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A spiral staircase can be built in the staircase hotspot of the Dungeon, Quest Hall, and Skill Hall in a player-owned house. When building spiral staircases additional sets of materials are needed - one set for the base floor, and one for each floor you wish to access. It requires 67 Construction, 10 teak planks, and 7 limestone bricks to build each floor's worth. When built, each floor earns the player 1040 experience.

Note that when used, a Spiral Staircase will always ask you whether you wish to go up or down, when you click on it. This is so even when there's only 1 valid option.

The other complications associated with staircases involve adding rooms, or changing the staircase.

A staircase added to a Skill Hall on the regular level will prompt you to build it "Up" or "Down". When building an "Up" staircase, then attempting to climb the staircase, the construction interface will ask if you want to add a room at the top of the staircase. The rooms available at the top are either a Quest Hall or a Skill Hall. If you build a "Down" staircase, you have an additional option of building a dungeon stairs room downstairs.

When changing staircases, the problems become greater, since rooms connected to the staircase must first be removed. This is considered to be a very poor interface decision on Jagex's part, since it makes staircase upgrades much more expensive and difficult than other construction.

This is only true though if the room connected to the staircase does not lead anywhere. For example, if you remove stairs leading to a skill hall upstairs, and that hall has no connecting rooms, it must be removed. If however the upstairs room connects to for example a study, it stays in place.

Note, too, that there are cases where one of a house's staircases has been removed, and more than one staircase in that house has disappeared.


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