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Many of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 are looked to by the group for guidance and leadership. A number of the survivors, particularly Jack, make use of excellent oratorical skills to improve morale amongst the camp, but also to rally people to join a cause or even simply to attest to their own leadership. Their speeches can also often contain lines which fans may consider some of the most iconic words of the series.

To be classed as a speech, it must be an address to a large audience. Thus, some dramatic monologues are not catalogued in this article, such as when Jack spoke to the woman at airport check-in about his father's coffin, or Penelope Widmore's emotional letter to Desmond. For speeches given as a eulogy, please see Funerals.





In "White Rabbit", Jack gives this speech as the survivors are beginning to gang up on Boone, after they believe he has stolen the water supply.

Leave him alone! It's been 6 days and we're all still waiting. Waiting for someone to come. But what if they don't? We have to stop waiting. We need to start figuring things out. A woman died this morning just going for a swim and he tried to save her, and now you're about to crucify him? We can't do this. Every man for himself is not going to work. It's time to start organizing. We need to figure out how we're going to survive here. Now, I found water. Fresh water, up in the valley. I'll take a group in at first light. If you don't want to go, then find another way to contribute. Last week most of us were strangers. But we're all here now. And God knows how long we're going to be here. But if we can't live together, we're going to die alone.

Jack tells the group about the hatch.

In "Man of Science, Man of Faith", Jack returns to the camp after he, Locke, Hurley, and Kate blow open the door to the hatch. He addresses the rest of the group about what they have found.

Uh, Locke found, uh, a hatch in the ground about a half a mile from here. We left to blow it open so that we could hide inside -- so all of us could hide inside, in case -- but that doesn't matter now because it's not going to work. There's no way for all of us to get down in there tonight...Hey! Everything's going to be okay. Let's just take it easy. We're going to be all right. We're going to stay here tonight, okay? Together. We've still got four guns; we'll put lookouts at all the entrances. We're all going to be safe as long as we stay together. The sun comes up in three hours and we're all going to be here to see that happen. I promise. John, what are you doing?

Locke reveals that he is taking cable from the fuselage to enter the hatch.

In "Greatest Hits", Jack marches a group of the survivors out to the jungle and tells him his plan for attacking the Others.

JACK: We're here. A couple of nights ago, Juliet came to me and she told me everything. That Ben had sent her here to find out which of our women were pregnant--"

KATE: So what, you guys were doing tests on us?

JULIET: No, but that's what he wanted me to do. I've been leaving tapes at the medical station. You all heard what he said. They're coming tomorrow. Sun, I'm sorry that I lied to you.

SAYID: While I appreciate your honesty, Jack, it doesn't explain why you brought us out here.

JACK: [He shouts into the jungle.] Danielle! [Danielle emerges, and he speaks directly to her.] Show them. [She ignites the dynamite that blows up a nearby tree. He then speaks to the entire group.] When Juliet told me they were coming, the first thing I thought was "Where the hell are we going to hide this time?" But hiding's pointless. They're just going to keep coming back. So I went out and I found some help. And for the past few days she's been bringing dynamite back from the Black Rock. For the very first time, we know exactly what they want, when they're coming to get it, and they have no idea that we're going to be waiting for them. So Juliet's going to mark the tents with the white rocks just like she was told to. But there's not going to be any pregnant women inside. There's going to be plenty of what we just used on that tree. So tomorrow night, we stop hiding, we stop running, we stop living in fear of them, because when they show up...we're going to blow them all to hell.


Sayid also establishes himself as a leader soon after the crash. In "Tabula Rasa", after the mission to call for help on the transceiver does not go according to plan, Sayid knows that the survivors must stop simply waiting for help and start taking action.

As you and the others know, we hiked up the mountain in an attempt to help the rescue team locate us. The transceiver failed to pick up a signal. We weren't able to send out a call for help. But we're not giving up. If we gather electronic equipment - your cell phones, laptops - I can boost the signal and we can try again, but that may take some time. So for now, we should begin rationing our remaining food. If it rains, we should set up tarps to collect water. I need to organize three separate groups. Each group should have a leader. One group for water - I'll organize that. Who's going to organize electronics? You? Rationing food? Okay. And I believe a third group should concern themselves with the construction of. . .

Sayid continues, but the camera turns to a conversation between Jack and Kate. Kate reveals the truth about the distress signal on the transceiver.


Locke points inland, signifying that others are on the island.

John Locke has occasionally given rousing speeches to the group. But in most cases, he has been dishonest or manipulated the group to suit his own hidden agenda. We know little of John Locke until this speech in "Walkabout" where he proposes his plan for survival.

We know there are wild boar on the island. Razorbacks, by the look of them. The ones that came into the camp last night were piglets - 100, 150 pounds each. Which means that there's a mother nearby. A 250 pound rat, with scimitar-like tusks, and a surly disposition, who'd love nothing more than to eviscerate anything that comes near. Boar's usual mode of attack is to circle around and charge from behind so I figure it'll take at least three of us to distract her long enough for me to flank one of the piglets, pin it, and slit its throat.

In "...In Translation", John intervenes as the rest of the group argue about who could have burnt the raft. While he blames the Others, he suspects Walt and later gets him to admit that he is responsible.

