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Official Name
Web Shooters




Lead Designer
Peter Parker

Place of Creation
Peter Parker's Basement, Queens, NY

Current Owner
Peter Parker

First appearance

Amazing Fantasy #15



Spiderman's Web Shooters

Spider-Man's web-shooters were twin devices worn on his wrists which could shoot thin strands of a special "web fluid" at high pressure (note: the fluid itself is pressurized at 300 psi, but the actual number has been known to change). The web fluid was a shear-thinning liquid (virtually solid until a shearing force was applied to it, rendering it fluid) whose exact formula was unknown, but was related to nylon. On contact with air, the long-chain polymer knited and formed an extremely tough, flexible fiber with extraordinary adhesive properties. The web fluid's adhesive quality diminished rapidly with exposure to air. (Where it did not make contact with air, such as at the attachment disk of the web-shooter, it remained very adhesive). After about 1 hour, certain imbibed esters caused the solid form of the web fluid to dissolve into a powder. Because the fluid almost instantly sublimated its anaerobic liquid/solid phase transition point, there was no clogging of the web-shooter's parts.

Spiderman's Web Cartridges In His Utility Belt

The spinneret mechanism in the web-shooter was machined from stainless steel, except for the turbine component which was machined out of a block of Teflon, and the two turbine bearings which are made of amber and artificial sapphire. The wristlets and web fluid cartridges were mainly nickel-plated annealed brass. The wristlets had sharp steel nipples which pierced the bronze caps when the cartridges were tightly wedged into their positions. The hand-wound solenoid needle valve was actuated by a palm switch that was protected by a band of spring steel which required a 65 pound pressure to trigger. The switch was situated high on the palm to avoid most unwanted firings. The small battery compartment was protected by a rubber seal. The effect of the very small turbine pump vanes was to compress (shear) the web fluid and then force it, under pressure, through the spinneret holes which cold-drew it (stretches it: the process wherein nylon gains a four-fold increase in tensile strength), then extrudes it through the air where it solidified. As the web fluid exited the spinneret holes, it was attracted to itself electrostatically and thus could form complex shapes. The spinneret holes had three sets of adjustable, staggered openings around the turbine which permitted a single web line, a more complex, spun web line, and a thick stream. The web line's tensile strength was estimated to be 120 pounds per square millimeter of cross section. The 300 p.s.i. pressure in each cartridge was sufficient to force a stream of the complex web pattern an estimated 60 feet (significantly farther if shot in a ballistic parabolic arc).


House of M

George showing the capabilities

In the House of M, Captain George Stacy attempted to sell the shooters to the NYPD as a non-lethal protective weapon.


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