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Series: The Original Series
Author(s): William Shatner with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Publication information
Published: Hardcover - May 1998
Reprint(s): Paperback - April 1999
Pages: 384
ISBN: Hardcover: ISBN 0671008781
Paperback: ISBN 0671008803
Date: 2374


Introduction (blurb)

For three full decades, on television and in film, actor William Shatner has portrayed one of the most thrilling heroes of science fiction: James Tiberius Kirk, captain of the Starship Enterprise. Although Kirk was believed to have perished at the conclusion of Star Trek: Generations, his amazing literary resurrection led to a landmark trilogy of national bestsellers, Avenger, The Return, and Ashes of Eden.

Now William Shatner has once again brought his unique blend of talents as actor, writer, director, and producer to continue the saga of Jim Kirk's remarkable second life, as an insidious menace from the past threatens a new generation of heroes....

Retired and happily in love, Kirk believes his adventuring days are over. But as he returns to Earth for the first time since his apparent "death" upon the Enterprise-B, events elsewhere in the galaxy set in motion a mystery that may provide Kirk with his greatest challenge yet.

The Enterprise-E, under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, is exploring an unstable region of space on a scientific mission of vital concern to Starfleet when they discover the last thing they ever expected to find: a lonely, battle-scarred vessel that is instantly recognizable to every member of Picard's crew. Five years after being lost with all hands in the Delta Quadrant, the Starship Voyager has come home!

The commander of Voyager, one Tom Paris, explains that Captain Kathryn Janeway and half of the original crew is dead, but if that is true, who is the mysterious woman who has kidnapped Kirk back on Earth, pleading with him to assist her against a threat to the entire Federation?

All is not as it seems, and soon Kirk is forced to confront the hideous consequences of actions taken more than a hundred years prior, as well as his own inner doubts. After years of quiet and isolation, does he still have what it takes to put things right -- and join with Captain Picard to save the lives of everyone aboard a brand-new Enterprise?

An unforgettable saga peopled by old friends and ancient enemies, Star Trek: Spectre propels Kirk on a journey of self-discovery every bit as harrowing as the cataclysmic new adventure that awaits him.


Kirk is kidnapped by a woman claiming to be Kathryn Janeway. All his training doesn't prepare him for who her commander is: none other than Spock. More disturbing is the fact that this Spock seems to have aged more than most humans, and then Kirk recognizes from his goatee that it's Spock's Mirror counterpart. Kirk learns that Spock did more than consider Kirk's plea to reform the Empire--and it backfired and led to the Terran Empire being conquered by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Kirk realizes that is why this Spock has aged so, and agrees to help the Terran and Vulcan rebels.


The early paperback edition, ISBN 0671020536, came out six months after the hardcover edition and six months before the mass-market paperback edition.



  • Title: Das Gespenst
  • Subtitle: -
  • Publisher: Heyne
  • ISBN 3453179315
  • Translator:
  • Published: 2000






States and Organizations



The depictions of Beverly Crusher and Kathryn Janeway very closely match the cover and internal descriptions of those two as given in Susan Wright's Dark Passions books.


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DC Comics

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Spectre HostsThe Spectre Entity


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Race: Spectre - to upload a more specific image, click here
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EverQuest II Monster Information
Race: Spectre
Level: 47 Tier 5 Solo Aggressive Social
Zone: The Sinking Sands
Location: Near The Spectre Tower, south of The Oasis of Marr ( -1281, -217, -139 ) /waypoint -1281, -217, -139

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This mob has been identified as an excellent choice of charm pet for Coercers.

See the complete list, by tier and zone, at Coercer Pets.

This mob has been identified as an excellent choice of charm pet for Necromancers.

See the complete list, by tier and zone, at Necromancer Pets.

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Final Fantasy

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Specter may refer to:

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(110 votes)
Production information


Technical specifications

6.46 meters (21.2 feet)

Engine unit(s)

Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive[1]




Plasma Turret (1)

  • Driver (1)
  • Passengers (2)
  • Gunner (1)
Minimum crew

Pilot (1)


Passenger (2)

  • Transport
  • Anti-infantry
  • Light anti-air

Covenant later Covenant Loyalists and Covenant Separatists


The Spectre is a Covenant ground assault/transportation vehicle. At first, it could be considered analogous to the Brute Prowler, though designed in typical Covenant style. It is exclusive to Halo 2, although it was originally slated to appear in Halo: Combat Evolved.



