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In Final Fantasy X, characters learn abilities and raise stats by navigating through what is called the Sphere Grid. Each character starts in a different section of the grid and continues to learn skills related to their role in the game. After they navigate to the end of their section, they can start learning moves from a nearby ally. There are different types of sphere that perform different tasks on the Sphere Grid.


Red Spheres

Red Spheres activate adjacent nodes on the Sphere Grid.

  • Power Sphere - Activates Strength, Defense, and Hit Point Increase Nodes.
  • Mana Sphere - Activates Magic Power, Magic Resistance, and Mana Point Increase Nodes.
  • Speed Sphere - Activates Agility, Accuracy, and Evasion Increase Nodes.
  • Ability Sphere - Activates Skill, Special, and Magic Skill Nodes.
  • Fortune Sphere - Activates Luck Nodes.

Orange Spheres

Orange Spheres activate nodes on the Sphere Grid that, unless stated otherwise, has been activated by another character.

  • Attribute Sphere - Activates any stat increase node
  • Special Sphere - Activates any Special Node
  • Skill Sphere - Activates any Skill Node
  • White Magic Sphere - Activates any White Magic Node
  • Black Magic Sphere - Activates any Black Magic Node
  • Master Sphere - Activates any node, including nodes not activated by another character.

Black Spheres

Black Spheres are "Key Spheres" and open locked nodes on the Sphere Grid.

  • Lv. 1 Key Sphere - Unlocks Lv. 1 locks.
  • Lv. 2 Key Sphere - Unlocks Lv. 2 locks.
  • Lv. 3 Key Sphere - Unlocks Lv. 3 locks.
  • Lv. 4 Key Sphere - Unlocks Lv. 4 locks.

Purple Spheres

Purple Spheres turn empty nodes into usable nodes.

  • HP Sphere - Turns an empty node into a "HP +300" node.
  • MP Sphere - Turns an empty node into a "MP +40" node.
  • Strength Sphere - Turns an empty space into a "Strength +4" node.
  • Defense Sphere - Turns an empty space into a "Defense +4" node.
  • Magic Sphere - Turns an empty space into a "Magic +4" node.
  • Magic Defense Sphere - Turns an empty space into a "Magic Defense +4" node.
  • Agility Sphere - Turns an empty space into an "Agility +4" node.
  • Evasion Sphere - Turns an empty space into an "Evasion +4" node.
  • Accuracy Sphere - Turns an empty space into an "Accuracy +4" node.
  • Luck Sphere - Turns an empty space into a "Luck +4" node.
  • Clear Sphere - Removes a statistic node from the grid, and negates the increase from anyone who activated it. Useful to turn +1 nodes into +4 nodes.

Blue Spheres

Blue Spheres move characters around the Sphere Grid.

  • Return Sphere - Return to a previously activated node.
  • Friend Sphere - Warp to another allies spot on the Sphere Grid.
  • Teleport Sphere - Warp to any activated node on the Sphere Grid.
  • Warp Sphere - Warp to any spot on the Sphere Grid.

Cloister Spheres

Cloister Spheres are not used in the Sphere Grid, and are instead used to help navigate the Cloister of Trials in each temple

  • Glyph Sphere - Activates a door or a switch on most occasions, appears to be green.
  • Besaid Sphere - Similar to the Glyph sphere, but more general to the Besaid Temple.
  • Kilika Sphere - A fiery sphere that creates a flame.
  • Djose Sphere - An electric sphere that creates a power surge through a specific path.
  • Macalania Sphere - An ice sphere that will freeze a specific area.
  • Destruction Sphere - A purple sphere that will destroy a wall or obstacle of some kind, which leads to a special treasure. Collecting each treasure in the temples that is associated with this sphere will enable Anima to be summoned in Baaj Temple.

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