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For a history of this land, see: Final Fantasy X/Chronology
The world of Final Fantasy X is known as Spira (スピラ Supira) and is the world in which the stories of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 take place.

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Greatly resembling a single large island, Spira is composed of one mainland continent with several smaller islands to the east, west and south of it. Spira consists of many diverse climates: the tropical seaside islands of Besaid and Kilika, the temperate locales in the Mi'ihen Highroad and Mushroom Rock regions, the polar extremes of Macalania and Mt. Gagazet, the deep, mystical forests of Macalania and the arid deserts of Bikanel.

Map of Spira



Spira Gil


Spira uses gil as its official currency but evidence dug out in the Bikanel Desert by Al Bhed exbidition parties indicate it may have once used gold coins in the past.


People in Spira can be seen weaving, working in shops, bars and travel agencies, playing Blitzball, raising Chocobos, sailing boats, managing Shoopufs, working in archeological digs, working as Mercanaries/Sphere Hunters and performing in a variety of entertainment troops. One assumes some Spira residents fish and grow produce to supply their fellow Spirans with consumable goods.
Another form of occupation is shown in voluntary works such as the Summoner/Guardian pilgrimages and various religious temple work.



The world of Spira is covered in large part with water, having only one large continent that spans from Spira's south pole (viewable in the distance in Besaid) to well above Spira's equator.


On the southern part of the continent, Spira's climate resembles the real-world climate of the South Pacific Ocean. The climate gets colder as one approaches Guadosalam in the North (as shown by the clothing worn by the Guado and Bevelle natives). Macalania seems to be positioned at a high altitude, as vast icy areas can be seen on the road to Macalania Temple, yet ice is not present in the neighboring city of Bevelle. With the exception of the snowy high mountain trails of Mt. Gagazet, the northern tip of the continent seems to have a temperate or mildly warm climate since lighter clothing is worn by the area's occupants.


Spira has its own unique fauna, composed mainly of fiends, which are hostile monsters that attack any passerby. Other animals that can be seen in Spira are small monkeys, dogs, cats, Chocobos and shoopuf. All plant species in Spira resemble real-world vegetation with three notable exceptions: The magical woods of Macalania Forest, the moon lilies of the Moonflow and plant-like monsters such as Ochu and Malboro.

Culture aspects

Spiran Script
Al Bhed Script
The symbol of Yevon

The modern Spira is quite different from the one which saw the Millennium War. Machina, once abundant, is shunned by Bevelle's edicts, and only the outcast race of the Al Bhed try to regain some of the lost knowledge. From a probably relatively common kind of magical fighters, summoners have become a sort of special caste of their own: help and privileges are granted to them during their pilgrimage in exchange for their coming sacrifice against Sin. Yevon dominates every aspect of Spiran life, spreading their teachings and pretending to be the benevolent rulers of a much diminished world - a world where only a few million people live and virtually any kind of technological and social progress has been asleep for 1000 years. Yet beneath the surface unity of Spiran mainland, distrust and old anger still boils deep: one has to wonder if the various warring factions wouldn't have blown each other to smithereens without Sin's dreadfully pacifying presence. Only Blitzball truly unites the whole world around a common passion, the sport which survived Sin's coming and which holds annual tournaments in Luca's stadium, oddly left untouched by Sin's wrath.


The Teachings of Yevon, said to have been left by Yu Yevon to his daughter, Lady Yunalesca, were implemented by Bevelle to maintain order through giving the people hope that Spira may someday be free of Sin should they atone for their "sins". Until Yuna exposed their lies, the Church of Yevon taught that machina were forbidden, that Sin was a result of humanity's pride and use of machina in the past, and that Sin could only be vanquished when humanity had attained purity and had been cleansed of its past sins. Until then, it was said that only the ritual known as "the Final Summoning" would provide brief reprieves from Sin's terror (called "Calms").

At the end of Final Fantasy X, Yuna and her guardians entered Sin and – destroying each of his aeon hosts – forced Yu Yevon to manifest his spiritual energy as corporeal matter, making him vulnerable for the first time in 1000 years. They then unleashed their strength upon him directly, destroying him and ending his control over Spira. This was the end of the people's faith in the church due to Yuna and her friends exposing the church's corruption, hypocrisy and horrific internal workings.

Two years later, in Final Fantasy X-2, the moral teachings of Yevon were revitalized in the form of the New Yevon party under Praetor Baralai. Although technically a splinter group of Yevon, the New Yevon party was not a religion, but a way of life, their motto and position on Spira's advancement being "One thing at a time". Unfortunately a rival faction has also emerged, the Youth League, and the rivalry between the two groups, due to opposing points of view, are a source of growing conflict in Spira.