The Spectre is a multi-troop armored transport. It is a medium sized vehicle, but maintains the high maneuverability most Covenant vehicles are renowned for. While it's slower than the Ghost, but faster than the Wraith, it can easily move while in confined spaces such as a tight box canyon (see The Great Journey). This vehicle can only be found in Halo 2. It is not prone to flipping, unlike its counterpart, and this makes it good for assaults.

The Spectre's main weakness is that its occupants are quite exposed. The rear-mounted Plasma Cannon is very dangerous and can rapidly deplete an enemy's shield, and has a 360 degree firing arc. It has the capacity to hold two passengers besides a gunner and a driver.


A Spectre mounted on the Phantom's undercarriage.

The Spectre, like many other Covenant vehicles, has the ability to rapidly increase its speed with the aid of a booster. It can do this at the cost of great maneuverability. When boosting, this vehicle is particularly indicated for splattering oncoming infantry; also the main cannon remains operational when boosting. Good pilots are capable of using the 'A' button to lift the Spectre's nose to improve it's turning ability, like Ghosts. It offers two seating positions for passengers and thus allows them to add to the vehicle's firepower with their own weaponry. However, these seats are completely exposed and as such the passengers are very vulnerable to small arms fire and splash damage from nearby explosions. A protective metal carapace shields the driver’s seat. It leaves the drivers head exposed, however, and as a result leaves the driver prone to being sniped.

The Spectre is much larger than the Ghost and thus heavier, and as a result it flips less often as a result of Grenades and other explosions. It provides a stable, mobile gun platform for heavy anti-infantry fire and a method of delivering troops into the heart of a battle.


The Spectre, included with all Covenant land based vehicles, is delivered mainly via dropship. So far only the Phantom has been seen to do this, however, Spirits may be equally capable because they have never been seen deploying Spectres, but they have been seen deploying Ghosts. Obviously it can also be deployed by a starship's Gravity Lift.


The first and foremost appearance is in the Halo pre-release, but was later cut out of Halo:Combat Evolved. The Spectre's first official appearance is in Halo 2, at the beginning of the level Quarantine Zone. Other appearances are during the Uprising and Great Journey levels, and can be used in many multiplayer maps. Though it is exclusive to Halo 2 and the Halo pre-release, early Spectres were seen in the Halo E3 2000 Trailer, but did not make it into the final version of the game. It was replaced by its Brute counterpart, the Prowler, in Halo 3.

Spectre in Combat

The Spectre offers one defensive weapon, a rapid firing Plasma Cannon placed at the rear of the vehicle offering 360 degrees of fire. It should be noted that unlike most plasma cannons, the Spectres cannon's fire is much more linear and accurate, but most vehicles with protective armor like the Wraith will simply deflect the fire power in a different direction.

The weapon is devastatingly powerful and can cut through enemy infantry with ease. However, against vehicles it is not so effective. The rounds fired actually bounce off of Wraith and Scorpion Tank armor, doing minimal damage.

A Spectre in Coagulation.

It's rapid-firing linear plasma cannon makes it very useful against Banshees, because it is more accurate and fast instead of the normal, slow plasma bolts. On Legendary, a Spectre can be very irritating to a Banshee as it is not easy to hit.

The Spectre, whilst disadvantaged in speed compared to other vehicles, has it's advantages in combat. The Warthog can hold three people, where as the Spectre can hold four. This is a minor advantage, but can be useful as it provides extra fire support, giving the Spectre defense on all sides-especially if the occupants are armed with weapons like Rocket Launchers or Fuel Rod Guns (giving the Spectre a better chance against vehicles). This is also useful in Campaign, allowing the player to carry more allies further into the level.

Use in Multiplayer

It is generally unused in multiplayer. It is the only vehicle not to spawn by default in any multiplayer map. The Spectre is somewhat slow when compared to other vehicles in multiplayer such as the Ghost and Warthog, thus making the Spectre a so-so vehicle to run over enemies, giving them time to dodge or jump over. The Spectre is the most likely choice for getting to the top of Coagulation and Burial Mounds to glitch to the top of those maps, because it doesn't flip as easily, and can be boosted indefinitely. When on top of the map, they have almost a complete view of everything below and players have a great opportunity to snipe other opponents. The Spectre can also reach the upper level of Foundation, making it ideal for splattering in the narrow walkways. Not only is the spectre ideal for splattering single players, it can splatter vehicles as well. The ghost, Warthog, and very low flying Banshees can be crushed by the unrelenting turbo of this vehicle.

