skeleton. Players should be wary of the Chaos Elemental which is in that area.
    • This last portal allows players to lock the prison door in the Spirit Realm to unlock the doors in the real world and free the imprisoned rogue. When players talk to him, he advises them to meet him in Varrock, in the house behind the archery shop, where he will buy unenchanted jewellery for a modest price (see the Rogue jewellery shop article).
    • This also allows you to loot chests in the spirit world and real world which contain blood runes.


Based on the quest, the Spirit Realm is known to be an exact opposite of the real realm in RuneScape (However, the realm is limited to the Wilderness part of RuneScape.) For example, emptying a bucket of water in the real realm fills up the bucket in the Spirit Realm, and building a wardrobe in the real realm provides clothes for Summer Bonde in the Spirit Realm.

The realm is not technically a part of the Wilderness, so players can teleport out of the Spirit realm regardless of what the Wilderness level is in the real realm. However, the teleblock rule still applies when attempting to access the Spirit realm. In addition, when players enter the Spirit Realm, items on the ground in the real RuneScape realm are no longer accessible, while items may not be dropped in the Spirit Realm.

Due to this fact, it is possible that when the player killed the Spirit Beast in the spirit realm, the player released the opposite into our world the Corporeal Beast

Non-player characters and monsters in the real realm cannot be seen in the Spirit Realm, therefore the portal can be used as an easy escape when hunted by Revenants or any other monsters.



  • While in the Spirit Realm it is still possible to have random events.
  • When in the Spirit Realm, you can teleport as if you were not in the wilderness, and the wavy lines signaling the spirit world flash, then disappear.
  • The Portal in the north-west region of the wilderness has two symbols on the walls in the spirit realm. These symbols are of the mystical race of Dragonkin, learned about in the quest While Guthix Sleeps.

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