Okay, it's personal, but why take it out on our best chance of getting off the island? Why would any one of us block an attempt to get home? We're so intent on pointing the finger at one another that we're ignoring the simple undeniable truth that the problem isn't here, it's there. [pointing to the jungle] They've attacked us, sabotaged us, abducted us, murdered us. Maybe it's time we stop blaming us and start worrying about them. We're not the only people on this island and we all know it!

In "Further Instructions", Locke is looked toward to help quell unrest about Jack, Kate and Sawyer's capture. While he talks about saving them, he is in fact disinterested and following a different agenda.

LOCKE: They are the Others. And, yes, they've taken Jack and Kate and Sawyer.

PAULO: How? What happened?

CLAIRE: What about Sun and Jin and Sayid? Are they okay?

LOCKE: I don't know. I'm going to find our friends. [we see Hurley eyeing Desmond who's standing at the shore throwing stones into the ocean] I don't know how yet, but I will. We're going to find them. All of them. And then we're going to bring them home. But first things first, we've got to look out for Mr. Eko. So, Paulo and Nikki, bring towels and water. Claire, we've got to clean him up so bring all the first aid supplies.

CHARLIE [to Hurley]: Not a bad speech.


Sawyer reveals his con to the group.

Whilst Jack and Locke focus on raising the hopes of the survivors at camp (and, to a lesser extent, one-up-manship of each other's leadership status), Sawyer's speeches have been more self-centered, surrounding his established position amongst the group. In "The Long Con", Sawyer reveals his con to the group, explaining his reasons for the deception.

That's right, Jack. He's as stupid as you are. You were so busy worrying about each other you never even saw me coming, did you? How about you listen up because I'm only going to say this once. You took my stuff. While I was off trying to get us help -- get us rescued -- you found my stash and you took it, divvied it up -- my shaving cream, my batteries, even my beer. And then something else happened. You decided these two boys here were going to tell you what to do and when to do it. Well, I'm done taking orders. And I don't want my stuff back. Shaving cream don't matter; batteries don't matter. The only thing that matters now are guns. And if you want one you're going to have to come to me to get it. [He looks at Sayid] Oh, you want to torture me, don't you? Show everybody how civilized you are. Go ahead, but I'll die before I give them back. And then you'll really be screwed, won't you? New sheriff in town, boys! You all best get used to it.

Ana Lucia

Ana Lucia addresses Michael.

Until the two groups united, Ana Lucia was the self-appointed leader of the tailies. After capturing Sawyer, Jin, and Michael, Ana Lucia and her group move through the jungle to return to the middle-section survivors' camp in "Abandoned". While this speech is given as a direct response to Michael's question as to why he needs to stay quiet, it is delivered in front of the tailies, as well as their three captives.

Ana Lucia: They came the first night that we got here. They took three of us. Nothing happened for two weeks. Then they came back and took nine more. They're smart, and they're animals, and they could be anywhere at any time. Now we're moving through the jungle -- their jungle -- just so you can save your little hick friend over here. And if you think that one gun and one bullet is going to stop them, think again. So shut your mouth and keep moving.

MICHAEL: They took my son.

Ana Lucia: They took a lot of things.


Rose disrupts Bernard from his speech.

Bernard decides to build an S.O.S. signal in the beach with rocks, but first he has to rally other survivors (including Hurley, Jin, Libby, Claire, and many more) to help him in "S.O.S.". Unfortunately, Rose interrupts him.

BERNARD: Okay, two months we've been on this island. Two months. And already we have a water trough and a food pantry and people are taking showers in your...hatch. Have you forgotten that we all crashed on this island? It's like none of you want to go home again.

CLAIRE: How can you say that? Of course we want to go home.

BERNARD: Well, why aren't we doing anything about it?

HURLEY: Dude, we like...built a raft...but it got blown up.

BERNARD: what are we doing now? That pallet of food had a parachute. Which means a plane dropped it here. Which means there are other planes that fly over the island. So we are going to build a sign, a massive sign, along the beach. So that way if a plane flies over or a satellite takes pictures from up there, we want to make damn sure that they know we're here. That they know about us.

ROSE: Maybe we should speak to Jack about this first.

BERNARD: Well, do we have to run everything by Jack? I mean he's not the president, he's a doctor.

ROSE: You're a dentist.

BERNARD [to Rose]: Uhhh...can I speak to you for just a second?

He begins to argue with Rose away from the group.


In "A Tale of Two Cities" we see Benjamin Linus emerge from a home as the Others witness Oceanic Flight 815 break apart above the island. From Ben's tone as he gives instructions, we can tell he holds a leadership position among this group we know so little about.

BEN: Goodwin, did you see where the tail landed?

GOODWIN: Yeah, probably in the water.

BEN: You run and you can make that shore line in an hour. Ethan, get up there to that fuselage. There may actually be survivors...and you're one of them. A passenger - in shock - come up with an adequate story if they ask. Stay quiet if they don't. Listen, learn, don't get involved. I want lists in three days. Go.


In "The Beginning of the End", Hurley explains to the whole group, Jack in particular, why he agrees with Locke in that the people on the approaching freighter shouldn't be trusted.

JACK: No one's going anywhere with you, John. Because they're not crazy.

HURLEY: He's not crazy! What about Charlie? Charlie went down to that place so we could all be rescued. And whatever he did down there, it worked. But then something must have happened. He must have heard something before he...I don't know why, but he changed his mind. Because the last thing he did was to warn us that the people on that boat are not who they said they were. So I'm not listening to you. I'm listening to my friend. I'm listening to Charlie.

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