Spectres hold one extra player as opposed to the Warthog, a usual favorite for teams. While the Spectre is less commonly used, the extra seat provides advantages for objective based games, such as Capture the flag. The Spectre is also suitable for rapid movement across a map. While players may obtain and stay in a Warthog, the Spectre can be used to carry a small team across distances to be closer to combat.

One excellent tactical strategy is to use the Spectres and other vehicles as a combination like the Warthog and Ghost, for more firepower and protection which is quite effective against groups and a small number of enemy infantry and vehicles.

A Spectre's plasma turret.

Advantages vs. Warthog

The Spectre has many advantages over its UNSC counterpart. First, the Spectre has a much more stable firing platform. This is in large due to the Spectre going at a much more stable speed. Even when using a Frag Grenade, the Spectre can remain upright. It is very maneuverable as well, it can turn around without moving, which can be useful in many situations. It also has a very accurate Plasma Cannon in the back. It is ideal for taking down Banshees, and can be used with success against infantry. The Spectre has the ability to carry one more passenger than the Warthog, giving it an advantage in CTF games. The Boost function that all Covenant land vehicles have is great when trying to escape from hotspots and for splattering. Also, a metal cover on top protects the driver. When a Warthog and Spectre are on a collision course, the Warthog will burst into flames if the the Spectre pilot has turned on his "Turbo."

Disadvantages vs. Warthog

The one best argument against the Spectre is the exposure of the passengers and gunner. While the driver's seat is protected by a metal covering, the passengers are easy targets for snipers on all but one angle. Another major problem is the low speed of the Spectre. Unless boosting, it barely outpaces a Wraith, and is quite poor with maneuverability during a boost. Therefore, it is easy pickings against a Rocket Launcher, or any other vehicle with better maneuverability, such as the Banshee. Its turret, while effective against aircraft and infantry, is not useful when attempting to take down tanks as the shots will simply bounce off the tank's armored hull.

Character Compatibility


The original Spectre present in the E3 2000 Trailer.
  • It seems that during the construction of Halo: Combat Evolved the Spectre was a vehicle that Bungie had in mind, but ended up on the cutting room floor. At the time it seems to have been called the Shadow. It can be seen in the Halo E3 2000 Trailer.
  • If you press and hold A while driving, the air brake will engage. The front end will rise, enabling you to climb some walls.
  • In Halo 3, the spectre doesn't appear at all. It seems to have been replaced by the Prowler, which is a very similar Brute vehicle and thus, Bungie probably felt no point to bring the Spectre back in Halo 3 since there was already one slightly stronger replacement variant (The Prowler's armor is rather strong, it is able to withstand up to two rocket hits normally). It is likely that the Spectre was continued to be used by Covenant Separatists, as it is unlikely that the Elites would have used the Brute Prowler.
  • The turret shots bounce off of the heavy armored vehicles like Wraiths and Scorpions. However, they can still cause damage.
  • A glitch occurs when two players in the passenger seats have Sentinel Beams. If one player fires their Sentinel Beam, then the other player's Sentinel Beam will appear to fire as well, though this will not drain the second player's battery, and it will not increase the damage. If the second player fires their beam, the only effect on the target will be from them.
  • The turret of the Spectre in the Halo E3 2000 Trailer probably gave the origin of the shade turret in Halo: Combat Evolved.
  • The Spectre has a weaker cannon and armor and lower stability than the Prowler, but is capable of boosting and maneuvering faster, as well as offering more cover to its driver and gunner.
  • Like most of the other Covenant vehicles, the Spectre is named after some sort of ghost-like creature.
  • The Spectre seen in the Halo E3 2000 Trailer looks like a large, warped ghost with a shade floating on top, only vaguely similar in shape to the normal Spectre.
  • When riding the Spectre with the Arbiter or possibly Master Chief, there is no put away animations for the Covenant Carbine and Energy Sword and possibly other weapons.


