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The Attack speed of a weapon determines the rate of attack of a player wielding that weapon. This is a factor which is often considered by players when forming strategies for activities such as player-killing. Weapons such as the abyssal whip and the dragon dagger are extremely popular because of their high attack speed.

The speed of each weapon is represented by a bar on which there are several possible values ranging from 7 (fastest) to 1 (slowest). The bar is separated into ten squares of lightening shades of blue. The value represents the number of squares shown, with 10 displaying a full bar and 0 displaying an empty bar. The delay time in seconds between each attack is equal to 6 - 0.6*(Speed Value). If the attack mode is set to 'Rapid', the speed value increases by 1. If the attack speed of a weapon is 8 or higher the player will hit again before the previous damage vanishes. If a player is under the effect of a Miasmic spell, his or her melee and ranged attack speed will be slowed by 50%.

An animation which cycles through each speed value
Attack Speeds of Various Weapon Types
Speed Image Weapon Types Notes
7 File:Speed3.gif Darts and Throwing knives The fastest of any regular weapon type, a speed value of 7 is reserved for only the fastest Ranged weapons. Popular for training. Note that short bows with rapid attacking style have attack speed of 7, making them the fastest weapons in F2P.
6 File:speed4.gif Daggers, swords, scimitars, claws, Zamorakian Spear, Saradomin Sword, Toktz-Xil-Ak, Toktz-Xil-Ek, Abyssal whip, God staves, Slayer staff, Ancient staff, shortbows, Hunter's crossbow, Karil's crossbow, Toktz-Xil-Ul, and the Salamanders, when in Ranged Attack mode. A notch down from the rapid-fire Ranged weapons are the quickest melee weapons, the faster staves, a variety of obsidian weapons, and the shortbows, along with a few crossbows.
5 File:speed5.gif Longswords, maces, axes, spears, pickaxes, TzHaar-Ket-Em, Torag's hammers, Guthan's warspear, Verac's flail, normal and elemental staves, normal, elemental, and mystic battlestaves, Iban's staff, Composite bows, Ogre composite bow, Seercull, Crystal bow, and Throwing axes . The barrows melee weapons are sometimes used by advanced players. The Dragon longsword and Crystal bow are also common among players.
4 File:speed6.gif

Battleaxes, warhammers, the Godsword, Barrelchest anchor, Ahrim's staff, Toktz-Mej-Tal, longbows, Dorgeshuun crossbow, Metal crossbows, Hand cannon and javelins .

3 File:speed7.gif Two-handed swords, halberds, Granite maul, Balmung, TzHaar-Ket-Om, and Dharok's greataxe . A speed value of 3 seems to be reserved for two-handed melee weapons, which make their first appearance excluding the Godsword and spears. The Dharok's greataxe, the obsidian maul, the dragon two-handed sword, and the dragon halberd are all notables which remain popular among those who like strength over attack speed.
2 File:speed8.gif Only the Ogre bow . This weapon is almost exclusively used for Chompy hunting, although the ogre composite bow is better.
1 File:speed9.gif Only the Dark bow . This bow, although slow, is the only one able to fire dragon arrows, hits up to 48, and fires two arrows at once. This weapon is often used by players attempting to kill their opponent with a single hit.
Undefined File:Speedanim.gif

Only the Dwarf multicannon

and the Easter Carrot

While the cannon cannot be truly equipped, its rate of attack is the fastest of any weapon if it is used properly. It's also very powerful among ranged weapons, only beaten by the dark bow, the hand cannon and the rune crossbow with more powerful enchanted bolts.

The Easter Carrot was a reward from the Easter Bunny only during the 2009 Easter Event.


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The basics

Every entity in Tibia which is able to move has a certain speed. Monsters have a fixed speed (unless they can use a haste-like spell), and so do NPCs.

However, the speed of players change as they level up. The higher level you have, the faster you are. A level 1 character will have a speed of 220. For each level, you get +2 speed (along with the regular mana and HP gain). A quick calculation will show that a level 111 will move twice as fast as a level 1, and a level 221 will move three times as fast.

