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Series: Starfleet Corps of Engineers, No. 46
Author(s): J. Steven York and Christina F. York
Publication information
Published: eBook - November 2004
ISBN: ISBN 0743496876
Omnibus: Creative Couplings


Introduction (blurb)

The S.C.E. thought it would be a simple task: a derelict vessel heading straight for the inhabited world of Locra needs to be diverted to avoid catastrophe. However, the derelict isn't as easy to deflect as it would seem -- the S.C.E. team must figure out how to operate the vessel before it crashes and destroys the Locra civilization.

The derelict isn't the only thing on this mission with a secret, and even as Commander Sonya Gomez and her crack team try to unlock the secrets of the ship, Captain David Gold must find out what the Locra are hiding.


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DC Comics

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Mr. Auerbach
Mr. Auerbach was the son of a media mogul whose holdings included the cable news network KN News. He pursued a career in journalism, hoping to work his way up in his father's company. While working on a story, he met Edwar Martinez, who was capable of sensing the fears in others and making them a reality.[1]

Auerbach eventually was put in charge of KN News, where he had a hand in determining much of the content that the network covered.

He also led a double life as the villain Spin. He kept Edwar captive in the basement of the news building, hooking him up to machines and forcing him to watch news coverage. In this setting, Spin was able to channel and direct Edwar's amazing ability.

His first caper was robbing a Fabergé egg from a local auction. He created a distraction by summoning earthquakes, which had been in the public's mind due to a recent quake in Hub City.

He took advantage of a comment made on television by the Flash expressing his financial woes. After the citizens of Keystone City started to feel some doubt about their local hero, Spin lured him to the Keystone City Salamanders stadium and forced him to steal many valuables from the fans there.[2] This causes a massive public outcry against the Flash, which Spin enhances with his powers, even turning the original Flash against his successor.

When Spin and Edwar realized that the Flash had identified the source of the disturbances as emanating from KN News, he used his abilities to summon Gorilla Grodd to Keystone, the Rogue which Edwar sensed would make the speedster most anxious.[3] Grodd, however, was not pleased with his sudden teleportation, and a massive battle ensued. In the chaos, Edwar was released from his machinery and his powers went completely out of control, causing citizens to act out nearly every situation being mentioned in the media.[4]



  • Spin has a vast array of equipment set up in the basement of the KN News building where he keeps Edwar Martinez. By forcing Edwar to watch news coverage, he is able to direct and control Edwar's ability to sense specific anxieties in the public consciousness and turn them into reality.
  • Spin wears a costume with a television screen for a face. Usually static appears on the screen, but when channeling Edwar's powers, the face of his victim or a phrase describing his actions may appear. He can summon this costume by uttering the words, "Load theme."

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  • Auerbach (New Earth) at Flash: Those Who Ride the Lightning


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The icon for the Twirl emote.
Members No
Sound No
Requirements None
A player doing the Twirl emote.

Twirl is one of the many emotes available for all players. This emote will make the player spin around in a circle once. It is used in a couple of clue scrolls.

The emote was previously known as Spin but was renamed due to an issue where the cursor would display differently on mouseover of the emote, because of the spin option on spinning wheels.

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From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Spin, a term developed by the fan community and inspired from Raiza the Storm Monarch refers to returning a card from the field to the top of a player's deck. Spin is powerful because it takes a card off of the field and uses up the players next draw, making it difficult to fight against. Since most spin cards affect monsters, it will often waste a player's normal summon/set for the turn or remove a powerful but difficult to summon monsters such as Stardust Dragon or Destiny Hero - Plasma. Spin works well with bounce effects from cards such as Begone, Knave!, Neo-Spacian Grand Mole, and Giant Trunade. It should also be noted that, like Fusion Monsters, Synchro Monsters are sent back to the Extra Deck when spun.

Incidentally, many of these cards have a wind or twister theme. Mystic Swordsman LV6 even looks as if he is spinning.

Cards capable of spin are:

Cards that work well with spin are: Chain Energy, Stardust Dragon (because your opponent will have limited resources to destroy your cards), etc.

Cards that are good against spin include Monarchs, Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, Breaker the Magical Warrior, G.B. Hunter etc.

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