  1. Halo 2: Special Collector's Edition Manual, page 17

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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

Ring name(s) Spectre
Height 6 ft. 1 in.
Weight 207 lb.
Billed from Hollywood, California
Debut 2005
Promotion(s) Lords of Pain Wrestling

Spectre, was an American professional e-wrestler and general manager for Lords of Pain Wrestling on its Inferno brand. Spectre also served as the behind-the-scenes LPW President until stepping down after Altered Reality IV. He currently is in negotiations with Full Metal Wrestling (FMW).

Spectre's sharp skills in the ring are rivaled only by his sharp wit on the mic. Spectre's sarcastic sense of humor and inability, or perhaps unwillingness, to filter his comments always makes him an entertaining, if not controversial interview subject. Spectre has uncanny talent for getting under the skin of his opponents through his acerbic wit and offensive comedic skills. Spectre has been known to go to great lengths to mock and humiliate opponents in the most brutal of fashions.


Early life

Spectre began his life as a child of wealthy Hollywood Entertainment executives. From being around his parents' businesses at a young age, Spectre developed his flair for self-promotion and his unparalleled business acumen.

It was also at a very young age where Spectre discovered his true passion, martial arts. Through school, he studied as many disciplines as possible. He was also a quick learner and took to fighting naturally. Before turning 20, Spectre had used his wealth to travel the world and earn black belts in 33 different disciplines of martial arts and Sensei status in 17. During his travels, Spectre competed, quite successfully in numerous underground Kumites or underground fights throughout central and southeast Asia.

Upon return to his native country, Spectre started two businesses to replenish his funds; SpectreWear, a successful athletic apparel company and the Spectre Dojo, where he trains students on his own hybrid form of fighting. The best students become a part of Team Spectre and act as Spectre's personal security.


Back in the United States, Spectre discovered a new challenge...Lords of Pain Wrestling. Spectre entered LPW a house of fire, racking up a seven match winning streak. Despite being poised for singles success, Spectre was saddled in a tag team with Joey Hollywood known as the Primetime Players. PTP was quite successful as they became multi-time LPW U.S. Tag Team Champions. During this time, Joey Hollywood was favored by bookers and given numerous shots at singles gold, which he, with Spectre's help, made the most of. Spectre meanwhile languished in pointless feuds that did little to improve his position.

Spectre soon discovered the source of his setbacks, a secret alliance between his partner Joey Hollywood and LPW World Champion SoL, who used his pull within LPW to hold Spectre back. Spectre did the only thing he knew, lash out. After being betrayed by his partner, Spectre attacked Joey Hollywood, breaking his neck and ending his wrestling career.

Spectre then turned his attention to SoL, first stealing SoL's girlfriend, Satisfaction, and then defeated the former World Champion an unprecedented five times. Finally, breaking through the LPW glass ceiling, Spectre, shockingly announced his retirement.

It turned out that Spectre had gone above the LPW brass directly to the Board of Directors and wowed them with his creative ideas and business acumen. This presentation led Spectre to become the new General Manager of LPW Inferno. In this position, Spectre led Inferno to new hights never achieved by what was once deemed the "B" show.

Spectre now steps out from behind his desk for the first time to return as an active competitor at Dead Reckoning, where he led The Sublime and Rogue in a six-man tag team match against The Uprising's cYnical, Stone, and Bobino. Judging from past performances, the sky is the limit for this legendary fixture of LPW.

Wrestling details

  • Primary Finisher
    • Spectre Spyke (Inverted Fisherman's Brainbuster)
  • Secondary Finishers
    • Spectacle (Corkscrew 360 Senton)
    • Worst Case Senario (Sharpshooter/Full Nelson Combo)
    • Thai-Driver (Starts off like a Dominator, but Spectre flips his opponent face first onto his knee.)
  • Moveset
    • Rolling Tiger Suplex
    • Osaka Street Cutter
    • Spin Kick
    • Neck Breaker
    • Rolling Koppu Kick
    • The Dragon Wing
    • Hanging Dragon Sleeper
    • Headbutt
    • Matrix Kick
    • Mongolian Chop
    • Handspring Roundhouse Kicks
    • Kawada Kick
    • Brainbuster
    • Stretch Plum
    • Backdrop Driver
    • Enzuigiri
    • Gamengiri
    • Springboard Gamengiri
    • Abisegiri
    • Flying Skytwister Face Kick
    • Snap Suplex
    • Michinoku Driver I
    • Michinoku Driver II
    • Elbow Suicida
    • Tiger Driver 91
    • Tiger Driver 01
    • Tiger Suplex
    • Tiger Suplex 85
    • German Suplex
    • Falcon Arrow
    • Emerald Fusion
    • DDT
    • Tornado DDT
    • 720 DDT
    • Spike DDT
    • Fireman's Carry Sitout Face Slam
    • Release Backdrop Suplex into Bulldog
    • Piledriver
    • Package Piledriver
    • Royal Octopus Stretch
    • Tarantula
    • Dragon Suplex
  • Theme Music
    • "Counting the Days" by Collective Soul
    • "Kingdom Come" by Jay-Z
    • "Hail Mary" by Tupac Shakur (current)