The concepts of magic, spiritual energy, the power of memories, and the spirituality of the people are heavily intertwined in the world of Spira and their effects manifest in a number of situations, including sporting events, religious practices, the technology used by Spirans and even in some of the native wildlife of the planet.

The themes and concepts, to name a few, cover Pyreflies and their relation with death, Aeons, the Fayth, Sin and the teachings of Yevon.







Races / Ethnic Groups

Cactuar - Intelligent, sentient cacti that can move around Spira during certain stages of their lives. The Cactuars have been the protectors of Bikanel Desert for many generations.

Ronso - A race of anthropomorphic blue lions with a single horn on their head, much like a summoner's horn They make their home on Mt. Gagazet which they believe is sacred. They are often much taller than humans and far stronger. They seem to speak only a form of broken Spiran.

Guado - A plant-like race of humans who live in Macalania. They have green hair and overlarge hands that resemble branches. They seem to be spiritually connected to the forest and would die if the forest disappeared. They are also the only ones who can make the Farplane safe for living visitors.

Hypello - A blue frog-like amphibious race, they are, in general, very lazy and generally make a living giving rides across the Moonflow or working for Tobli. Even though they speak Spiran they will often over enunciate soft O's and say S's as Sh's as in "Mish Yoona" (instead of "Miss Yuna") It is difficult for non-Hypello to tell apart males and females. Even though they would be amazing at Blitzball there are too few who want to play to set up a full team, according to Maechen.

Al Bhed - Almost exactly the same as a human with a language of their own, aptly named Al Bhed. They are only set apart by their swirl laden, vivid green eyes and love of Machina.

Humans - The predominant race in Spira. They are widespread and live in all but the harshest of conditions.

The Aeon Shiva

Spiritual Beings

In Spira there are two types of "immortal" spiritual beings that look, move and talk as living beings. These are the Unsent and the Fayth. Ronso, Guado, Hypello, Al Bhed and Humans can technically become either, depending on circumstance and the individuals in question.
There are also two classes of magical fauna in Spira: Aeons and Fiends.

List of Spira Locations

  1. Besaid
  2. Kilika
  3. Luca
  4. Mi'ihen Highroad
  5. Mushroom Rock
  6. Djose
  7. Moonflow
  8. Guadosalam
  9. Farplane
  10. Thunder Plains
  11. Macalania
  12. Bikanel
  13. Bevelle
  14. Calm Lands

15. Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
16. Remiem Temple
17. Mt. Gagazet
18. Zanarkand
19. Baaj Temple
20. Omega Ruins
21. Cave Ruins
22. Chocobo Ranch
23. Den of Woe
24. Fiend Colony
25. Ruin Depths
26. Via Infinito
27. Yadonoki Tower
28. Coliseum



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Up to date as of February 04, 2010

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Core Worlds


Lytton sector

Primary terrain


Points of interest
Native species


Primary language(s)

Galactic Basic Standard

Major cities

Ataria City


Spira was a popular resort world of beautiful beaches. It had a low axial tilt, which gave it a large temporal zone over much of its surface.


Spira was first colonized 1,001 BBY. It was the sector capital of the Lytton sector. A popular tourist destination, it possessed 4,527 luxury hotels some thirty years before the Battle of Yavin.

It lacked any dangerous land fauna and flora on its many islands, and the number of nautic dangers was also low, even though there were some dangerous animals like the Galub sea slug and the camray eel. The relatively safe tropical environment made the planet one of the leading water sports resorts in the galaxy within easy reach of the Core Worlds.

It was speckled with literally thousands of islands, which in the day of the Old Republic were inhabited by rich and famous civilians, but were occupied by members of the Imperial elite during the Galactic Civil War. Apart from holidaying Moffs, governors, officers and the like, Imperial presence on the planet was scarce. There was an Imperial garrison there, but they were mostly servants to the holidaying Imperial top men rather than imposing the will of the Emperor.

In accordance with the New Order, there were hardly any non-Human residents on the planet. Those that were there, were typically employees doing very menial tasks.

Spira was officially governed by the Tourism Guild. The guild had made a deal with the Empire, allowing only passenger ships, supply shuttles and Imperial vessels to enter and exit the system.

During the reign of the New Republic, Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors planned to take a vacation on the planets beaches, following the resolution of the Battle of Yavin 4 in 12 ABY.



This article uses material from the "Spira" article on the Starwars wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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