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Speed, also known as Dexterity, is a recurring statistic from the series. It determines how often a character will attack. In games with Active Time Battle, it is used to determine the rate at which the ATB gauge rises. It can be augmented with the Haste status and can be reduced with the Slow status.




Final Fantasy VII

In the game, it is called Dexterity. It determines the speed of the ATB Gauge. It can also be increased with the Speed Source item.

Final Fantasy IX

As with Final Fantasy VII's Dexterity, this determines the speed of the ATB Gauge. However, due to the way that the attacks work, it has almost no impact on the actual game whatsoever. Speed increases as you level up, and can also be boosted by wearing certain pieces of equipment. Zidane Tribal is the only character who can max out his speed stat to 50 without the use of cheats. In Zidane's case Speed is an important factor for damage in some abilities like Thievery.

Final Fantasy XI

Dexterity in Final Fantasy XI is stat that is compared with an enemy's agility to determine the likelihood that a character's blow will be a critical hit, and also plays a significant role in determining the damage caused by Sneak Attack when used by a Thief. It's associated with the element of Lightning, and thus many lightning-based items add DEX to a character's stats.

Dexterity also has a direct impact on a character's accuracy stat. For every two points of DEX a character has, his/her accuracy is raised by one point. However, when using a Two-Handed Weapon, for every 4 points of DEX, your accuracy value is raised by 3 (.75 per one point of DEX).

Final Fantasy XII

Speed determines how fast the character is in taking their action. It also boosts the power of Bows, Ninja Swords, and Daggers. Haste helps to raise the speed, Berserk does the same thing. The accessory Cat-ear Hood also boost the speed of the character equipped with it.

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