Championships and accomplishments

External links

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Aberrant spectres are Slayer monsters that require level 60 Slayer to kill. They frequently drop large amounts of high level herbs and herb seeds and as a result are killed often for money. They are also known for their higher chance in dropping level 3 clue scrolls. Due to the short distance from a bank (when killing them at the Slayer Tower) and their drops, killing Aberrant spectres is often used to make money. A Macaw Summoning familiar is helpful as they will improve herb drops (requires level 41 Summoning), as will herb gloves (reward from the Fist of Guthix minigame).

Another way to get herbs for a very long time without banking when killing them in the Slayer Tower, is to use the prayer bonus method, and when the inventory is stocked with herbs you run out of the tower and use all of the herbs with the nearby Tool Leprechaun. Using this method the herbs will be noted, and then it is just to go back into the tower, fight more and there you have it.



Strengths and Weaknesses

Players must equip either a nose peg or a Slayer helmet when fighting Aberrant spectres, or the player's stats (including hitpoints) will be rapidly reduced due to the Aberrant Spectre's smell. Spectres use a very accurate Magic-based attack with a max hit of 12, which will hit fairly often even with a high magic defence. This can be especially hard on combative familiars like the ever-popular Spirit Terrorbird, to the point that one's stay is usually limited by the familiar's lifespan, rather than by one's own.

Aberrant spectres seem to be weak to Ranged attacks, although a weapon with a Slash attack work just fine. In addition, if using melee, wearing a Salve amulet(e) will give a large advantage, since they are classified as undead. For players on Slayer assigns, however, note that the effects of a Salve amulet does not stack with those of a Black mask or a Slayer helmet.

Recommended player armour depends on one's approach. If using the magical defence approach, wear dragonhide (preferably black) or Karil's; an elemental shield, mind shield or Holy book, with other high magic defence armour. One can use Armadyl armour instead, since it has a very high magic defence, but is not recommended for meleeing due to its negative melee attack bonuses. Alternatively, take the prayer booster approach by using gear like Proselyte armour, Falador shield 3, White boots, the Ardougne cloaks, etc. and use the Protect from Magic prayer. Having a Holy wrench in your inventory recovers more Prayer points per sip of the Prayer potion, but takes up an inventory slot; it is an optional item.

During a trip the Spectres should drop enough Ranarr weeds to recoup or even make a profit over the cost of the Prayer potions used. On average, a Ranarr weed is dropped every 10-20 kills. Aberrant spectres also drop high-value seeds, which can make prayer-using trips profitable even if the ranarr weeds are not sold.

The only non-aggressive Aberrant spectres are in the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon. Players cannot kill them safely until the player makes the Slayer helmet because both the nose peg and facemask are needed to fight them without suffering the effects of the spectres or the smoke. The smoke, however, will only damage players down to 1 hitpoint, so it is possible to use a nose peg, with the Protect from magic prayer, to avoid damage from the spectres and remain at 1 hitpoint. This is very risky, as if the player's prayer runs out, or is otherwise turned off, for just a second, there is a very high chance that the player will die, and hence is not recommended. In the Desert Slayer Dungeon, there is also the option to use a cannon, preferably in combination with the prayer-boosting set-up described above, as very many Spectres will be attacking.

Guthan's set could be used to heal on Bloodvelds if you are in the slayer tower. This could extend your trip long enough to fill your inventory with herbs, forcing you to bank.