Previously, old characters (older than the creation of Nova) were slower then other characters by 20 points, which is 10 levels slower! However, on February 14, 2006, CipSoft made the old characters equal to the new ones.

Optimizing System Settings

Walking with the arrow keys on the keyboard works a lot better after increasing the repeat rate and reducing the repeat delay of keystrokes. In MS Windows this can be changed in control panel/keyboard.


Full article Formula.

Unmodified speed = 220 + [2 * (level - 1)]

Items and spells



  • Haste (Utani Hur) is a spell that will raise your speed. Your speed will change to your unmodified speed( not including Boots of Haste or Time Ring) * 1.3 - 24 for about 30 seconds.
  • Strong Haste (Utani Gran Hur) is a spell that will also raise your speed, but it will raise it more so than the regular haste spell. Your speed will change to your unmodified speed (not including Boots of Haste or Time Ring) * 1.7 - 56 for about 20 seconds.
  • Charge (Utani Tempo Hur) is a spell that will increase a knight's speed by 90% of his/her basic, unmodified speed for 5 seconds (speed * 1.9)
  • Swift Foot (Utamo Tempo San) is a spell that will increase a paladin's speed by 80% of his/her basic, unmodified speed for 10 seconds, however, he/she won't be able to attack or cast any attack spells during that time (speed * 1.8)

External links

  • Tibianews article about speed

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City of Heroes

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This article is about the Speed power pool. For information on movement speed, see Limits or Travel Powers.


Speed is one of the powersets. It is one of the sets of Power Pools available to all heroes and villains. These powers allow you to commit great feats of speed. Most notably Super Speed, one of the four main Travel Powers.

Power Table

The following table shows which powers are available and at what level:

Power Level Effect
Flurry 6 Moderate Damage (Smashing) Foe Disorient (minor)
Hasten 6 Self +Recharge
Super Speed 14 Toggle: Self +Speed (Minor Stealth)
Whirlwind 20 Toggle: PBAoE, Foe Knockback


The following are powers in the Speed powerset.

Image:SuperSpeed_Flurry.png Flurry

Unleashes a super fast Flurry of punches to pummel your foe. Flurry is so dizzying that it has a chance to Disorient the target.

Damage Moderate (Smashing)
Recharge Fast
Minimum Level 6
Effects Foe Disorient (Minor, short duration)
Enhancements Enhance Damage
Enhance Disorient Duration
Reduce Endurance Cost
Increase Attack Rate
Enhance Accuracy
Set Categories Melee Damage

Image:SuperSpeed_AcceleratedCombat.png Hasten

You can reduce the recharge time of all powers for 2 minutes. Although Hasten does not cost any Endurance to activate, you can tire easily since your Endurance does not recover more rapidly. After Hasten wears off, you become tired and will lose some Endurance.

Recharge Slow
Minimum Level 6
Effects Self +Recharge
Enhancements Increase Attack Rate
Set Categories None

Image:SuperSpeed_SuperSpeed.png Super Speed

You can run at super-human speeds! While running at such speeds, you are a blur, and many foes will not even notice you as you speed past them. If you attack a target while this power is on, you will temporarily be slowed to normal speed. You must be at least level 14 and have Flurry or Hasten before selecting Super Speed.

Recharge Very Fast
Minimum Level 14
Effects Toggle: Self +Speed
Stealth (Minor)
Enhancements Reduce Endurance Cost
Enhance Running Speed
Set Categories Running

Image:SuperSpeed_Whirlwind.png Whirlwind

You spin around at an amazing speed to create a Whirlwind around yourself. Any foes that enter this Whirlwind will be tossed into the air. You must be at least level 20 and have two other Speed Powers before selecting Whirlwind.

Recharge Moderate
Minimum Level 20
Effects Toggle: PBAoE, Foe Knockback
Enhancements Reduce Endurance Cost
Increase Attack Rate
Enhance Knockback Distance
Set Categories PBAoE Damage

External Links

Speed (Hero skin/Villain skin) at

This article uses material from the "Speed" article on the City of Heroes wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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