Players with a Player-owned house that has a Chapel and a Portal Chamber with a Kharyrll (Canifis) portal have a fast way to handle the spectres. By taking a Teleport to House teletablet, players can slay spectres until their inventories are full. They can then teleport to their house, recharge prayer at the altar in the chapel, use the portal to teleport to Canifis, bank there, and then return to the nearby slayer tower. Players who use Summoning familiars can recharge their summoning points at the obelisk on the way to the tower. (Players with a Menagerie at their house can also recharge summoning there.) For an even faster method, the trip from Canifis to the tower can be skipped if the teleport ability of a Ring of slaying is used.

Recommended Armour

If you are using prayer:

If using magic defence:

After the release of the extreme defence potion with the large Herblore update, a common high level strategy is simply using armour of high magic defence, as the defence bonus of the potion is large enough to make this option cheap and effective.

Champions' Challenge

Aberrant spectres are one of the 'races' who have lesser champions in the Champions' Challenge minigame. To fight the Aberrant Spectre Champion, the player must kill aberrant spectres until one drops a Champion scroll, which is a very rare drop.



Charm drop percentages
No Charm


12 - 13%


8 - 9%

4 - 5%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 18,074 kills.
1 charm is dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)


Herbs (1-3 common)





  • Aberrant means absurd or abnormal, and spectre means ghost.
  • Some players prefer to use Prayer-Flashing, to extend their trip without using any supplies. A skilled Prayer-Flasher can stay until he/she is forced to bank his/her herbs.

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

The Spectre was a EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate that was part of the fleet commanded by Lumiya shortly after the Battle of Endor. It was capable of carrying 24 TIE Fighters.

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Star Wars Fanon

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Spectre can refer to:

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From TibiaWiki

This creature is in the The Undead class.

1350 Hit points
2100 Experience points per kill

Summon/Convince: --/--
Abilities: Melee (0-270) poisons you, Great Musical Bomb causes Drunkenness, Mana Drain (100-400), Life Drain (300-550), Sparkle Drowning Bomb (20 hp / 20 turns), Self-Healing (500+hp at a time), Haste.
Pushable: ?
Push Objects: ?
Est. Max. Damage: 820 hp per turn
Immune To: Death, Earth, Drown, Life Drain, Drunkenness, Invisibility, Paralysis.
Strong To: Physical (-97%?), Ice (-1%)
Neutral To: Holy
Weak To: Fire (+8%), Energy (+8%)
Sounds: "Revenge ... is so ... sweet."; "Life...force! Feed me your... lifeforce"; "Mor... tals!".
Behavior: Flees at very low health, but returns quickly after it heals itself.
Field Notes: This creature, despite it's lack of health, has deadly attacks which can deal enough damage to give you a free trip back to the Temple.
Location: Pits of Inferno, The Crystal Caves and The Soul Well in The Inquisition Quest, as well in Vengoth.
Strategy: Have a Knight trap her in a corner, while Paladins and Mages attack her with Heavy Magic Missiles/Fireballs. A Sorcerer or Druid with a high level can use Energy Strike to solo her while using Magic Shield. A great number of Mana Potions may be required for this. Dwarven Ring may help too.
Loot: 0-300 gp, 0-7 Platinum Coins, 0-2 Blank Rune, Sandals, Lyre, Wand of Cosmic Energy, Soul Orb, Demonic Essence (semi-rare), White Piece of Cloth (semi-rare), Shiny Stone (semi-rare), Silver Brooch (rare), Death Ring (rare), Relic Sword (rare), Great Mana Potion (rare), Stealth Ring (very rare), Shadow Sceptre (very rare), Demonbone Amulet (very rare). (Loot Statistics)
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From Yu-Gi-Oh!

 English: Spectre
 Japanese (Kanji): スペクター
 Phonetic: Supekutā
Attribute: DARK
Type: Fiend
Level: Level 3
ATK/DEF: 350/850
Number: 39638048
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Facts about SpectreRDF feed
ATK 350  +
Attribute DARK  +
Card Category Monster Cards  +
Card Image SpectreVG-GB4-JP.png  +
Card Number 39638048  +
Card Type Normal Monsters  +
Class 4 VG  +
DEF 850  +
English Name Spectre  +
Japanese Name スペクター  +
Level 3  +
Lore Without making any sound, it creeps and leaps to the neck of its prey.
Phonetic Name Supekutā  +
Type Fiend  +
Types Fiend  +

This article uses material from the "Spectre" article on the Yugioh wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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